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13:35 owen kados around?
13:43 kados hey owen
13:44 owen Hi kados, now can I ask how Kansas was?
13:44 kados hehe, sure can
13:44 kados it was about as hot as athens has been :-)
13:45 kados had some great chats with librarians there
13:45 owen Did you see any buffalo?
13:45 kados hehe
13:45 kados no, lots of cows though, esp in the north
13:46 owen So I'm here this morning to say I'm thoroughly git-confused
13:46 kados hehe
13:47 kados so what's up?
13:47 kados btw: you should know I committed a ton of fairly major changes moving stuff around in the templates
13:47 owen That first patch you walked me through failed because apparently I hadn't properly updated my working repo
13:47 owen I've submitted a couple patches since then, and probably made the same mistake
13:47 kados huh
13:49 owen Correction: I guess it wasn't that first patch. It must have been the templates stuff, and related to your moving stuff around
13:49 kados right
13:49 kados ok, well I _think_ it should be fairly straight forward now
13:49 kados if you do a git fetch
13:49 kados git rebase it should catch you up
13:49 kados but before you do that, make sure to commit everything you're working on
13:50 kados in your working copy
13:53 owen I tried git rebase origin following chris's suggestion, and got a long list of CONFLICT messages
13:56 kados did you commit what you were working on first?
13:57 owen I hadn't made any changes since I last committed
13:57 kados run 'git status'
13:58 owen that returns a bunch of 'unmerged' stuff
13:58 kados right, so we need to fix that first I bet
13:59 owen ...French templates that I wouldn't have touched myself
13:59 kados try 'git commit -a'
13:59 owen I don't understand... where did the unmerged stuff come from?
14:00 kados not sure
14:00 kados sounds like stuff upstream didn't merge with your local repo maybe?
14:01 owen But I should go ahead and commit it?
14:01 kados hmmm
14:01 kados so it wants to commit stuff in french templates?
14:01 kados that's kinda strange
14:02 kados I don't think you want to, no
14:02 jaron might be good to move local stuff onto another branch and then go back to master and fetch the repo again then try to merge master and local branches
14:02 owen When I did git status I got a long list of files like this:
14:02 owen #       unmerged:   koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/​fr/serials/serials-edit.tmpl
14:02 owen #       modified:   koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/​fr/serials/serials-edit.tmpl
14:02 jaron or maybe you've already tried that
14:02 owen #       unmerged:   koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/​fr/serials/serials-home.tmpl
14:02 owen #       modified:   koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/​fr/serials/serials-home.tmpl
14:03 kados hiya jaron
14:03 jaron hi kados
14:03 jaron i've started using git myself now
14:03 jaron and git-svn to commit to an svn repo
14:06 kados sweet
14:07 kados owen: wish I was of more help with this
14:07 jaron owen how many changes have you made?
14:08 owen I've submitted three patches... Only with the last one did I get a message back from chris saying there was a problem. I assume that means the other two applied okay?
14:08 kados not necessarily, I haven't seen him push any from you
14:08 owen The third patch covered a /lot/ of files
14:09 kados oh, yea, there are some from you
14:09 kados correcting <!-- TMPL_IF --> nested in HTML?
14:10 owen Yeah, that was the second one I submitted
14:10 kados I see two total patches from you
14:10 kados one about a week ago, adding missing
14:10 kados another was the TMPL_IF one
14:10 kados so it's the third that won't apply, eh?
14:11 kados and now it sounds like you've got some strangeness with your working repo
14:13 owen If I started with a clean clone, could I try to apply my own patch to my working copy and sort out the conflicts there?
14:14 kados yea, should be abel to
14:14 kados able even
14:14 kados owen:[…]lopment:git_usage
14:15 kados that's gonna be fairly complicated though :/
14:16 owen I don't know what else to do at this point
14:18 kados hmmm
14:18 kados mind if I become you and see what's going on?
14:18 kados :-)
14:19 owen I went ahead and cloned a fresh copy, but the old one is saved if that could still be of help
14:19 kados where's the old one?
14:19 dewey the old one is abandoned as far as I know
14:19 kados koha.brokenindex?
14:19 owen koha.2007-08-24
14:19 kados k, give me a sec
14:20 kados owen: looks like the files that are complaining are ones that were deleted or moved
14:21 kados hmmm
14:21 kados except the french stuff
14:23 kados You are in the middle of a conflicted merge.
14:23 kados that's the prob here
14:24 kados lets see, I've dealt with this once before ...
14:27 kados After seeing a conflict, you can do two things:
14:27 kados    *
14:27 kados      Decide not to merge. The only clean-up you need are to reset the index file to the HEAD commit to reverse 2. and to clean up working tree changes made by 2. and 3.; git-reset can be used for this.
14:27 kados    *
14:27 kados      Resolve the conflicts. git-diff would report only the conflicting paths because of the above 2. and 3.. Edit the working tree files into a desirable shape, git-add or git-rm them, to make the index file contain what the merge result should be, and run git-commit to commit the result.
14:28 kados hmmm
14:41 owen The templates style guide looks like a great start
14:45 owen We'll need to decide whether js-library plugins should go in /js/ or /lib. For example: I'd rather go with a javascript calendar that was based on a javascript library, rather than a standalone one. Does that mean that the /lib directory is only for the base libraries, or should it be for any javascript files which are maintained outside of koha (not created for koha)?
14:47 kados any js files maintained outside of koha IMO
14:47 kados so you'd have lib/jquery
14:47 kados lib/ext-1.1, etc.
14:48 owen ...and /lib/jquery/plugins, maybe?
14:52 hdl hi
14:55 hdl kados : Do you suggest Koha would use some outer javascript repository ?
15:00 owen hdl: we're talking about using a javascript library like YUI, ext, and/or jquery
15:03 hdl Well. I am not quite keen on putting  javascript (which could become vital for software for yui for instance) aside of Koha installation.
15:03 hdl But i donot quite like the fact to rely on javascript for features.
15:04 hdl Nonetheless, I admit that some Ajax features would be necessary.
15:06 owen hdl, I don't know what you mean about "aside of Koha installation"
15:07 hdl In a directory not included in Koha repository
15:08 kados worth talking about
15:08 kados for sure
15:12 owen Is there a reason why we would want to do that?
15:13 kados there could be conflicting licenses for one
15:19 hdl !liste
16:18 thd` ryan: ping
16:33 ryan pong
17:04 thd` ryan: JavaScript code in the record editor automatically fills mandatory fields for the bibliographic record editor.  No plugins are needed for those values but something would be needed for the authority record editor.  Also the authority records themselves do not store a record ID so you need to plan for retrieving the external ID for migration to Koha 3.0..
17:06 thd` ryan: by record ID I meant the one that Koha uses to distinguish authority records not the official IDs in 001, 010, etc.

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