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13:05 thd` kados?
13:05 dewey kados is just a bit tied up
15:58 kados hiya thd
15:58 thd hello kados
15:59 thd so you are inviting me to break head by suggesting new columns now rather than later?
16:00 kados :-)
16:00 kados well, weve discussed adding columns to the framework, but I haven't seen a list yet
16:01 kados I know indicators is one area we could improve in
16:01 thd kados: given your statement about some code which breaks on reading would that not unnecessarily delay the release?
16:02 thd kados: the list should obviously start with something for indicator positions similar to what is present for subfields
16:04 kados right
16:05 thd kados: should improved support for indicators go where indicators are treated now in the table for the field generally or should they have their own table like subfields?
16:06 thd kados: adding a new table could not break anything
16:08 thd kados: are you there?
16:11 kados yep
16:14 thd kados: would a new table for adding better support for indicators be necessarily better because it would not break any existing code?
16:16 kados hmmm
16:16 kados possibly
16:18 thd kados: you hesitate?
16:18 kados no, just haven't thought about it much
16:18 kados and ... I'm not really a database designer :-)
16:18 kados so I'm not really the one to ask
16:18 kados :-)
16:19 thd kados: just to be clear than the fields and current limited indicator support is defined in one table
16:20 thd subfields are defined in another
16:20 thd s/ than/,/
16:22 thd I will think about my suggestions from a year ago and propose something tomorrow
16:22 thd kados: I have a couple of other questions
16:22 kados sure
16:24 thd kados: I made an extra column version of the the simple frameworks representing various media types but I have been unable to add it to the misc directrory in HEAD
16:25 thd kados: I have been able to add new files in the past.  Have the permissions changed?
16:27 kados hmmm
16:27 kados did you do a cvs add?
16:27 kados cvs add filename
16:27 kados cvs commit filename
16:28 thd yes
16:29 thd kados: the only thing which I did not do was to try adding again while logging the response
16:30 kados permissions haven't changed
16:30 kados (can't do that in CVS anyway)
16:31 thd :)
16:35 thd kados: I used: cvs -z3 -d add marc21_simple_bib_frameworks.sql
16:35 thd this command was issued from my HEAD checkout directory
16:35 thd kados: what was wrong with that syntax?
16:36 kados nothing
16:36 kados did you add your ssh key to savannah?
16:36 kados ahh, hang on
16:37 kados you  need:
16:37 kados cvs -z3 -d add marc21_simple_bib_frameworks.sql
16:37 kados missing the type ext:
16:37 thd kados: is that something new?
16:38 kados nope
16:39 thd kados: when I added that file to rel_2_2 a year ago I did not use that syntax
16:43 thd kados: my other question is have you seen ?
16:43 kados yep, I've seen it
16:44 thd kados: have you looked at how their data is populated and their XML schema?
16:45 kados not yet
16:47 thd kados: their XML schema is simpler than Dublin Core
16:48 thd kados: Karen Coyle has advised them but apparently they have not paid much attention because their XML fields which are populated by LC records do not even have more than one author and many other problems
16:49 thd s/by/from/
16:50 thd kados: Koha is a few orders of magnitude better than what they have
16:50 kados *nod*
16:51 thd kados: yet they have the backing of people with real money
16:51 kados thd: where is the data model defined?
16:53 thd kados: obviously they have it in the source code which is available under the AGPL 3 license which is still only a first draft with one fatal bug at FSF.
17:00 thd kados: Karen Coyle's notes on the schema are at .
17:00 kados heh, they licensed it under a draft of a license?
17:00 kados that's mental!
17:00 thd :0
17:00 kados that link doesn't work for me
17:01 thd
17:03 thd kados: what they are actually using now is even simpler and anyone can edit the whole record wiki style by just choosing edit or whatever the function is on a record
21:34 thd kados: are you there?
23:31 pananohacker _
23:31 pananohacker Hello.
23:55 pananohacker logbot: help

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