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04:50 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: dchud
04:50 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: dchud
09:07 paul chris around ?
09:07 chris hi paul
09:07 paul hello chris.
09:07 lloyd_ morning
09:08 chris hi lloyd
09:08 paul If I send you a patch with the utf-8 config trick frederic has foud for git-send-email, can you test it now ?
09:08 paul hello lloyd_
09:08 chris good idea paul, yep i can
09:11 paul done, you have 6 or 7 patches in your mailbox, but I made a mistake. some have already be submitted.
09:11 paul pls reject :
09:11 paul 0001-switching-homebranch-h​oldingbranch-priority.patch
09:11 paul 0003-Important-Commit-For-UNIMARC-Items.patch
09:11 paul 0002-minor-bug-fix-Displaying-c​hecked-out-only-when-dat.patch
09:11 paul the important one is :
09:12 paul 0005-moving-fr-installer-to-fr-FR.patch
09:15 chris yep that applied
09:18 lloyd_ mmm anyone know if templates have been worked on since alpha? I've got a ton of template bugs to submit but don't want to submit them if they're already fixed :)
09:20 chris if its the staff interface
09:20 chris then its been tested in firefox
09:20 chris the OPAC should work in any browser
09:21 chris but report any bugs you see with IE in the staff side and hopefully the people who know html/css can fix them
09:22 lloyd_ some are IE bugs and some are general bugs for both browsers
09:23 lloyd_ for example, noItemTypeImages has no effect
09:23 chris do a quick search on bugzilla, if you cant find them, then report them
09:23 lloyd_ kk
09:23 chris it doesnt hurt if something gets reported twice :) better than not at all
09:24 lloyd_ ok
09:53 lloyd_ when importing marc records, i upload the file, then import
09:54 lloyd_ then manage, complete
09:54 lloyd_ search results then list the book, even though it has no items?

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