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13:50 kados g'morning owen
13:50 owen Hi kados
13:50 paul g'morning to kados & owen & all american ppl waking up & coming here
13:51 kados morning paul
13:51 kados paul/hdl: about ‡biblios ...
13:52 paul kados : we (hdl & me) wanted to thank you for the authorities commit you did yesterday. works like a charm for us, withuot any modification, (except the reindexing, that was told in the commit). We complaint a lot, so we can also thank when things are so easy for us.
13:53 hdl hi owen and kados
13:54 kados paul: glad to hear it!
13:54 paul wow, your irc software speaks what we write !!! ;-)
13:54 kados hehe
13:56 kados paul/hdl: in fact, there are some questions in the record.abs that you should take a look at
13:56 kados for authorities
13:56 kados for instance, is corporate and meeting name really in the same field in UNIMARC?
13:56 paul i've seen this one.
13:56 kados and why are there two uniform title fields?
13:56 paul afaik, yes.
13:56 paul uniform title : i haven't looked yet
14:45 hdl kados :
14:46 hdl
14:46 hdl There is Collective UNIFORM title in UNIMARC
14:46 hdl And UNIFORM title...
14:46 hdl What is the difference ?
14:46 hdl it is quite unclear to me.
14:47 hdl But there is one.
14:48 hdl And 210 Meeting or Corporate Names depends on first indicator value : 1 or 0
15:02 kados ahh
15:02 kados strange
15:02 kados hdl: I don't know the difference
15:02 kados hdl: perhaps thd could tell us
15:03 kados hdl: but it indicates that the current indexes are OK for starters
15:04 hdl kados : yes
15:06 owen paul, hdl: Do your clients specifically require storage of a home and professional email? I'm wondering those could be relabeled "primary" and "secondary"
15:07 owen As a US librarian, I wouldn't know which one to use if the choice were between home and professional
15:07 paul I don't see why it could not be labelled prim & secon
15:07 paul (ie : i'm ok for the change)
15:07 paul ;-)
15:08 hdl maybe SAN would not like it. But it could be changed by a personnalized translation.
15:08 owen Then I propose to re-label "email" as "primary email" and "emailpro" as "secondary email"
15:17 kados owen: are you happy with 281 now?
15:17 owen No, just re-opened :(
15:17 kados heh
15:18 kados maybe mason didn't fully commit it
15:19 owen I saw entries in the git log that implied it should be fixed, but who knows.
16:55 hdl owen : does works for you now ?
16:57 owen Yes, seems to be working. Are you having problems with it?
16:58 hdl leads to an empty page for me.
16:59 hdl Is it not possible for a patron to get a list of what he reserved ?
16:59 owen, "Holds" tab.
17:04 hdl no holds tab.
17:04 kados translation prob?
17:05 kados or maybe that item is not for loan?
17:05 owen If you don't have any holds on your account, won't display a holds tab
17:07 hdl OK.
17:07 hdl maxreserves was set to 0.
17:07 hdl But i think I should have been warned in some ways.
17:09 owen True. In fact if maxreserves is set to 0 you shouldn't see the "place hold" link at all
17:10 owen hdl, will you file a bug report, or shall I?
17:11 hdl I thought I would fix it.
17:12 hdl But you are right, maybe not displaying place hold would be better.
17:12 owen I'd favor a solution that did both: hid the link, but also displayed a warning if someone followed a link from elsewhere
19:49 owen paul or hdl still around?
20:39 masonj morning #koha
20:40 kados hiya mason
20:41 kados masonj: you sure you committed all the fixes for the child->adult bug?
20:41 kados I think owen had trouble testing that one
20:41 masonj yep, i think so
20:42 owen Yeah, masonj, I reopened the bug, because it's still not working for me
20:42 masonj just looking at it from a fresh rebase now, to be sure
20:42 masonj yep, just looking
20:53 kados :)
20:54 kados that'd be tomorrow :-)
20:54 owen I guess the week goes fast when you start your day on Wednesday.
20:55 kados heh
21:15 kados hey, someone found a search bug! :-)
21:24 hdl owen ?
21:24 owen Yes
21:24 hdl what happened ?
21:24 owen ?
21:25 hdl you asked for paul or me.
21:26 owen Yes, I sent an email to the devel list instead, "Item-level hold blocked for checked-out item?"
23:16 masonj owen still about?
09:54 chris just replied to your email paul
09:54 paul hi chris
09:55 paul looking a little at stylus studio website, I bet that it's not free software...
09:56 chris yeah
09:56 paul the question being : writing from scratch such a style sheet will probably result in something 98% similar to stylus studio thing !
09:56 chris i went and checked all our other files to make sure they had GPL compatible licenses
09:59 chris i think perhaps stylus studio is the program that was used to create the xsl files
09:59 chris and it sticks that 'advertising' in the files it makes
09:59 chris like adobe dreamweaver does to html, or frontpage does
10:00 paul so it could be in fact sonic software copyright ?
10:00 paul
10:00 chris *nod*
10:00 chris thats what i think it is
10:00 paul where does those files com from ?
10:00 chris joshua will be able to tell us where he got them from
10:00 chris but i think from LOC
10:01 chris as a guess
10:01 paul nope, he got them from openils :
10:01 paul[…]&client=firefox-a
10:02 paul so we know who we will have to ask ;-)
10:02 paul (ggl ++ !)
10:02 chris well open-ils is GPL
10:02 paul yep, but maybe they missed that one as well
10:02 chris yep
10:05 chris ok, bedtime for me now
10:06 paul sweet dreams chris

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