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12:57 jaron anyone here that can answer a quick question on concerning utf-8 conversion of MARC21 records?
12:58 jaron I'm wondering if the script just checks for the value in leader byte 9 and proceeds from there.
12:59 owen kados would know, if he's around
13:00 jaron owen: ok, I'll see if I can catch kados then.
13:01 owen Or mail the Koha list, and then you don't have to catch him at just the right time
13:01 jaron yeah, and someone else might have an idea too.
13:32 jaron ok, email sent to list
13:35 paul hello world...
13:51 jaron hey, paul. did you by any chance see my recent email to the koha list concerning bulkmarcimport and character encoding?
13:52 jaron recent == just a little bit ago
14:06 paul yes, that's why I "beeped" you here ;-)
14:07 paul in fact, I can't help you i'm afraid, because I use unimarc, and I don't have encoding problems with unimarc (as it's usually latin1 encoded)
14:07 paul so I never had any problems with encoding when migrating libraries.
14:07 jaron that's the default encoding for unimarc?
14:07 paul another think I can point is that the encoding is in 100 field (a coded unimarc field)
14:07 paul 01 means "latin1"
14:07 paul 50 means "utf-8"
14:08 paul (position 16-17 iirc)
14:08 jaron that's good to know.
14:09 jaron ok, so I'll see if any marc21/usmarc folks have an idea
14:24 jaron unimarc is so much less ambiguous about character encodings.
14:24 jaron but it seems that appendix j on character sets is only available from ifla in print form :(
18:52 slef How can I say "not whitespace nor angle brackets" in a perl regular expression?
18:56 kados if ($string !~ /[ \[\]]/) {
18:56 kados maybe?
18:57 slef actually, I was using [^\\s<>] which seems to work for me
18:57 slef but not for this guy emailing me... I'll ask him to run my test case
18:57 slef wonder if his regexp libraries are screwed
18:59 kados everyone seems to be in the 2-3 camp
18:59 kados I lean heavily torward 3
18:59 kados I don't think 3.0 is anywhere ready for release
18:59 slef 2-3 camp?
18:59 kados sigh
19:00 kados > 1- Argh!  We must release Koha 3.0 as soon as possible.  The code
19:00 kados > clean-up concerns you developers alone, so do it afterwards.  And the
19:00 kados > improvement of user interface can wait too.  But I need 3.0's features
19:00 kados > now!
19:00 kados >
19:00 kados > 2- Damn!  Bad news.  But good, we're working with 2.2 well enough and
19:00 kados > we can wait 3 months more.  But not more than 3 months, even so.
19:00 kados >
19:00 kados > 3- Pah!  I'm very happy with Koha 2.2.  Koha 3.0 can take another 6
19:00 kados > months to arrive and I won't be unhappy.
19:00 slef hey, that's my email :)
19:00 kados hehe, yea
19:00 thd` kados: what are you going to do about that problem?
19:00 slef I thought we had a new version 2.3 or -1 or something
19:01 kados hi thd
19:01 thd hello kados
19:01 kados thd: well I'm doing all I can
19:01 thd kados: I cannot be happy with 2.2
19:01 kados thd: just like all of us I suppose, super busy keeping my head above water
19:01 kados thd: yea, 2.2--
19:02 kados what we need is a huge grant for people to just work on the project
19:02 kados instead of having to work for customers
19:02 thd kados; what is the obstacle for 3.0?
19:02 kados there are quite a few
19:02 kados templates
19:02 kados poor reports
19:02 thd in terms of coding?
19:03 kados member entry must be re-written
19:03 kados need to do testing
19:03 kados unit and functional
19:03 slef I need some help estimating times, then I should get more koha work.
19:03 kados plus there's a lot of just zany french-specific stuff that's crept in
19:03 slef Trouble is, there's too much of koha I simply don't know, so I get all
19:03 slef hestitant, so I put people off.
19:04 kados like the link in the header points to
19:04 kados (hard coded)
19:04 kados slef: *nod*
19:04 kados if we had two solid months to just work on the project I think we could do a decent release
19:05 thd well as long as it actually has the Jazzy stuff in the first place that can be fixed without too much pain
19:05 slef now I've an automated cvs2git tree, I can probably send my changes to
19:05 slef someone else to review and not worry so much about cvs commits clobbering them
19:05 kados slef: chris, mason and ryan have been using git too
19:06 kados anyway
19:13 thd Everyone, including me had missed the bad effect during the past 2 months.  Fortunately for Koha there is an easy fix.
19:14 slef I wish they'd stop breaking and keep testing the Any Browser GPLv3 site features.  I saw another backtrace this afternoon.
19:14 slef I've commented very little on gplv3 because is so poor.
19:15 slef Unlike koha, no-one pays me to jump throught hoops to use it.
19:15 thd slef: I had to repost a comment twice because of those problems
19:17 thd slef: I attribute most of the problems to the evils of JavaScript, however, I can say that the FSF people are very understaffed and overworked
19:17 slef They should have made sensible code releases from day 1, then they could have had some help.
19:18 slef As it is, the comment system is on rt 3.2, so there's a double-whammy of figuring out how it works and then porting it to current rt versions, else they've just built a white elephant :-/
19:20 thd slef: most parts of the GPL V3 comment system work with Iceweasel if you have JavaScript on but I have sometimes had to restart Iceweasel
19:22 slef thd: not for me, even with restart. :-/
19:22 slef I need to do lots of upgrades and decrufting, though.
19:22 slef but it is a fairly standards-compliant browser, AFAICT
19:23 thd slef: my first post showed that double blank lines turned to no blank lines.  Tuesday I discovered that open quotations at the end of a paragraph will also eliminate an intervening blank line.
19:25 thd slef: I have spent much of my time during the past two months upgrading and improving systems to stable Etch and I am quite please with the results of that work even if it has taken a long time configuring everything.
19:26 slef thd: I've some of koha-2.2's dependencies packaged for etch at by the way
19:27 slef mostly either naïve dh-make-cpan packages, or rebuilds of others
19:27 thd that is very good to know
19:28 slef and koha-deps.txt are the packages from etch I needed to install
19:28 slef I'll set up an apt source, polish them and upload them to sid when I get time (hah!)
19:29 thd slef: are all of those packages Etch based?
19:29 slef should be
19:29 slef I don't think I backported any of those... oh wait, some maybe came from France
19:30 slef let me grab the apt source lines
19:31 slef actually, no, the rebuilds are from enslyon, so apart from yaz, they're all Etch
19:31 slef s/the/some

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