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13:21 gmcharlt now to figure out why it randomly died
13:29 owen Ah, so gmcharlt holds the secret reins to newlogbot! Good to know. Now if we could only get one of our regulars op status.
13:37 slef owen: gmc is the clue
13:41 slef the gmc@ bit in newlogbot's id
13:49 ryan fbcit-away: ping
13:50 owen By the way slef, thanks for the positive feedback on the changes to opac-topissues. I'm going to be looking for additional cases where that kind of change might be workable.
14:12 fbcit ryan: can you point me to some docs/examples of loop context vars for TemplatePro?
14:33 gmcharlt hdl or paul: about?
14:33 paul yep
14:33 paul hello gm
14:34 paul hello gmcharlt
14:34 gmcharlt hi paul
14:34 gmcharlt could you take a quick look at bug 2000?  I think ryan's proposal is the way to go, but it depends on people being comfortable with the interface
14:35 paul bug 2000... sounds a nice number. I'll look
14:35 slef owen: other type of widely-applicable change is jumping through to the details if a search returns only one result
14:38 paul gmcharlt: i don't understand well the problem...
14:38 gmcharlt paul: issue is this - if you are using the two separate interfaces
14:38 gmcharlt e.g., fines admin & issuing rules admin
14:39 gmcharlt you can define fine rules, but let's say your policies are simply and you're content to just default a default fine for all branches and each item type
14:39 gmcharlt then when you go to add issuing rules in the older interface
14:39 gmcharlt and define a specific one for a branch, itemtype, and patron cat
14:39 paul older interface : the non smart one, right ?
14:40 gmcharlt (right)
14:40 gmcharlt it adds an empty value for the fine rules for that specific entry
14:40 gmcharlt thus "hiding" the default fines rules you set up initially
14:41 gmcharlt but because the fine entries are blank, going back to the fine rules interface won't show you that this (presumably unintended) override has taken place
14:42 gmcharlt whereas if you use the smart rules interface, it's obvious from the UI that you've defined a more specific fine rule
14:50 paul ok, I think I understand (although it's a complex situation...)
14:51 paul Shouldn't we change the older interface behaviour more than do what rch suggest ?
14:51 paul to save nothing when fine is empty ?
14:52 gmcharlt but having the issuingrules interface save nothing in the fines column is exactly the problem
14:52 paul so In don't have understood well...
14:53 gmcharlt right now when looking for a fine or issuing rule to apply for a transaction
14:53 gmcharlt it goes from most specific to least specific
14:53 gmcharlt if the most specific entry has null or nothing in the fine columns
14:53 gmcharlt it curently can't tell whether the policy *intentionally* overrides a default fine set at a less specific level
14:54 gmcharlt or whether the override was accidental
14:55 paul ah, ok, I understand now.
14:55 paul does "0" mean "no opinion" or "set to 0" ...
14:55 gmcharlt exactly
14:56 paul I thought, in the old interface, that I had differentiated 0 and "" (empty)
14:56 paul to avoid this problem
14:56 paul mmm... I did this for issuing, not for fines...
15:03 ryan the problem then is you are testing 0 vs '' on issuelength.  Which column do you test on for fines, and then you are using two different rows from the able to specify circ params and fines params.
15:03 ryan Seems to me that one row in the table should specify all the behaviors
15:03 paul right. maybe having 1 table for both issuing & fines was a wrong ide
15:03 paul idea
15:05 ryan i think it's interface problem more than db problem
15:06 gmcharlt I could see solving it by spliting the rules into two separate tables, but I think changing the UI is better (and certainly quicker, since we already have everything we need)
15:45 fbcit any ideas on how to say this so that perl likes it: $debug ? (use Data::Dumper);
15:45 atz fbcit: it's tricky, you have to do it in a BEGIN blick
15:45 atz *block
15:45 atz and you can't use use
15:46 atz see the way C4::Context handles CGI::Carp
15:47 atz basically it does  "require" and then "import"
15:47 fbcit so I'll need to require and then import the subs I want to use?
15:48 atz right, because perl won't let you conditionalize a use statement
15:48 fbcit k
15:48 fbcit tnx atz
15:48 atz np
16:53 paul gmcharlt ?
16:53 gmcharlt hi paul
16:53 paul are you 3 patches "granular permissions - ..." related to the mail you've sent to koha-devel ?
16:54 gmcharlt yes (actually 9, plus one I had to send to kados directly)
16:54 paul OK, 3 more in my mailbox.
16:55 paul seems the bot deliver them through boat or horse...
16:56 gmcharlt paul: hopefully the general mechanism is small enough for 3.0.  fully fleshing out the permissions for each module I would see as a longer-term project
18:48 owen fbcit, do you know how the label item search works? Or anyone else? The results for a keyword search from that interface do not match those made from the catalog
18:49 fbcit owen: it works in a very broken fashion
18:49 fbcit I started into it a while back to attempt to *fix* it, but gave up due to lack of time
18:50 fbcit it really needs to be refactored to use the search API
18:53 owen Okay, so it uses it's very own searching method
18:53 owen fbcit: Have you seen bug 1870?
18:55 owen Those may be issues that should wait until someone tackles the search method problem
18:55 fbcit how coincidental
18:55 fbcit I just fixed that very thing
18:55 fbcit actually it was there
18:56 fbcit I think andrew added it
18:56 fbcit but I broke it and then fixed it
18:56 fbcit owen:did you notice if it appeared to work ok with the files I sent to you?
18:57 fbcit opps...
18:57 gmcharlt owen: re closing of 1809, I disagree unless it just changed - the horizontal scrollbar was justed moved to within the page
18:57 fbcit owen: I see, it is the links that are broken
18:57 acmoore It's better than it was, but it could use a lot of help.
18:57 fbcit owen: your correct, that should probably wait until the search stuff is corrected
18:57 owen gmcharlt: moved within the page, and the edit/delete links were moved to the beginning of the table so that you don't have to scroll to see them.
18:58 fbcit acmoore: yea, the entire search code needs to be thrown out and rewritten
18:58 owen I interpreted the scrolling to the links to be the core of the issue
18:58 acmoore fbcit, should it not be using SimpleSearch? Should SimpleSearch even exist?
18:59 acmoore besides that, even if it's using the right search stuff, there is a bunch of useless code in that script.
18:59 fbcit acmoore: I looked at SimpleSearch some thinking it might work
18:59 gmcharlt owen: I think a horizontal scrollbar within the page is still less than ideal, but obviously this isn't the most signficant bug
19:00 fbcit acmoore: I agree
19:01 fbcit no use re-inventing the wheel here
19:01 owen gmcharlt: I think the best solution would be to be able to customize which columns show up in that additem table...perhaps by changing the framework? I think we've talked about that before.
19:01 acmoore I just didn't really feel right ripping out dozens of lines of code that I didn't fully understand, considering that I'm a rather new kid on the block.
19:02 gmcharlt owen: yeah, we did talk about it befoe
19:02 acmoore fbcit, next time I do something in that file, though, I'm not going to be as reserved.
19:02 fbcit hehe
19:03 fbcit you see how much commenting I did to figure out what was going on originally in the results sub
19:03 acmoore yup. me too.
19:04 acmoore b
19:04 fbcit b ?
19:04 acmoore heh. wrong window.
19:05 acmoore I thought I was in emacs and hit C-x b <return>. Nothing happened.
19:20 atz how does "issuingbranch" in issues get set?
19:20 ryan it doesn't.
19:20 atz mine all appear to be NULL
19:20 ryan vestigial column, i think
19:20 ryan issuingbranch would never be different from branch
19:21 atz ok, cool... i'll update bor_issues_top
19:21 atz (still working on that)
19:39 ryan atz: did you look at catalogue_stats ?
19:40 atz i don't think so
19:40 atz do you want me to shift to that one?
19:41 ryan that and circ stats need the item-level itype fix
19:41 atz yeah, in this case a main flaw was the separation of issues and old_issues
19:41 atz and other outdated mappings
19:42 ryan ah, right
19:44 atz there may be other reports similarly affected
19:45 gmcharlt alas, those reports were pretty much broken before the issues/old_issues split
19:45 atz gmcharlt: true
19:46 kados better get testing :-)
19:51 fbcit ryan: can you confirm bug 1916 is still an issue?
19:58 ryan fbcit: you are able to print accented characters with the labels module ?
19:58 ryan i.e. pdf generation ?
20:07 ryan fbcit: ok, just tested, and seems ok.
20:07 ryan i was working with a backport of the labels code on a 2.2 system when I reported it.
20:07 ryan must be specific to that installation, or have been otherwise fixed
20:08 fbcit k
20:08 fbcit I was trying to hunt up some data with accented chars
20:08 fbcit I'll mark it fixed then.
20:09 ryan cool, thx
20:19 frapell hi guys, does anyone knows what happened with the skinning contest ?
20:19 kados frapell: yes, it's proceeding, there were three submissions
20:19 kados frapell: darci is back among the living and she should be announcing something very soon
20:19 kados frapell: did you send in a submission?
20:20 frapell kados: glad to hear about darci :)
20:20 frapell kados: yes, i worked in the "Temita" product
11:16 sylvain Hi all
11:17 sylvain I have a little question about 2.2.9, when you search via isbn, dashes are stripped away from the query, and they should be too when you input isbn, but it seems it is not the case. is there a special config to enter ?
11:32 fbcit g'morning #koha
11:37 kados morning fbcit
11:58 fbcit kados: why is it that during some db updates I am dumped back to the installer login rather than to the standard koha login page?
11:58 fbcit perhaps its a cookie thing?
11:59 fbcit ie. after the update from this last rebase I was sent back to http://biblios.campus.foundati[…]tep=3&op=finished
11:59 fbcit logging in there results in being sent back to to login again :\

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