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12:55 kados morning all
12:57 hdl hi
12:57 dewey hello, hdl
12:57 kados hi hdl
12:57 kados have a good weekend?
12:58 hdl just some resting
13:00 paul hello kados
13:00 hdl how was yours ?
13:26 owen Hi guys
13:27 paul hello owen.
13:30 owen Paul, I started to work on the new template you sent me, but found I had questions that I needed to ask hdl
13:30 hdl yes.
13:32 owen hdl, the page is designed to have three tabs?
13:34 hdl Is it a problem ?
13:34 hdl owen
13:35 owen I wanted to confirm. It's not clear from looking at the template what the workflow is
13:35 hdl I think we could add a quick registration page with only mandatory fields.
13:35 owen <!--TMPL_IF Name="step_3"-->
13:35 owen <!--TMPL_IF Name="step_1"-->
13:35 owen <div name="step_3" id="step3" class="content_hidden">
13:35 hdl I fact, tabs are used ONLY for complete registration (add)
13:35 owen <!--TMPL_ELSE-->
13:35 owen <div name="step_3" id="step3" class="content_visible">
13:35 owen <!--/TMPL_IF-->  
13:36 owen This implies that the script can load a particular tab?
13:36 hdl BUT when editing, you have only one page.
13:36 hdl the page of the information you want to edit.
13:37 owen Does that mean there is a link somewhere to "tab 2, contact information" ?
13:43 owen I see... the edit link is in moremember.
13:43 owen Is it not possible to "edit all" ?
13:46 hdl It will be.
13:46 hdl soon.
13:46 hdl Working on that.
13:46 owen Okay
13:53 paul owen : about the main toolbar (on the top)
13:53 paul why is there only circulation, patrons and catalogue.
13:53 paul cataloguing should be here too.
13:53 paul and serials / acquisition could be discussed imho
13:54 paul I usually divide the library processes in 3 parts :
13:54 paul - book workflow
13:54 paul - patrons workflow
13:54 paul - circulation, that is between book & patrons.
13:55 paul in book workflow, I put : suggestion-acquisition-cataloguing-catalogue
13:55 paul in patrons workflow, I put registration-fines-...
13:55 paul in circulation, I put issue-returns-reserves
13:56 paul I think we could have a main toolbar with book related things in 1 menu.
13:56 paul (with sub menu)
13:56 owen Paul, the top menu is for the most commonly used links, regardless of context
13:56 owen If we want to have context-sensitive links for workflows, we should look at the left-hand menu, I think
13:56 paul owen : this is heavily public library oriented...
13:57 owen I'd like to get kados' input here as well, but I'm not sure he's still around
13:57 paul a library like IPT has "cataloguing" as it's 1st used link.
13:57 paul that's why I really liked the left menu, with more entries.
13:57 owen I am very heavily public library oriented, so I'm biased. It's an important discussion.
13:58 paul (note that it would not be too hard to have a specific git branch for "conservation libraries")
13:58 paul owen, I know your inclinations ;-)
13:59 paul (/me not sure that "inclination" is english, neither is has the same dual-meaning as in french...)
14:00 paul (in french, it's usually used for love affairs ;-) )
14:40 owen Heh... inclination is indeed an English word, but it doesn't that dual meaning :)
14:40 owen My inclination for public libraries is purely professional!
14:41 paul owen : lol
14:41 paul (your wife could have worked for a library as well...)
15:22 kados guys ...
15:22 kados looking back
15:23 kados I think we need to consider whether we could make the layout and elements that show up on member entry configurable by the library
15:23 kados this would require a table to store that information, a script to manage it, and changes to the script to print the elements in the proper order, etc.
15:23 kados but overall, not very difficult to create IMO
15:31 kados owen, paul?
15:31 paul yep
15:31 kados does that idea make sense?
15:32 paul what about my previous idea, about main menu content ?
15:33 paul (it's more important than the patron elements I think)
15:33 owen I don't see how the current system of storing cities as authorized values can work when there's no field for state
15:35 kados I agree
15:36 paul you agree to what ?
15:36 kados I agree with owen
15:36 kados paul: regarding the main menu
15:36 kados what if we have a syspref
15:36 kados and you use a different include for libraries that want different organization?
15:37 paul that could do the job.
15:38 paul note that the menu should be permission sensitives.
15:38 kados it's also an advantage i think, of the new organization
15:38 kados it's quite simple to make small changes that don't affect the rest of Koha
15:38 paul (that is not the case atm if I don't mind)
15:38 kados paul: yes, 100% agreed
15:38 kados it should be added
15:38 kados so that if you don't have permissions to cataloging, you don't see it in the list
15:39 paul so cataloguing could be in the main menu & hidden for most users that can't catalogate
15:39 hdl kados : about your suggestion of storing in database what fields you use. i am not quite sure it could be an option.
15:39 paul owen : <!-- TMPL_IF name="CAN_user_XXXX" --> <!-- /TMPL_IF --> where XXX is one of the permission will do the job
15:39 kados hdl: many projects have done this
15:40 paul (CAN_user_XXX is filled automatically by get_template_and_user() )
15:40 kados hdl: in a table they have 'page element', 'flag for visible/invisible', 'order', 'column'
15:40 kados hdl: so you can say what column it shows up in, and what order it should be in
15:40 hdl a) you have 3 "types" of borrowers Children, professional, adults and other.
15:41 hdl b) you have to cope with translation.
15:41 kados the text is in the template still
15:41 kados the only thing stored is the layout information
15:42 kados only thing stored in the database table is the layout information
15:42 hdl Maybe having all the fieldnames columns into a table and its attachment.
15:42 hdl OK.
15:42 hdl I now see how we could do.
15:42 hdl But it would be quite the same as a framework stuff.
15:43 kados yes, similar actually
15:44 hdl But paul and you can settle things.
16:06 kados so how is member entry stuff progressing?
16:06 kados owen: you're to the point of working on templates?
16:06 paul kados : hdl can answer to this question too...
16:07 owen I was adding the new page elements to a template paul sent me
16:09 hdl add and modify worked for me.
16:10 hdl Only needs a bit of reordering fields and inputs.
16:17 kados it works for all patron types?
16:22 hdl provided you have all of them  yes.
16:22 kados what happens if you don't have all of them?
16:23 hdl Nothing.
16:23 dewey nothing is probably :w by default
16:23 hdl You can have them. But you cannot add a borrower category... Which could be annoying.
16:24 kados can that be fixed?
16:24 kados annoying--
16:24 hdl at the moment, i am working on file checking.
16:24 kados file checking?
16:24 hdl input checking.
16:25 kados ahh, for members?
16:25 hdl kados : yes
16:25 kados one issue is that fields that are mandatory for some clients are not for others
16:25 kados so that's another example of what we need in a table :-)
16:25 paul kados : that one is already done
16:25 paul (through a systempref)
16:26 kados ahh, cool
16:26 kados paul_hdl++
16:26 paul nope, sanop++
16:26 kados cool
16:27 hdl kados : can that be fixed ? only if we hide <add category> when it is not used in borrower categories.
17:21 kados hey tim
17:21 kados tim: long time ... how's it going?
17:22 tim We're getting a 500 error in
17:23 kados hmmm, all the time, or just specific circumstances?
17:24 tim All the time from what I hear.  I don't do cataloging.
17:26 tim I think it could be connected to the 99% CPU usage problem I had a while back.  I just noticed we're having it again.
17:27 tim I think we've been sending some business your way.  At least people have been telling us that they're leaning in that direction.
17:34 kados cool
17:34 kados tim: did you see my private message?
18:09 ryan owen: are you around ?
18:10 owen yes
18:11 ryan i've got a css question for you if you have time
18:11 owen Sure
18:11 ryan[…]
18:12 ryan notes fields have long urls all over the place.
18:12 ryan tried an overflow:auto
18:12 ryan but no go, i guess because the sidebar is floated right ?
18:13 owen Yeah.  That's a toughie
18:19 owen I can't even get it to do overflow:hidden with an explicit width declared. I'm not sure what the solution is
18:19 hdl ryan have you tried putting url in <a href=""> click there </a>
18:19 hdl ?
18:19 owen That would require manipulation of the data in the MARC field
18:19 hdl I did this for some sys prefs and it worked fine.
18:21 ryan yes, i've done that for urls, but these are randomly in notes fields.
18:21 ryan so i don't know if they're there unless i parse them.
18:23 owen ryan, I'm sorry I'm not of more help to you on this one
18:23 ryan np - thx for looking
18:26 ryan time for a 'parsenotesfieldsforlongurls' system pref :)
20:09 owen Anyone know about the new "letters" tool in Koha 3?
20:19 kados it needs to be renamed to 'notices'
20:20 kados it's for customizing messages sent to patrons as part of notification
20:22 owen And it's integrated with the various modules? I see there's a module selection list
20:22 kados it needs testing for sure, but it's supposed to be integrated with every module that needs notices
20:24 kados laters
20:24 owen Ciao all
11:18 hdl kados around ?
11:18 hdl (if you got up early)

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