IRC log for #koha, 2007-08-23

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12:42 owen kados around?
12:54 kados hey owen
12:55 kados owen: sup?
12:55 owen Hi, how was Kansas?
12:55 kados still there :-)
12:55 kados I fly back this evening
12:55 kados got one more meeting today
12:55 owen I see
13:18 owen kados when you or chris receive a patch file, what do you know about its contents? What information is included?
13:35 owen Anyone around who knows what the AutomaticItemReturn system preference does?
13:39 kados hey owen
13:40 kados owen: have you tried opening a patch file?
13:40 owen No, I guess I could try that :)
13:41 kados the git tools for merging patches kind of abstract that from us
13:41 kados ie, we don't need to manually muck around with that stuff
13:41 kados and we can always see what's changed with git whatchanged
13:42 kados check the QA and RM sections of the wiki git page
13:42 kados
13:42 kados it's got some examples of how to use tools to view what's been modified
13:42 kados owen: I have a feeling we need to schedule a 'system preferences' meeting to hash out every syspref in koha before the release
13:43 kados ttyl
14:14 hdl hi kados
14:17 thd hdl: are you present?
14:17 hdl yes
14:18 thd hdl: how are individual authority records identified in the record for Koha?
14:18 hdl can you detail your question
14:18 hdl ?
14:19 hdl thd : can you detail your question
14:21 hdl thd : can you give examples ?
14:21 thd hdl: what is the equivalent of biblio.biblionumber for an authority record in Koha and where in the authority record is it stored?
14:21 hdl 001
14:21 hdl And it is auth_header.authid
14:22 hdl Is it OK for you ?
14:22 thd hdl: in rel_2_2 also?
14:23 thd hdl: is that defined in the authority framework?
14:23 hdl auth_header.authid in rel2_2 also.
14:23 hdl But it wasnot stored in marc data in rel2_2
14:24 thd hdl: that was the question
14:25 thd thanks hdl
14:25 hdl welcome
14:26 thd hdl: I saw how it was used but I needed to check in case I had missed something
14:26 thd s/saw/thought I saw/
14:27 hdl ok.
20:26 ryan anyone: /win 4
20:26 ryan (pay no attention to that)
20:29 chris :)
21:50 masonj .
21:50 masonj .

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