IRC log for #koha, 2008-04-13

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12:29 irma hello is mason aroun
12:39 kados zak: have you guys looked at upgrading to the beta2?
13:14 zak no not really
14:39 owen Great, Google's crawling my Koha 3 test installation. I wonder how it found it?
17:12 frederic hello
17:17 owen hi frederic
17:18 frederic owen: Do you plan to upgrade YUI from 2.3 to 2.5 version?
17:18 owen At some point. Is there something new that you think we need to take advantage of?
17:20 frederic I was trying to use YUI Rich Text Editor in Koha news edit page. It works with 2.5 not with 2.3, I can't figure out why.
17:25 owen I'm not sure what the potential is for breakage when upgrading from one version to the next, but I can certainly test it. No reason not to try
17:29 owen Wait, hang on frederic: /koha/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/js/tinymce
17:29 owen We've already got an editor library in use
17:29 owen Can you give that one a try?
17:29 owen The help system uses tinymce
17:29 owen (not that I can't also see about that YUI upgrade)
17:31 frederic I've seen it and know TinyMCE. It's an heavy html editor which generate a lot of strange code. YUI editor, the simple version, is better suited for Koha use, I think :-)
17:33 owen Well, maybe we should scrap TinyMCE for the help system too then
17:34 owen I'd just hate to see us using two different things in two different places
17:36 jaron hi, anyone have a publicly accessible koha3 up anywhere?
17:37 frederic You're right. TinyMCE reinvent the wheel and redo what's already done in YUI common libraries. TinyMCE is more than 2 Mo to load. YUI SimpleEditor is about several Ko.
17:41 owen jaron: Liblime does:
17:42 jaron owen: thanks. wasn't sure if that was koha3 or not
17:43 owen Yup
17:43 kados jaron: if you click on About Koha it reports the version
17:43 kados jaron: also, there's a meta tag in the OPAC that reports the version too
17:44 kados owen: feel free to add that to the staff client too
17:44 jaron ok, cool. thanks.
17:46 owen kaods, we're not wedded to using TinyMCE, are we, if the YUI version seems to work?
17:46 jaron I've got a bunch of MARC records to index for a school project and I'm thinking it's going to be faster to have zebra index them than how I was moving them into mysql. so I might as well play with koha3 and use the same zebra config.
17:46 owen Sorry, that was for kados, not kaods
06:04 irma Hi, is anyone there?

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