IRC log for #koha, 2007-09-10

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Time S Nick Message
22:19 Brooke yo!
22:19 chris hey brooke
22:20 chris sup?
22:20 Brooke not much
22:20 Brooke killing time before a meeting
22:20 Brooke surprised you're up :)
22:20 chris 10.20 monday morning
22:20 chris up and at work :)
22:21 Brooke wacky
22:22 chris yeah the timezones are crazy
22:22 chris daylight savings starts in nz in a few weeks too
22:23 Brooke so watcha working on?
22:23 chris just catching up on the nights emails
22:23 Brooke *nod*
22:23 chris then it will probably be some work im doing for Kapiti district library here in nz
22:23 Brooke oh cool
22:24 Brooke Rangatikei
22:25 chris its lianza at the moment (the nz equiv of ALA) so most of the librarians are there
22:26 chris Horowhenua
22:31 Brooke he saorge
01:05 Brooke howdy
01:05 dewey bonjour, Brooke
09:25 chris heh
09:32 chris paul, im going to be doing some testing of the updatedatabase script tomorrow, upgrading some 2.2 installs
09:32 chris so ill let you know how that goes
09:32 chris (upgrading to 3)
10:00 paul ok, thanks
10:04 Brooke howdy

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