IRC log for #koha, 2008-01-02

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11:15 CGI777 any body is there
17:31 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx__
17:55 aMoRPHeouS Hi all
17:55 aMoRPHeouS Anyone around?
17:56 aMoRPHeouS Having problems with my koha installation. I can't seem to add/remove/change any data
17:56 aMoRPHeouS I've checked the MySQL permissions
17:56 aMoRPHeouS everything seems to be fine
17:56 aMoRPHeouS Also, I keep getting asked to login everytime I go to a new page.
18:22 kados aMoRPHeouS: what version?
18:49 aMoRPHeouS kados, 2.2.6, Windows XP
18:50 aMoRPHeouS sorry
18:50 aMoRPHeouS 2.2.8
18:51 kados aMoRPHeouS: sounds like a sessions problem ...
18:51 kados aMoRPHeouS: you have cookies enabled?
18:51 kados in your browser?
18:52 kados and are you sure you aren't behind a transparent proxy?
18:55 aMoRPHeouS Yep, I have cookied enabled
18:55 aMoRPHeouS and no proxy
18:56 kados sorry, I don't know much about koha on windows :-)
18:56 kados maybe post to koha-Win32?
18:59 aMoRPHeouS meh, I think I'll just leave it for now. not like I'm getting paid for this
19:00 kados aMoRPHeouS: 3.0 has a native windows installer FWIW
19:00 kados :-)
19:00 aMoRPHeouS there's a 3.0?
19:00 kados not yet ...
19:00 aMoRPHeouS oh
19:00 kados the alpha might be released later today
19:00 kados :)
19:01 aMoRPHeouS Well, I'm going back to London tomorrow so I gotta have this setup today or I have to leave it >_<
19:01 kados fbcit, who's on vacation, did a lot of work on a win32 installation procedure
19:01 kados *nod*
19:01 kados we'll still be here when you get back :-)
19:02 aMoRPHeouS ok, thanks anyway
19:02 aMoRPHeouS I'd set it up on a Linux box, but the place I'm setting it up for only have one Windows box :/
08:01 chris hi hdl, how was the vacation?
08:02 hdl Enjoying my daughter.
08:02 chris excellent

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