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11:04 kados hdl: maybe you can help me ... I'm trying to figure out your use of additional authors for opac vs staff
11:04 kados hdl: on the staff side you have:
11:04 kados <!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="MARCAUTHORS" -->
11:04 kados                <li><a href="/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/se​<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="link" -->">
11:05 kados                    <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="value" -->
11:05 kados but on the opac you have:
11:05 kados                </a></li>
11:05 kados <!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="MARCAUTHORS" -->
11:05 kados        <a href="/cgi-bin/koha/<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="value" -->">
11:05 kados            <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="value" -->
11:06 hdl problem there :
11:06 hdl authors are not always linked to authorities.
11:07 hdl So if you use Koha-Auth-Number, some searches will fail.
11:07 hdl At intranet, it is not a problem, but on OPAC it is.
11:09 hdl it is not a problem because librarians would have rather have no results than noise.
11:09 kados for me it's a problem on the intranet :-)
11:09 kados can't we detect if the author is linked to authorities?
11:09 kados if there is $9, it's linked, if not, it's not, right?
11:09 kados (or might be a more elegant way to do it using frameworks?)
11:09 hdl yes
11:09 kados hdl: for your clients ... but in the US it will be perceived as a bug
11:10 hdl if there is $9, it is linked if not it's not
11:10 kados ok
11:10 kados I think we simply need to introduce a 'searchtype' 'value'
11:11 kados and have searchtype = Koha-Auth-Number if there is $9, otherwise have it = au:
11:11 kados it's already done with subjects IIRC
11:11 hdl and searchtype should be set for each author. I agree.
11:12 hdl paul_: in Paris for 3 days
11:13 kados cool
13:24 owen Hi #koha
14:02 owen hdl around?
14:02 hdl yes
14:03 owen Hi hdl, I had a question I thought you might be able to answer
14:03 owen Do you know about the changecity() javascript in memberentrygen.tmpl?
14:04 hdl It is SAN WP code.
14:05 owen Oh, I see it's working now. I thought it wasn't.
14:05 owen Never mind :)
14:06 owen I do have another question
14:06 owen I need to hide the city selection drop-down when there are no cities defined in system preferences
14:07 owen The citypopup variable is populated whether or not there are cities defined
14:07 owen I see this in $template->param( city_cgipopup => 1) if ($cityid );
14:09 owen Is that supposed to set city_cgipopup = 1 only if there are cities defined?
15:17 fbcit g'morning koha
15:22 owen Hi fbcit
15:24 gmcharlt hello all
15:33 owen kados: about Bug 1657, the problem seems to be that the DHTMLcalendar_dateformat variable isn't being passed to the template, but I can't figure out why not
16:28 kados owen: hmmm
16:28 kados atz: you around?
16:29 atz yep
16:29 kados cool, can you help owen troubleshoot bug 1657?
16:29 atz ok
16:30 owen atz, as far as I can tell the reason the date picker isn't working on is that the DHTMLcalendar_dateformat variable isn't getting passed to the template
16:30 owen But I don't know why it's not
16:31 atz damn, chatzilla autolinks "bug 1657" to mozilla's bugzilla
16:31 atz had me *seriously* confused
16:31 owen You can configure that in Chatzilla's preferences
16:31 atz "who's this ed goldberg and why is he talking about xpcom?"
16:31 owen Global Settings -> Appearance
16:31 owen[…]/show_bug.cgi?id=%s
16:32 atz cool, thx
16:34 owen kados, I notice we're using pagination_bar() in several places, including now on for the paged search results...but not with catalog search results
16:36 owen kados: it would be easier to maintain one set of styles for pagination links if we could standardize.
16:37 kados I agree
16:37 kados owen: but the search results pagination bar has features that the other one doesn't have
16:38 kados for 3.0 I think we will use the pagination_bar for everything except catalog search results
16:38 owen Are you familiar with the pagination_bar() function? Are there ways to pass class names to it?
16:38 kados and in a future version we'll look to merge the enhancements from the other method into pagination_bar
16:42 kados the catalog search results mthod is also about 20 lines of code as opposed to a couple hundred with pagination_bar
16:42 fbcit gmcharlt: ever used Tie::File?
16:43 gmcharlt fbcit: no, I haven't
16:44 gmcharlt fbcit: why do you ask?
16:45 fbcit gmcharlt: I switched all of my file functions in fix-perl-path.PL to use Tie::File
16:45 fbcit but when on Win32 I have permission issues now...
16:46 fbcit Tie::File basically does what I was doing in handling the file as an array
16:46 fbcit but it does not load the entire file into the array at once and
16:47 fbcit it writes changes immediately... ie $array[0] = "some new line"; and line 0 is changed
16:47 fbcit in the associated file...
16:47 gmcharlt fbcit: hmm -- does sound useful, but I have reservations about having the installer itself depend on non-core modules
16:49 fbcit the fact that it breaks on Win32 really rules it out in any case for this purpose
16:49 atz fbcit: is it just the line endings?
16:50 atz as in, a windows file looks like 1 line to it
16:50 gmcharlt fbcit: actually, I withdraw my core objection -- Tie::File is core after all
16:51 fbcit atz: not sure.. more verbosity from Tie::File would help debug
16:52 gmcharlt fbcit: what is the error message?
16:52 fbcit Permission Denied...
16:52 fbcit From what I understand, T::F is returning the OS error
16:52 hdl kados : I have a big encoding problem since my update today.
16:53 kados hdl: really? where?
16:53 fbcit gmcharlt: but permissions are ok as the user calling the script also owns the file the script is trying to open.
16:53 kados hdl: in searching?
16:54 hdl detailed biblio
16:59 gmcharlt fbcit: since source files use Unix newlines, adding recsep => '\n' may be required on Windows (assuming that the windows distributation isn't go to change all of the line terminators)
17:03 fbcit gmcharlt: I notice this in a bug report for Tie::File on CPAN:
17:03 fbcit P.P.S.: The official version of Tie-File (0.96) doesn't compile OK on Win32
17:03 fbcit platform (it's already reported in CPAN).
17:03 fbcit The 0.97 (or 0.98) version of Dan Kogan (
17:03 fbcit<>)
17:03 fbcit compiles without errors. Why
17:03 fbcit isn't it the official version of Tie::File under CPAN ?
17:04 fbcit[…]lay.html?id=30031
17:06 gmcharlt fbcit: if you're tie an existing open filehandle, try binmode before you tie
17:06 kados hdl: I will, of course, need more details to be able to help you resolve it :-)
17:06 hdl kados : someone is testing and some biblios are not displayed because marcxml data is double encoded.
17:07 hdl GetMarcBiblio fails because when parsing data are double encoded and it says :Cannot decode string with wide characters
17:07 fbcit gmcharlt: I'm currently not tie to an existing filehandle, but I will try that when back on my Win32 machine
17:08 fbcit if it works, I'll leave it.
17:08 gmcharlt ok
17:12 kados hdl: and this problem happens on _all_ of your systems, or just one? are you sure it's not a configuration issue with your perl libraries (such as the sax parser that paul posted to perl4lib recently)?
17:12 hdl It was not a problem yesterday.
17:12 hdl It is today.
17:13 hdl I made no update of perl modules on my machine.
17:14 kados ok, so we have to figure out what has changed
17:14 kados it's on and or just one of them?
17:16 hdl $dbh->{'mysql_enable_utf8'}=1
17:16 hdl Commenting this line in made the problem disappear.
17:18 atz owen: did you rec'v pmsg?
17:18 kados hdl: when did that get added?
17:18 owen atz: yes
17:22 hdl kados : nevermind.
17:23 hdl seems to be a problem because of mysql version.
17:25 atz bullet_dodging++
17:43 aklibrarian1 Good morning all.
17:44 owen Does anyone know what the "override" parameter does in CGI::popup_menu()?
17:46 fbcit hi aklibrarian1
17:47 aklibrarian1 Any time idea on 3.0 release?
18:01 atz We're in the early-to-middle phases of serious testing.
18:03 atz owen: do you want a copy of the patch directly?
18:03 owen Sure
18:07 fbcit gmcharlt: just sent you a few patches to bring you up to date
18:09 gmcharlt fbcit: got them -- will apply the win32 series of patches in a little bit
18:14 fbcit I notice that some pl scripts in koha use the '-w' switch in the shebang line and some do not. What is the *official* usage?
18:17 fbcit gmcharlt: you might change to $DEBUG = 0; in fix-perl-path.PL before committing... :-)
18:19 CGI503 Talking to Debra and getting help on Koha.
18:22 atz fbcit: there isn't any policy in force
18:23 fbcit atz: is it safe to assume that adding it will not break anything?
18:23 atz no
18:24 atz unfortunately
18:24 atz i *wish* everything used strict + warnings
18:24 fbcit hrmmm...
18:27 atz i'm not sure warnings would positively *break* anything, but you might start getting a large number of lines in the log
19:30 masonj morning #koha
19:37 fbcit hi masonj
19:40 masonj hi fcbit
19:40 masonj fbcit even
19:49 fbcit owen: u around?
19:49 owen Yes
19:49 fbcit take a look at cgi-bin/koha/admin/​?op=delete_confirm&itemtype=AR
19:50 fbcit and see if the system preferences are out of place
19:50 owen fbcit: Do you mean the left-hand menu?
19:51 fbcit right
19:51 fbcit mine was under the item info/delete confirm...
19:51 owen No problems here, and the page validates. Is your copy up to date?
19:52 fbcit nope...
20:14 fbcit cool changes owen...
20:14 fbcit mine really were out...
20:33 fbcit what module am I missing when Koha says: Can't locate Algorithm/
20:34 gmcharlt fbcit: Algorithm:CheckDigits, used in label printing
20:34 gmcharlt fbcit: I've updated Perl deps in my tree
20:35 gmcharlt but hold on a couple minutes before you pull or rebase -- I'm dealing with a merge conflict with respect to your Win32 patches
20:35 fbcit gmcharlt: sorry... :-(
20:35 gmcharlt fbcit: merge conflict was my fault, not yours
20:36 masonj fbcit : try a ' cpan Algorithm::CheckDigits::M43_001'
20:36 fbcit masonj: tnx
20:37 masonj ' cpan Algorithm::CheckDigits'  doesnt work for  me, not sure why  :/
20:37 fbcit it did not work for me either, but your suggestion did
20:42 gmcharlt fbcit: re $DEBUG in fix-perl-path.PL: I'm going to push a patch to set it based on a DEBUG env var
20:43 fbcit k
20:44 fbcit does one generate a pdf prior to printing barcodes?
20:45 masonj yes
20:46 masonj if i understand yr question correctly :)
20:48 gmcharlt fbcit: found cause of permissions problem in fix-perl-path.PL: files written to blib are a-w
20:49 gmcharlt fbcit: I'm working on a patch to use stat to get original perms, chmod before the tie, then chmod back
20:49 gmcharlt but have question re win32: how does perl stat function behave?
20:50 fbcit it breaks
20:50 fbcit better make it conditional on $^O
20:50 gmcharlt ok
20:51 fbcit I need to double check the Win32 permissions in blib, but I thought they were rw rather than ro
20:53 fbcit masonj: so barcode labels are not printed directly from the koha staff client?
20:54 fbcit rather koha->pdf->printer...
20:55 masonj koha sends a pdf back to the broswer, which which usually opens the pdf in arcrobat , and is printed from there
20:56 fbcit my barcodes run off the edges of my labels. :-\
20:57 masonj try fiddling with the label dimensions
20:58 masonj turn the guidline boxes on, to help with aligning/testing
20:58 atz masonj: isn't it CheckDigit (singular) ?
20:59 atz nope.... plural
21:01 masonj yeah, a cpan>   i /Algorithm::CheckDigits/  , gives 43 results...
21:02 masonj but a cpan>   install Algorithm::CheckDigits   fails ??
21:03 atz try force?
21:03 atz or test
21:03 masonj tis failing on the module name lookup
21:05 fbcit masonj: making the label wider does not seem to help, the barcodes still run off on the right side
21:05 atz masonj: i guess just pull down the tarball from cpan via HTTP
21:08 fbcit atz: masonj suggested  Algorithm::CheckDigits::M43_001 and it worked for me
21:08 atz interesting
21:08 masonj fbcit , ill try to take a look at labels this afternoon
21:09 fbcit masonj: tnx
21:10 fbcit gmcharlt: can I pull from the installer branch yet?
21:11 gmcharlt two minutes
21:12 gmcharlt go ahead -- you will likely have to resolve a merge conflict in Makefile.PL (sorry)
21:15 fbcit np
21:16 fbcit owen: any recommendations on bar-code reader hardware?
21:17 fbcit sorry owen, I meant masonj...
21:41 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: Presently42
21:42 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Hello. When I access the librarian interface with opera 9.50 beta 2 on debian linux, the menus are hidden by the bax that the menu gives.
21:43 masonj hmm , not really...   perhaps usb rather that ps2, would be my only reommendation
21:43 masonj my mac gets confused with a ps2 b/c reader
21:43 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> The opera channel says that there may be some thing wrong with the css.
21:46 gmcharlt Presently42 - what version of Koha
21:46 gmcharlt ?
21:47 fbcit gmcharlt: blib contents are marked ro on Win32 as well
21:47 fbcit I'll try to cook up a fix
21:47 gmcharlt fbcit: ok
21:47 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> 2.2.9
21:49 gmcharlt Presently42: hmm, I think this sort of issue is best investigated with the aid of screenshots -- I suggest filing a bug at
21:49 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> "the 1st problem, the text the overflow the oval balon is rendered fine in Opera. there's a body{} css rule which define verdana as the 1st font to be used Opera uses that one.other browser ignore verdana. which is wrong..." from the opera irc.
21:49 gmcharlt also, I don't know opera, but if it has any built-in CSS validator, info from that may be useful
21:52 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> I'm asking in the opera channel nov.
21:52 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Thanks for your help.
21:53 gmcharlt ok
22:00 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: [mors] n=[mors]
22:00 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> howdy
22:00 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> Presently42: it's me :p
22:00 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: temp00 i=HydraIRC@
22:01 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> gmcharlt: mors has been helping me on the opera channel.
22:02 gmcharlt hi mors
22:12 fbcit gmcharlt: how is rewrite-config.PL handling the a-w issues?
22:12 gmcharlt it currently does a chmod 0644
22:13 fbcit is there a need to reset the perms after writing?
22:13 gmcharlt mostly for the sake of hobgoblin-like consistency; EU::MM has everything in blib a-w
22:14 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> hum howdy all
22:14 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> odd thing: Opera does not recognize Times font-family
22:14 fbcit gmcharlt:k
22:14 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> but it recognizes Times New Roman just fine
22:16 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> odd
22:16 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> Safari has bit moe ofline-height when font-family is Times
22:16 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> while it renders 100% equal to Opera FF and IE if font-family is Times New Roman
22:17 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> **Safari adds a bit more
22:18 fbcit gmcharlt: dmake:  Error: -- `koha-tmpl\opac-tmpl\prog\itemtypeimg\Book\' not found, and can't be made...??
22:18 gmcharlt fbcit: files with spaces in their names
22:18 fbcit ahh
22:19 fbcit missed that one earlier.... I'm not sure how, though...
22:20 gmcharlt fbcit: use of a gnu make, maybe?  dunno
22:23 gmcharlt Presently42: assume you know this already, but intranet-main.css is one of the files you can tweak
22:25 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> gmcharlt: Yes, I figured that it is. I'm just wondoring if the problem lies with opera or koha. If opera, I'd rather they fix it than applying a hack to make the poge parse properly. If koha (which I doubt), the same applies.
22:25 fbcit gmcharlt: looks like I'll have to insert some code to convert filenames to dos 8.3 syntax
22:26 gmcharlt fbcit: eek!
22:26 fbcit when $^O eq 'MSWin32' of course....
22:27 fbcit suggestions?
22:27 fbcit image filenames are the only ones in koha I have found with spaces
22:27 gmcharlt fbcit: if it's just the filenames with spaces (i.e., if dmake handles other long filenames OK), I'm tempted to just renamed those image files
22:27 fbcit it would be nice to get rid of them... :)
22:27 fbcit maybe s/\s/-/g or something
22:28 fbcit actually it is not dmake that has the issues... hold on...
22:28 gmcharlt Presently42: I'm curious if changing the font-family from Times to Times New Roman fixes the display glitch
22:29 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> gmcharlt: I'll try.
22:29 fbcit gmcharlt: Makefile says:  koha-tmpl\opac-tmpl\prog\itemtypeimg\Book\ on\ Tape.gif=>q[blib\OPAC_TMPL_​DIR\prog\itemtypeimg\Book\ on\ Tape.gif],
22:29 fbcit so Makefile.PL may be the culprit...
22:30 gmcharlt fbcit: that's the quote syntax that works on Debian (and all GNU make?)
22:30 gmcharlt quoting, rather
22:31 gmcharlt although the part you pasted is just the recap of arguments given to WriteMakefile
22:31 gmcharlt what did it in up look like in the pm_to_blib target?
22:33 fbcit its everywhere...
22:34 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> gmcharlt: I can't find it. Should be in /usr/local/koha, but that doesn't exist....
22:34 gmcharlt Presently: should be in intranet-html/intranet-tmpl/default/en/includes relative to DocumentRoot in your Apache config for the staff interface
22:35 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> hey, if you use "Times" in Safari the line height will be bigger
22:35 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> if you use Times New Roman 't'll render the same as in other browsers and Safari
22:37 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> Presently42:
22:38 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> for the next glitch, change the rule "margin-left:200px;" to "left:200px;" in the .rule selector block
22:38 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> ".rule"
22:39 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> gmcharlt: No wonder I can't find it. It's on my server, not my laptop!
22:41 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> it's an odd thing...  if you have a floated element, and if its next sibling is an inline with absolute positioning, margin-left in the next sibling will apply against the viewport instead of being offset due the displacement of the previous floated sibling..
22:41 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> I hope you understand :p
22:41 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> Presently42: I hope you understanded :p
22:42 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> mors: Not in the least. ;-)
22:43 fbcit gmcharlt: I think it is get_file_map
22:43 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> did you understand my instructions ?
22:45 fbcit gmcharlt: I have to run for now, but if you can, take a look at a makefile generated with Makefile.PL and see if those filenames
22:45 fbcit are slashed.
22:45 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> mors: Which ones?
22:45 gmcharlt fbcit_away: they are: koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/itemtypeimg/Juvenile\ book-tape\ kit.gif blib/OPAC_TMPL_DIR/prog/itemtypeimg/Juvenile\ book-tape\
22:46 gmcharlt fbcit_away: and its _add_to_file_map that adds the quoting of spaces in file names (look near bottom of sub)
22:47 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> Presently42: 1º replace all occurences of "font-family:Times" with "font-family:Times New Roman", 2º replace "margin-left:200px;" with "left:550px" in the .hint{...} block
22:47 fbcit_away gmcharlt: it appears those gifs have been added since your .035 tarball
22:48 gmcharlt fbcit_away: odd; they've been in there a while (although its possible that some glitch with make manifest tardist suppressed them)
22:49 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Aha!
22:49 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> It seems the margin-left made the difference.
22:51 gmcharlt fbcit_away: ok, make manifest tardist is droping the files with space in their names, hence the difference from working with a git checkout
22:51 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> The font family didn't seem to make a difference.
22:52 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> you need to change all ocurences
22:53 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> I did.
22:53 fbcit_away gmcharlt: fixed... gotta go... ;-)
22:53 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> are you sure ?
22:53 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> It's just that page, so far as I know, that off.
22:54 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> The rest don't hide menus.
22:54 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> phasefx: the Times thing fixes the text size in the ballon, the margin thing repositions that big white box in the middle to the right place
22:55 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> phasefx_:
22:55 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> ups
22:55 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> Presently42:
22:55 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> Presently42:  you did the wrong change about the margin thing, and now you've broken other browsers
22:55 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> replace "margin-left:550px;" with "left:550px;"
22:55 gmcharlt fbcit_away: see you later
22:55 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> left only, not margin-left
22:55 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Oh. Sorry.
22:56 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> no prob
22:57 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Try now.
22:59 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> it'sfine
22:59 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> good
22:59 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> now I'll report bugs to Opera
23:02 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Thanks for your help, gmcharlt.
23:02 gmcharlt Presently42: you're welcome
23:05 [K] <[mors]@FreeNode> bye
23:05 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: [mors] n=[mors]
23:09 [K] <Presently42@FreeNode> Good-evening.
23:09 [K] *** part FreeNode!#koha: Presently42
02:42 fbcit gmcharlt: around?
03:25 gmcharlt hi fbcit
03:30 fbcit gmcharlt: sorry
03:31 gmcharlt fbcit: what's up?
03:31 fbcit I finally wrote a script to change all space containing filenames to dash containing filenames...
03:31 fbcit there was also a dir with a space in the name
03:31 fbcit I wonder how bad things will break with the gif names changeing?
03:32 fbcit dos will not handle spaces in filenames
03:32 fbcit well
03:32 fbcit if they are quoted
03:32 fbcit but I could not get dmake to see quotes around the dir/filename...
03:33 fbcit thoughts?
03:33 fbcit btw, the dir was misc/release notes... so I doubt that change will be earth shattering
03:34 fbcit it would be nice to establish a standard for koha devs in this regard
03:34 gmcharlt probably simplest to just rename the files outright
03:34 gmcharlt will need to change a couple scripts that refer to item type image gifs: sample_itemtypes.sql
03:35 gmcharlt re koha devs, I wouldn't think that not allowing spaces in file names in core Koha would be particularly controversial
03:35 chris i thought that already was the rule
03:35 fbcit it would eliminate portability issues...
03:36 gmcharlt in which case I suggest just going ahead and making a patch to rename those files
03:36 gmcharlt 'release notes' => 'release_notes'
03:36 fbcit right, I did that
03:37 fbcit I'll work up a patch tomorrow
03:37 gmcharlt so that just leaves references in the two sample_itemtypes.sql scripts
03:37 fbcit I'll fix that too
03:38 gmcharlt I might see if I can work out how to get the Makefile to deal with filenames containing spaces
03:38 gmcharlt in case another one slips through in the future
03:38 gmcharlt but won't be a priority for me
03:39 fbcit die "No filenames with spaces permitted!\n";
03:39 fbcit :-)
03:39 gmcharlt that would be one way :)
03:39 gmcharlt and actually not too bad of one once I set up some daily automatic build machines
03:40 gmcharlt yet another thing on my list :)
03:40 gmcharlt btw, one of my patches today was to deal with a '$' entered as part of DB_PASS or ZEBRA_PASS
03:41 fbcit I saw that one
03:41 gmcharlt for GNU makefiles, doubling the dollar sign works (e.g., export __DB_PASS__ := pas$$word
03:41 gmcharlt but don't know if that works in dmake
03:41 fbcit I'll check in a minute
04:06 gmcharlt fbcit: heading to bed -- I'll talk to you tomorrow
05:09 ericzoo hi ppl
05:09 ericzoo i am a net admin at a college in phil
05:09 ericzoo i am trying to convince the admin to use koha
05:10 masonj hiya ericzoo
05:10 ericzoo instead of follet which they are about to purchase for the usual unreasonable amount
05:10 ericzoo i am looking for a list of libraries worldwide that use koha
05:11 masonj hmm, there is a list about somewhere, let me look...
05:11 ericzoo i cant find one anywhere, can u guys help?
05:11 ericzoo k tnx masonj!
05:13 ericzoo already found a convincing journal here
05:14 ericzoo and downloaded a ppt on the ils past present future
05:15 masonj[…]do=diff1196887453
05:15 masonj thats a start :)
05:17 ericzoo Wow
05:17 ericzoo thanks a bunch
05:17 ericzoo are u a developer sir?
05:18 masonj yes, for
05:19 ericzoo cool. i have a question is there a timetable for the next version of koha?
05:20 masonj i think the 1st release of koha-3 might even be within the week
05:20 masonj v. exciting
05:21 ericzoo ooooo
05:22 ericzoo i hope they improve the opac
05:22 ericzoo currently very rudimentary  but cant complain
05:22 ericzoo i hear koha
05:22 ericzoo i heart koha
05:25 ericzoo what year did koha start to spread? I am looking for a sales pitch... so i hope its not too long ago
05:27 masonj hmm, i think perhaps the last 2 years it's started to pick up a lot of interest from  bigger libraries
05:31 ericzoo did it coincide with a new version?
05:48 masonj i think more a combination of factors, project maturity, a stable group of support teams ,
05:50 masonj but the really nice thing has been a lot of enthusiasm and participation by the people in the koha community
05:50 atz ... horizon customers getting shafted.
05:50 masonj yeah, that was a big one too
05:51 masonj a big shuffle-up of the large ILS vendors
05:52 atz yeah, it used to be that some major players were relatively responsive to library desires...
05:52 masonj a lot of libraries got forced down some unexpected and unpleasant upgrade paths by their vendors
05:53 masonj so a bunch of libraries thought it might be a good time to look for an alternative
05:54 atz ... after all the consolidation, almost every major ILS codebase was owned by a company that didn't actually write it.
05:55 masonj yow!
05:55 atz ericzoo: what school are you at?  my sister went to school in philly for 3 years (Temple).
06:12 ericzoo sorry was afk... philippine womens
06:13 ericzoo women's, follet costs around $9,000 to $11,000 over here wtf
06:14 ericzoo almost quarter milliion, its so silly
09:07 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx
09:25 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: phasefx
09:55 lea hi
09:57 lea are there any liblime people here?
10:02 lea anyone alive here?

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