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12:25 paul hello owen
12:25 owen Hi paul
12:25 paul how was your we ?
12:25 paul (mine was fine : 3 boys with my mother, only baby at home !)
12:26 paul weather sweet enough to go to the beach and swim a little !
12:26 owen I would have liked to send the baby away last night--he kept us up half the night.
12:26 paul oups :\
12:26 paul today, back to Koha. do you have done the tabs things for catalogue/ ?
12:27 owen the toolbar buttons?
12:27 paul oups, sorry. I was speaking of the tabs display of
12:27 paul do you want me to do it ?
12:28 owen Ah, no. But I can work on it today. In fact I can work on it right now.
12:28 paul (to see if I have understood how yui tabs work)
12:28 owen If you'd like to, I certainly don't mind
12:28 paul ok, I try
12:28 paul if problem, i'll yell you ;-)
12:28 owen I'll be here!
13:26 owen Hi northfox
13:29 northfox hey owen
13:30 owen northfox, I was going to see if you'd had any experience with YUI's menu button component, and then I saw this ext demo this morning:[…]s/menu/menus.html
13:30 owen I got a YUI menu working (rather poorly), and found myself pretty confused about the way YUI does things
13:32 northfox owen: i did play around with YUI's menu but only briefly, and it was a while ago :(
13:32 northfox yeah, i am more familiar with EXT's menu button
13:33 northfox were you thinking of sticking with YUI, or giving EXT's a shot?
13:33 owen I like the EXT demo a lot--does all the same things I wanted from the YUI version, as far as I can tell
13:35 northfox yeah, i just found EXT to have a nicer interface out of the box, while still doing just about everything YUI does
13:35 northfox have you gotten a chance to play around with EXT, then?
13:35 northfox I've picked up a lot just by modifying their examples
13:36 owen Yeah, I was curious about the example I liked to above...I'm not sure how  to sort out what's required, in terms of using their "build-your-own" tool
13:37 owen I see there's the core (required), and then the menu widget... and I made sure I checked anything that was required to fulfill the dependencies
13:38 owen But the example links to both an ext-all.js and an ext-base.js...Will both of those be in the custom-built version?
13:38 northfox i haven't tried the "build your own" tool
13:38 northfox hhm i'm not sure
13:38 northfox i'd probably give it a try and see if it works
13:39 northfox maybe run that same demo app w/ your js includes substituted for theirs
13:40 owen Okay, I'll see if I can get the example working as is first
13:41 northfox good idea
14:00 owen Whoa, the EXT toolbar/menu generates a table in the markup! Wild.
14:04 owen Maybe what happens in javascript stays in javascript
14:09 northfox yeah, i've noticed ext uses tables for a few ui elements like the toolbars
14:10 owen northfox, do you know if there are strategies for using ext to work with existing markup? The examples I've seen all generate markup from scratch with js
14:11 northfox owen: i think it depends on the ui element in question
14:12 northfox for example, i think you can have ext change an existing select box to an ext combobox
14:12 northfox i'm not certain about the more complex ext elements like grids, or menus for that matter
14:16 paul owen, i've "YUIed" MARCdetail & authorities/ & fixed some bugs. You should see that in a near future.
14:16 paul thx to check that i've done things right
14:16 paul note that I did nothing on menu or other template reorg. Just tabs
14:17 owen Okay, sounds good
14:22 paul owen, are you workingon member entry atm ?
14:22 paul (it's badly broken)
14:23 owen I did some work on it last week or the week before, but wasn't aware that I had committed anything broken
14:23 paul (not sure it's you, maybe hdl)
14:24 paul I just see it's badly broken & want to check that you're not on it before fixing ;-)
14:29 owen No, but let me know if it looks like I messed up something in the template
14:32 paul owen : do you use a tool that changes template indenting automatically ?
14:33 owen I use a tool that auto-indents as I work. Am I not conforming to an indent standard?
14:33 paul some indents seems strange (mostly when there is some <!-- tmpl_if -->
15:15 [K] *** join #koha@FreeNode: gmcharlt
16:00 hdl owen ? what happened with memberentrygen ?
16:00 hdl It worked for me.
16:01 hdl But doesnot anymore.
16:01 owen I don't know
16:07 hdl Have you modified it ?
16:11 owen The script, or the template?
16:13 owen[…]3cf5cc14b;hb=HEAD
16:24 hdl owen : you removed tabs management but did not show all the tabs ?
16:24 hdl[…]ce546b09932615917
16:24 hdl OK. I cope with all this
16:41 ryan paul: do you have a minute ?
16:41 paul hi ryan. only one (dinner in 5mn)
16:42 ryan was wondering if there was a reason branch is treated differently than categorycode or itemtype
16:42 ryan in issuingrules.
16:42 paul in what is it different ?
16:42 ryan i.e.  '*' vs ''
16:42 ryan (default)
16:43 paul the '' is solved : in the database, it's all * now
16:43 paul (or i've missed this bug ;-) )
16:43 ryan ah, ok - i must have missed that commit
16:43 paul default is the term for branch & itemtype, because it's a default value, where the * means "total" for category
16:45 ryan ah, i see
17:52 jaron What does Koha call "virtual shelves" in version 3?
18:12 owen jaron: virtual shelves.
18:18 jaron owen: ok, just checking that the terminology hasn't changed. thanks.
18:18 owen I'm not crazy about the term virtual shelf, but no one has come up with anything better as far as I know
18:25 jaron yeah, I was hoping someone else had come up with a better term so I wouldn't have to. :)
07:39 paul hello #koha. yesterday was quite...
07:44 chris hi paul
07:44 paul hi chris
07:46 chris yep, we had some new servers go live at Kapiti library here on sunday nz time, so i didnt get to do much 3.0 work
07:47 chris and i was also in mourning that now both nz and france are out
07:48 chris :)
07:52 paul yes. and, to speak frankly, I don't really understand why GB is still here...
07:52 paul I think we missed the match more than they win it.
07:53 paul the 1st half was clearly our. The 2nd was their
07:53 chris yes
07:53 chris they play such boring rugby
07:53 chris its bad for the sport if they win
07:53 paul do you know that B. laporte will be our sport ministry in the next 2-3 weeks ?
07:54 chris yeah i read that
07:54 chris yep :)
07:58 chris get 2 certificates .. even if koha or I doesnt win
07:58 chris so it will be good :)
07:58 paul certificates ???
07:58 chris as a finalist, and the winner gets a trophy
08:01 paul chris : did you read on this channel that BibLibre, our company, exists since almost 1 week
08:01 paul (a long process in France ;-) )
08:01 chris :-)
08:02 chris congratulations
08:11 paul chris, can I ask a git question ?
08:11 chris yep
08:11 paul i've git fetched & git rebased. I get :
08:11 paul CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/mo​dules/members/memberentrygen.tmpl
08:11 paul Failed to merge in the changes.
08:11 paul Patch failed at 0008.
08:11 paul When you have resolved this problem run "git rebase --continue".
08:11 paul If you would prefer to skip this patch, instead run "git rebase --skip".
08:11 paul To restore the original branch and stop rebasing run "git rebase --abort".
08:11 paul I've fixed the problem in the .tmpl
08:12 chris ahh
08:12 paul what should I do now ? git commit
08:12 paul ?
08:12 chris git add the file to tell git its fixed
08:12 chris then git commit
08:12 paul why git add ? the file is already in git
08:13 chris yep, if you do a git status tho
08:14 chris you will see its not going to be committed
08:14 chris when it gets a conflict, git wont commit it, until you add it to tell it you have fixed it
08:14 paul in git-gui, I see it on the right panel. so, it's not commited, right
08:14 chris so you dont accidentally commit a conflict
08:15 chris if it commits without an add thats fine, but ive always had to do the add before
08:19 paul ok, solved (& .dotest not here anymore ;-) )
08:19 chris excellent
08:20 paul I'll send you some patches in the next minutes ;-)
08:20 chris cool, im about to go to sleep, very tired, but ill apply them in the morning
08:21 paul sweet dreams chris
08:21 paul if I send them immediatly, will you deal with them before going to bed ?
08:26 paul ok, forget it. have sweet dreams.

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