IRC log for #koha, 2007-05-11

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12:13 hdl kados ?
12:13 dewey hmmm... kados is just a bit tied up
12:13 hdl how many robot is there here now ?
12:14 hdl kados : about z3950 research problem on koha list.
12:14 hdl Can you confirm or infirm ?
12:37 kados hi hdl
12:37 paul hi kados
12:37 kados hdl: Search Z3950 Failed topic?
12:37 paul happy to see you here.
12:37 kados hi paul
12:37 paul and good morning
12:37 kados g'morning :-)
12:37 hdl hi
12:37 dewey bonjour, hdl
12:38 hdl kados : yes
12:38 kados hdl: it looks like paul already answered it, right?
12:38 hdl Yes. But maybe you experienced some problem with npl templates.
12:40 kados AFAIK our Z39.50 query is working OK
12:40 kados but I haven't updated our CVS since 2.2.9
12:51 owen Hi folks
12:51 kados hey owen
13:10 kados back
13:20 hdl Good
14:42 rch hi paul
14:43 rch tried out your nozebra search...
14:43 paul hi rch
14:43 rch very nice
14:43 paul (in the next mn)
14:43 rch nicer :)
14:43 paul and some important bugfixes
14:45 paul commited. pls delete your nozebra table and re-run, as it has a new column ("server")
14:46 owen kados, are you still around?
14:46 kados owen: yep
14:47 owen If I want to add a new 'Damaged' option, is there anything I need to be aware of beyond adding the additional authorized value?
14:47 owen We've got 1 = Damaged, and I'm adding 2 = Sent for Repair
14:48 kados nope, that should do it
14:48 owen Cool. I'm just not used to such vast power.
14:48 kados hehe

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