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13:07 kados hdl: you around?
13:08 kados hdl: please verify that all your patches have been pushed up
13:08 kados hdl: also, I have a question for you if you have a moment
13:11 paul hi kados.
13:11 paul 'morning to you.
13:11 paul my patches have been lost, or is there a problem with them
13:12 paul (it was a patches.tgz, very important, as they contains the updated french translation)
13:12 paul (and I have another update one to send... for both opac & staff)
13:13 gmcharlt good morning #koha, paul, and kados
13:13 paul 'morning gmcharlt
13:14 gmcharlt paul: when you have a chance, please look at the changes I made to -- I'm wonder if the code to work with the config files is still needed
13:17 paul gmcharlt: you have removed them already if I don't mind ?
13:17 paul s/them/it/
13:18 gmcharlt gmcharlt: no, code is still there, just now need to supply --munge-config to invoke it
13:18 gmcharlt paul, rather (need to stop talking to myself :) )
13:18 gmcharlt but if not needed, I can remove outright
13:20 gmcharlt hehe
13:20 paul lol
13:24 kados paul: hi
13:24 kados paul: did you get my email ... I had some problems with the patches, can you rebase and re-submit as a tgz?
13:25 paul ok, I do it immediatly (and, unless I missed it, I haven't got a mail from you)
13:26 paul kados : I send the mail to jmf or patches mailbox ?
13:26 kados send to this time
13:27 kados but normally, patches@
13:27 kados :-0
13:27 paul done
13:27 kados paul: also, when it's conveneint, I have a question
13:29 kados paul: do any of the french libraries use the 'accounts, fines' features in Koha?
13:30 paul (on phone)
13:31 paul kados : I don't think so
13:31 hdl kados: back
13:31 paul mmm... no, i'm wrong. sanop use them if I don't mind
13:31 hdl maybe some local libraries.
13:32 kados in france, how many decimal place for the currency (euro)?
13:32 kados just two like in the US?
13:32 paul 2
13:35 kados ok, thanks
13:36 kados paul: have any plans for the holiday?
13:39 arsenic guys, do you still using Bugzilla to report bugs?
13:39 kados arsenic:
13:39 kados arsenic: yep
13:40 arsenic are you using rel_3_0 for, well, Koha 3.0 bugs?
13:40 kados HEAD until the release
13:40 kados but rel_3_0 will work
13:40 kados paul: adding _() to strings for translator
13:40 arsenic ok. thanks kados
13:40 kados paul: does this patch improve things, i'm unsure based on your commit message
13:41 kados paul: 'Note that it DOES not work as expected. It seem that the translator misses the _() string inside expandable button'
13:41 paul kados : 2 commit later, I say that in fact it works fine
13:41 kados hehe, ok
13:44 kados paul: Civility is incorrect, Title is preferred
13:44 paul it's an unsolvable problem for translation !
13:44 paul title in french is "Titre" (=biblio title) and "Civilité" (=ppl title)
13:45 paul so we need 2 different terms.
13:45 kados I see
13:45 kados hmmm
13:45 paul (we can use "titre" for civility, but only for king, duke or things like that)
13:46 paul (not for Mister, Miss...)
13:48 kados we could use Salutation
13:49 arsenic that i see almost everywhere
13:49 kados hmmm, not quite right
13:49 kados that would be more like the first line in a letter 'Dear X'
13:50 kados paul: I'll approve the patch and will think of a better term in the meantime
13:50 arsenic Well, it's actually Dear [M./Miss/Dumb] X, so that is why salutation is used
13:55 kados paul: all patches pushed
13:55 kados arsenic: ok, maybe that is the right term
13:55 arsenic here an awesome example:[…]leforms&Itemid=60 :)
13:57 arsenic but it seems that Civilité is used on many french (from France) web site... and Salutation in french (from Quebec/Canada)'s one
13:57 kados ok, salutation it is
13:58 arsenic We do have multiple inconsistencies between our french, so I guess that a day or another, I'll have to sponsored a French (Canada) translation.
14:02 arsenic The koha database must be created with which Collation? I used utf8_general_ci, is that correct?
14:02 paul that's what I use
14:07 arsenic There is something I find strange in Koha 3.  When creating a new MARC record, the ISBN field lets me enter only 2 characters.  Do i miss something?
14:08 kados arsenic: sounds like a bug
14:11 arsenic Well, that what I though at first.  Then I wait a while, but since a few weeks, nobody complaints.  Is that because most people are not using the z3950 feature to import marc record?
14:11 kados arsenic: I'd say it's because no-one noticed or tested it
14:11 owen I've tested the z3950 search more recently than weeks ago
14:11 kados oh ... I stand corrected
14:11 kados hey owen
14:12 arsenic owen: did you use the ISBN field?
14:12 owen Yes, no problem.
14:13 owen Could it be a framework issue?
14:13 arsenic Is there a field length setting set in the framework?
14:15 arsenic I'm using the sample data provided with the installation.  I looked at paul's demo and the problem is there too.
14:16 kados arsenic: unimarc or marc21?
14:17 arsenic marc21
14:17 arsenic you see how weirdo we are in quebec... we speak french but using marc21...  :)
14:20 kados :)
14:20 arsenic kados: do you have the problem?
14:21 owen arsenic: Do you know why it only allows 2 characters? Is there a "maxlength" attribute attached to the input tag?
14:22 arsenic that what I looked at but there is no lenght attrib... looking at the .tmpl file now.
14:22 hdl arsenic : two characters are for indicators.
14:22 hdl not for data.
14:23 hdl click on tag description to input data.
14:24 arsenic hdl: that must be it...
14:25 arsenic hdl: that's it, thanks.  I knew i was missing something...
14:26 hdl don't mention it
14:26 arsenic Shouldn't we put an icon beside the field to add data?  it's really not obvious that we have to click on the description...
14:33 owen It might be confusing to a brand new user, but it's easily remembered once someone understands it
14:33 owen I wonder if the alternative would clutter the interface in a way that outweighs its usefulness
14:34 arsenic of course that once you know it, it's something easy to remembre.  Maybe we could just put a not in the top of the page instead
14:35 arsenic ... a note ...
14:50 fbcit g'morning koha
14:50 kados morning fbcit
14:50 fbcit owen arsenic: that got me the first time too...
14:50 fbcit hi kados
14:51 arsenic fbcit: hi, and thanks for making me feel better ;)
15:02 kados arsenic, fbcit so what's this?
15:02 kados arsenic: icon beside what field?
15:04 owen The question is should there be some kind of indication that you have to click the tag text in order to expand the entry form in addbiblio
15:08 fbcit I believe that expanded/contracted option is controlled in the framework setup, if I remember right.
15:14 fbcit gmcharlt: fix-perl-path.PL worked great with your changes.
15:21 gmcharlt fbcit: good to hear
15:21 gmcharlt fbcit: so what dependent Perl modules are left?
15:21 fbcit ZOOM which depends on YAZ
15:23 fbcit most of the XML modules
15:23 fbcit Schedule::At
15:24 fbcit which will require some patching up to work either with Win32 'at' or task scheduler
15:24 fbcit the Win32 port of YAZ does not provide the libs that ZOOM wants
15:24 fbcit the ZOOM module author had not additional insight
15:24 gmcharlt fbcit: nice thing about Schedule::At is it's only used by one script so far; so if there's a portable scheduling module on CPAN, would be easy to switch over
15:25 fbcit so I'm going to try compiling YAZ under cygwin and moving the libs over
15:25 fbcit good idea on S::At
15:26 fbcit I was working on YAZ/ZOOM last night some
15:27 fbcit some of this stuff will probably require us maintaining a separate package of Win32 ports
15:27 fbcit just to keep things in the realm of sanity
15:28 gmcharlt fbcit: yep, although I think the indexdata folk would be amenable to taking suggestions re the YAZ package if we make a good case
15:31 fbcit gmcharlt: I also posted to the Net::3950::ZOOM list per the author's suggestion, but received no response to date.
15:31 fbcit the current Koha Win32 port does not use ZOOM, correct?
15:32 gmcharlt fbcit: dunno, sorry
15:32 fbcit kados ?
15:36 fbcit hdl around?
15:36 hdl yes
15:37 fbcit hdl: I found the NoZebra issue
15:37 hdl what was it ?
15:37 fbcit in buildQuery, when there was no $query and only $limit
15:38 fbcit $query was set to $limit with a white space prefixed to it
15:38 arsenic is it possible to get a report of all checked out books?
15:39 fbcit hdl: one moment
15:40 atz fbcit: I thought Koha used ZOOM on all platforms
15:40 gmcharlt atz: including 2.2?
15:41 gmcharlt atz: 2.2 for Win32, I mean
15:41 fbcit hdl: because of this and a later regex, on the second pass through NZanalyse something to this effect was produced:
15:41 fbcit EXECUTE : biblioserver, , NF at /usr/share/kohaclone1/C4/ line 1395.
15:41 atz ah, i see... yeah, I'm thinking 3.0
15:41 atz don't know about earlier stuff
15:42 fbcit hdl: so I added a conditional to buildQuery based on the existence of $query to determine whether or not to prefix the white space and
15:42 fbcit corrected the regex in NZanalyse
15:42 hdl atz:  Koha now use ZOOM for any z3950 research.
15:42 atz right
15:43 fbcit hdl: see[…]9e112206a4af0f8ec
15:43 fbcit although it accidentally deletes a line which kados added back for me later last evening
15:45 hdl +        $string =~ s/-|\.|\?|,|;|!|'|\(|\)|\[|\]|{|}|"|&|\+|\*|\///g; # we must not introduce spaces in place of these chars
15:45 hdl I donot agree.
15:45 fbcit ?
15:45 fbcit brb
15:45 hdl take this : Benjamin franklin  un américain à paris (1776-1785)
15:46 hdl if you simply remove - and donot replace - by space, you will query 17761785 and will surely get NO results.
15:46 fbcit ahh.. ok
15:47 hdl This is a big bug.
15:47 fbcit the main issue is with the parenthesis
15:47 fbcit being changed to spaces
15:47 hdl which parenthesis ?
15:47 hdl In operands ?
15:48 fbcit yes
15:48 hdl Again, Benjamin franklin  un américain à paris (1776-1785)
15:48 hdl you have to search for Benjamin franklin  un américain à paris 1776 1785
15:49 fbcit in the case where only a limit is passed in, no keywords, etc
15:49 fbcit the limit becomes the search
15:49 hdl yes.
15:49 hdl and it is catched in :
15:49 fbcit when the parens are replaced with spaces
15:49 fbcit the query is parsed incorrectly
15:50 hdl line 1209
15:50 hdl then parsed.
15:51 hdl The files i sent you yesterday works :
15:51 hdl See
15:53 hdl So I donot think you patch will help. It rather will break things.
15:53 hdl Hopefully I am wrong.
15:55 fbcit hdl:
15:55 fbcit Pas de réponse !
15:55 fbcit Aucun résultat ne correspond à votre recherche “� dans le catalogue de Musée du CNAM
15:56 hdl what have you done precisely ?
15:56 fbcit wait
15:56 fbcit it appears that you have no itemtype DVD?
15:56 hdl Yes.
15:57 fbcit selecting itemtype of books works
15:57 hdl No items DVD now
15:57 fbcit but I still cannot get your to work here :(
15:57 fbcit [Fri Dec 21 11:46:11 2007] itemtype / = / NF
15:57 fbcit [Fri Dec 21 11:46:11 2007] EXECUTE : biblioserver, itemtype, NF at /usr/share/kohaclone1/C4/ line 1337.
15:57 fbcit [Fri Dec 21 11:46:11 2007]   mc / = / NF
15:57 fbcit [Fri Dec 21 11:46:11 2007] EXECUTE : biblioserver, mc, NF at /usr/share/kohaclone1/C4/ line 1337.
15:57 fbcit fails on the second recursion
15:58 hdl you have no index mc have you ?
15:58 fbcit no
15:58 hdl this is the reason.
15:59 hdl mc or itemtype has been alternatively used by Liblime for itemtypes research.
15:59 fbcit so should this not be installed by default?
16:00 hdl by which default ?
16:00 fbcit rather where is this index defined?
16:00 hdl maybe but you can do it :
16:01 hdl NoZebraIdexes
16:01 hdl NoZebraIndexes in systempreferences
16:01 hdl copy itemtype line and add it replaceing itemtype by mc.
16:02 hdl then
16:04 hdl btw : on the version you tested (which is 1 week old), I only had  one index used for itemtypes : mt. and the search gave :
16:06 hdl QUERY: mt=MON at /home/hdl/Koha/Code/install​ations/CNAM3//C4/
16:06 hdl QUERY CGI: at /home/hdl/Koha/Code/install​ations/CNAM3//C4/ line 912.
16:06 hdl QUERY DESC: at /home/hdl/Koha/Code/install​ations/CNAM3//C4/ line 913.
16:06 hdl LIMIT:mt=MON at /home/hdl/Koha/Code/install​ations/CNAM3//C4/ line 914.
16:06 hdl LIMIT CGI:&limit=mt:MON at /home/hdl/Koha/Code/install​ations/CNAM3//C4/ line 915.
16:06 hdl LIMIT DESC:and mt:MON at /home/hdl/Koha/Code/install​ations/CNAM3//C4/ line 916.
16:06 hdl string : mt=MON at /home/hdl/Koha/Code/install​ations/CNAM3//C4/ line 1254.
16:10 fbcit hdl: works after rebuilding
16:11 fbcit we really need to patch syspref.sql to include mc along with your other patches, though.
16:12 fbcit hdl: what did the EXECUTE look like for the above debug?
16:16 Brooke howdy
16:17 hdl Hi Brooke
16:18 Brooke bonjour henri :)
16:21 arsenic Concerning reports created from SQL queries, is there any limitation there (eg column names)?
16:24 kados arsenic: from the report writer you mean? if so, the answer is no
16:25 arsenic kados: I'm trying to create a simple query like SELECT * FROM issues WHERE returndate is NULL;
16:26 kados arsenic: use the report writer
16:27 arsenic kados: what is the report writer exactly?
16:27 kados arsenic: reports -> guided report writer -> circulation
16:27 kados arsenic: if you want to do the issues query
16:28 kados arsenic: or you could also type in the SQL directly
16:28 kados arsenic: there's extensive help files written in there, take a look at the [?] top right of the screen
16:48 arsenic ok... i guess that (again) i'm may be missing something... (btw, thanks for pointing me the contextual help :)
16:50 arsenic Ok.  I'm building a new report.  Step 1: Circulation, Step 2: Tabular, Step 3: ??? what should i use to get only the current issues...?!
16:51 arsenic let's say I'd like to have the barcode and title of the currently issued items.
16:59 paul time to leave for me. I'll be back after christmas.
16:59 paul merry christmas to everyone here.
16:59 owen Merry Christmas, paul!
16:59 arsenic Bon temps des fêtes Paul.  Repose toi bien
17:00 Brooke Merry Christmas paul
17:01 Brooke Joyeux Noël
17:01 atz i trust you'll be eating well and enjoying the holiday, paul!
17:11 hdl kados: about guided report, is it forecast to allow people to use Distinct for lists ?
17:11 hdl is there any difference at the moment between tabular matrix and summary ?
17:12 hdl will there be ?
17:12 kados hdl: there will be in a future version
17:12 kados hdl: no difference currently
17:18 arsenic Is it possible to set holidays for all branches at once?
17:20 kados arsenic: I think there used to be a 'default' branch ... is that gone now?
17:20 arsenic kados: i guess so.. let me double check
17:20 arsenic kados: yes, it's gone.
17:21 kados arsenic: can you file a bug please?
17:21 arsenic sure
17:26 arsenic other than paul's one, is there any staff client demo for koha 3 availables?
17:31 kados nothing official yet
17:31 kados liblime will have one shortly after the release
17:34 arsenic ok.  It would be nice to have one created from every days latest version...
17:35 kados I agree
17:38 arsenic do you also encounter the following search problem.  Launch a search in the advance search page. Use the back button of your browser.  Press the OK button to re-launch the search.  Nothing happens (but sadness)
17:41 kados arsenic: staff client? or opac?
17:41 kados arsenic: zebra or nozebra?
17:41 arsenic opac, nz
17:41 arsenic But i remembre of seeing it on paul's opac too
17:43 kados arsenic: I don't have that problem
17:46 hdl Merry Christmas every body.
17:47 hdl See you. in 10 days.
17:47 kados ciao hdl
17:47 arsenic ciao hdl
17:48 arsenic kados: hmm... are you using FF?
17:48 kados yes
17:50 fbcit Merry Christmas hdl
17:51 arsenic kados: I'm experiencing the problem on
17:52 kados arsenic: sounds like a browser problem then
17:58 arsenic kados: you are right.  It seems to be related to FF on Vista...?!
17:59 kados weird
18:44 arsenic i remember that in 2.2, there was a problem with the circulation rules matrix.  We had to fill every cells to get the desired result.  It seems that it still the case with 3.0.  Anybody can confirm?
18:45 arsenic If I set 25,5 in the Total/Default cell, i can still loan a 6th book to a borrower without being notified.
19:01 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: maktrix n=mak@
19:01 kados arsenic: really!
19:01 kados arsenic: can you file a bug for that?
19:06 arsenic kados: yep
19:07 kados thanks
19:30 fbcit their dropping like files...
19:30 fbcit s/flies/flys/g
19:32 kados hehe
19:32 arsenic In which files the warn"xxxxx" from the .pl file are supposed to be logged?
19:32 kados apache log files
19:33 fbcit *grimace*
19:33 arsenic hehe
19:33 arsenic is there a setting that must be set to see them?
19:34 kados no, just check your koha-httpd.conf file for where they are located
19:34 fbcit $DEBUG
19:35 kados oh
19:35 kados right
19:35 fbcit if you want to be overrun...
19:36 kados that's just for the warns in C4/ though, right?
19:36 fbcit there are several $DEBUG's floating around various files that I have seen
19:36 fbcit though not all warn's are conditioned by it
19:37 fbcit some files look at ENV $DEBUG
19:38 kados yea, someone changed that and I've no idea how it's ever set
19:38 kados atz: was that you?
19:39 kados atz: how does one turn on $DEBUG now?
19:39 atz that is my style, yes... but some DEBUG's pre-existed
19:39 kados atz: a+ for style, but how does it work? :-)
19:39 atz i want to write a front-to-back style guide for debug
19:39 fbcit hehe
19:40 kados heh
19:40 fbcit maybe we can do $DEBUG_atz $DEBUG_fbcit, etc
19:41 kados hehe
19:41 atz mine are tripped by non-zero $ENV{DEBUG}, set in the BEGIN{} block  to a local variable $debug
19:42 atz separately, some scripts provide feedback on CGI param('debug')
19:42 atz note: ENV should never be SET by CGI param
19:43 atz there appears to be some hard coded debug stuff
19:43 atz and separately, a user syspref (??)
19:43 fbcit least intrusive
19:43 kados works for me
19:44 atz actually, there are valid reasons to use the others' styles too  :\
19:44 kados there's a syspref that sets the debug level for Carp
19:44 atz my style reflects that most of my work is at the command line
19:44 atz owen might prefer the CGI param, for example
19:44 kados *nod*
19:44 atz the one I know least about the syspref
19:45 fbcit module DEBUG.....
19:45 atz i have not seen that used anywhere
19:45 kados afaik it's only used for the carp stuff
19:45 atz ah... ok, not much then
19:46 kados would it make sense to appropriate that for debug level to trigger your BEGIN block?
19:46 kados I'm all for ENV, but that's tricky to enable for testing when using the web interaces
19:46 atz yeah, these are really separate ideas
19:47 atz most of my module level stuff outputs to STDERR or warn
19:48 atz meaning if you testing via web, the messages end up in the log
19:49 atz so you don't want to enable the module level debug from a CGI param (though you might want the reverse)
19:49 kados doesn't warn send output to stderr?
19:49 atz yeah, same destination, different formatting
19:50 kados I guess from my POV, it'd be darned useful to be able to trigger a module level debug from a cgi param
19:50 atz part of the value of using ENV is that it has no dependencies (CGI or Context)
19:51 atz kados: yeah, but not as a permanent feature of the system, where any user could start dropping 50 lines per request into the error log
19:52 atz i would like to see more CGI-responsiveness to a debug param
19:53 kados so what about : syspref turns on debug globally, including the ability to add cgi debug params
19:53 atz but again, i think of this as related but distinct from the lower level debugging
19:55 atz i'm not sure.  
19:56 gmcharlt kados, atz: from my point of view, need ability to turn on debugging (i.e., messages to Apache error log) without needing APache reload
19:56 atz it would possible for that to work smoothly
19:57 gmcharlt so perhaps something like $debug enabled if either env var is present or a syspref is defined
19:57 atz gmcharlt: send   ?debug=1 to and see what happens  :)
19:57 gmcharlt atz: not useful in customer support situation
19:58 atz how so/?
19:58 gmcharlt i.e., shoudl be able to tell user to turn on syspref, then send customer support log
19:58 gmcharlt if tell user to start munging URLs, more difficult, especically if trying to trace a multi-page transaction
19:59 atz that makes sense
20:01 kados yea, I like the syspref method
20:01 atz some of my debug stuff has levels... like: ($debug>3) and warn "some big complex dump"
20:01 gmcharlt so how about this:
20:02 gmcharlt check for DEBUG env var and syspref is done ones, in C4::Context
20:02 atz this would be useful to maintain
20:02 fbcit atz: I have used that elsewhere too... works nicely
20:02 atz any problem w/ a 0-9 convention ?
20:02 gmcharlt other modules take debug setting from (say) C4::Context->debug(), or perhaps we even export a koha_debug_level() or something
20:03 gmcharlt and per atz: depending on programmer, that passed $debug value can have levels
20:03 gmcharlt 0 = no debug info produced
20:03 gmcharlt 1-9 levels
20:03 gmcharlt and if a particular module doesn't need to worry about levels of reporting, $debug and warn("xxx") still works just fine
20:04 atz right, that's the idea
20:04 fbcit we could add a page to ship the log to support as well
20:04 kados yea, that's ideal
20:04 gmcharlt and perhaps instead of doing a $debug and warn all the time, may just have C4::Context export a koha_carp function
20:05 gmcharlt so that you would just do koha_debug("xxx");
20:05 gmcharlt (yes, I know that I just changed sub names)
20:05 kados that would be very cool
20:05 kados (:))
20:05 fbcit module DEBUG...
20:05 atz gmcharlt: not sure I'd want to go that far
20:05 arsenic I would go for a koha_trace("xxx");
20:05 kados fbcit: yea, we could use a debug module
20:05 kados this discussion should be moved to koha-devel
20:06 kados any volunteers for spearheading that?
20:06 gmcharlt could allow several names -- koha_trace, koha_debug, etc., to express different levels
20:06 arsenic with eventually a level param.  koha_trace(3, "my level 3 warning");
20:07 gmcharlt atz: what would be too far?
20:07 atz gmcharlt: so we'd be making a bunch of calls to koha_trace without knowing whether or not they will be used, because the debug level would be encapsulated?
20:08 gmcharlt atz: yeah, but there would always be a runtime evalulation, either at the begging on koha_trace
20:08 gmcharlt or in the context of a $debug and warn contruct
20:08 gmcharlt so question is whether sub invocation is too expensive
20:09 atz the latter is preferable only ....
20:09 gmcharlt not sure that it would be, unless people start putting in a lot of these
20:09 atz because the dump messages can be pretty big
20:09 atz and shouldn't bother to be assembled unless they will be used
20:09 gmcharlt atz: ah, I see, evaulation of the contents of the debug message
20:10 atz right, assembling the message itself should be avoided in normal operation
20:15 gmcharlt atz: we could always use a source filter to deal with this ;-)
20:16 gmcharlt but seriously, it looks like it would have to be $debug and koha_trace("xxx") [or koha_trace("xxx") if $debug]
20:16 gmcharlt so atz, will you raise this on koha-devel?
20:20 atz the tactical side of me says write the style guide first  :)
20:21 kados fair enough, if you want to, write a style guide as a proposal, and release it as an RFC to koha-devel
20:21 kados I'd use the koha wiki
20:21 kados but my pref would be to keep it brief for now, in case someone objects ... ie, don't spend a ton of time on it :-)
20:22 atz right
20:22 kados 'release early, often'
20:22 atz any of this overhaul is after the release, obviously
20:23 atz but we should have a stronger convention on debugging
20:23 gmcharlt atz: we should have *a* convention on debugging ;-)
20:24 atz well put
20:25 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: maktrix n=mak@
21:34 arsenic fcbit, did you mention that just by setting the $DEBUG, i should get the warn message in my apache log file? (yeah, I still trying to figure out this)
23:05 arsenic hey!  I remember seeing a thread talking about if it was ok or not to be able to get the patrons' reading history in the staff client.  What was the final conclusion about this?  Is this an option?
23:05 arsenic it was a question about the personal information protection, brough by paul if my memory serves me well
23:07 kados it is an option, you can enable it in sysprefs
23:09 arsenic I guess is either ReadingHistory or intranetreadinghistory.  There are both set to true and I can see anything related to reading history in the patron's page...
23:37 arsenic ok, it seems that the reading history is because that the intranetreadinghistory flag never goes through the template params...
23:38 kados arsenic: sounds like another bug in 3.0
23:38 kados arsenic: works fine in 2.2 and dev_week
23:38 arsenic why is there some hardcoded category_type?  C and A seems to be reserved for children and adult...
23:39 kados yes, that is a new 'feature' of 3.0
23:39 kados you have types of categories
23:39 arsenic oh, is this the super categories?
23:39 kados the types are hardcoded, the categories are not
23:39 kados yes
23:39 arsenic ok.  I'll fill a bug for the reading history stuff.
23:40 kados arsenic++ thanks
03:28 fbcit kados: around?
04:03 arsenic fcbit: still working on a friday night?! :)

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