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15:54 kados any frenchies around?
15:54 kados paul: ?
15:54 paul yeahhhhhhhh!!!!
15:54 paul kados is here !
15:54 kados hi :-)
15:54 paul you have a library on the moon now ?
15:54 kados hehe
15:54 kados the last few weeks have been very busy
15:55 kados I haven't even looked at any code in a long long time :(
15:55 kados w00t
15:55 kados paul++
15:55 paul it's almost as fast as zebra even for a 300 000 items catalogue.
15:55 kados I have no trips planned for this month
15:55 kados so I plan to spend a lot of time getting caught up
15:55 kados wow, that's impressive!
15:55 paul of course, it don't contains any z3950 server & other features zebra has
15:56 paul so zebra is still usefull. depends on the use the library needs
15:56 kados cool
15:56 kados paul++
15:56 paul great. I don't have any either, so, we should be able to work efficiently.
15:56 kados paul:[…]n-source-ILS.html
15:56 kados have you seen that post?
15:56 kados worth reading the comments at least
15:56 kados Dan has some suggestions w/respect to our db defs
15:56 paul in june, forget any of use : hdl will be for 2 weeks in new caledonia for some business & i've 5 demos + probably 2 teachings
15:57 kados *nod*
15:59 paul you're speaking of : Why is there so much interest in Evergreen and why aren't we hearing much about Koha?
15:59 kados yes
15:59 kados and I left a comment
15:59 kados and dan responded
15:59 kados and chris responded
15:59 kados and dan responded
16:02 paul fortunatly he didn't came into the "mySQL constraint" and "stored proc" war as well...
16:02 kados *nod*
16:02 kados you are a postgres expert, right paul?
16:02 paul not at all !
16:03 paul I've never setup a postgres DB !
16:03 paul i used to work on Firebird
16:03 paul which is a quite good DB and GPL as well
16:04 kados ahh
16:04 kados so I have picked out 5 items from his comments:
16:04 kados 1. use of SQL92 keywords as field names, table names, etc.
16:04 kados 2. tables shouldn't be defined with TYPE=MyISAM
16:04 kados 3. get rid of quotes around integer values
16:04 kados 4. nonsensical date defaults like 0000-00-00 (why not use NULL)
16:04 kados 5. add SET SQL_MODE='ANSI_QUOTES' to allow using double-quotes for SQL name delimiters
16:04 kados I think we have fixed #2 already
16:04 paul but not shipped in most linux distro.
16:04 paul right
16:04 kados I'm not sure about #1, or #3-#5
16:05 kados they seem easy enough to fix, and I'd love to post a response that we've fixed them :-)
16:05 paul throw a mail on koha-devel about that.
16:05 kados ok, I will
16:05 paul but 1st, you should commit YUI stuff ;-)
16:06 paul (who says i'm bugguing ???)
16:06 kados hehe
16:06 toins hi kados
16:06 kados hi toins :-)
16:06 kados sorry you missed the google summer of code deadline
16:07 toins yep i know...
16:07 toins :(
16:08 kados toins: we seem to have two (or maybe more) SQL def files
16:09 kados toins: in head I mean
16:09 kados installer/kohastructure.sql is one
16:09 kados and there's a koha.mysql somewhere too
16:10 kados it's in misc
16:10 toins and what's the problem ?
16:10 dewey rumour has it the problem is that it's usually very hard to understand
16:10 kados toins: in your opinion, can we remove koha.mysql?
16:11 kados what do you think?
16:12 toins i think hdl can answer easily as me to this question...
16:14 toins kados: what do you think about using an ORM in koha for sql queries ?
16:16 kados paul: message to koha-devel sent
16:16 slef "Enter the string from the spam-prevention image above:"
16:17 slef comment-prevention image, more like
16:17 kados heh
16:17 kados slef: maybe you can weigh in on the SQL issue
16:17 kados slef:[…]n-source-ILS.html
16:17 kados that's where it started :-)
16:18 slef my comments from 2004 still stand: where reserved words are used unquoted or non-standard SQL is used, it's a bug
16:18 slef unfortunately, I did some fixups ages ago and I've not followed recent changes
16:18 kados slef: do you have any bandwidth to spend on cleaning that up in head?
16:18 slef kados: sure, when I get some tuits :-/
16:18 kados heh
16:19 slef particularly round ones
16:19 slef hell, I even broke my cvs checkout recently when trying to commit a submitted patch
16:19 kados heh
16:19 slef it's all fun for me with koha at the moment
16:19 slef :-/
16:19 kados *nod*
16:20 kados toins: what would OML give us?
16:20 toins OML ?
16:20 slef biab
16:21 toins you ORM ?
16:21 toins you mean ORM ?
16:21 kados yes
16:21 kados sorry
16:23 toins i don't know ORM for perl... (but i'm sure there are someone as catalyst use one) I have ever use python ORM for web framework developpment...
16:23 kados ahh
16:23 kados chris just told me about catalyst
16:24 kados seems neat
16:24 toins With a ORM sql code is very easy to write, and works on many DBMS....
16:25 toins my framewrok works fine with mysql postgres sqlite firebird...
16:25 toins and sql queries are optimized...
16:27 kados paul: do we have any transactions yet in koha?
16:28 paul I don't think so.
16:28 paul ah, yes we have one with Koha NoZebra ;-)
16:28 slef ORM=Object Relation Model?
16:30 toins slef: M for mapping i think
16:30 toins[…]elational_mapping
16:35 kados paul: I remember a while ago we discussed it would be a good idea to have transactions for circ, etc.
16:35 paul time for week end.
16:35 paul right.
16:35 kados maybe in 3.4 :-)
16:36 paul but now, family time for me, we will speak of that on monday.
16:36 kados ok, bye
16:37 hdl hi kados.
16:37 kados hi hdl
16:37 kados how is your week going?
16:37 hdl Did paul ask you about yui ?
16:37 kados yes
16:37 kados I know I've been very bad about that
16:38 hdl Vote duty for me.
16:38 kados :-)
16:38 hdl this week end.
16:38 kados I will try to prioritize it
16:38 hdl And I trid to do an encoding package.
16:38 kados an encoding package?
16:38 hdl this week.
16:38 kados what is an encoding package?
16:39 hdl Yes to fix for good ISO5426 and ISO6436 encoding problems.
16:39 hdl But I have to work on it still.
16:39 kados cool
16:39 hdl Not solved.
16:39 kados encoding is hard :-)
16:39 hdl I used marc4j as a base.
16:39 hdl But it still need some work.
16:40 kados *nod*
16:40 hdl It is good for spanish languages, but German or French has characters not encoded.
16:40 kados when do you encounter ISO5426 and ISO6436 records?
16:40 kados in some client data?
16:41 hdl ISO5426 is a UNIMARC standard.
16:41 kados ahh, ok
16:41 kados cool
16:42 hdl The main problem will be that in certain circomstances, it is quite a hard task to GUESS between ISO5426 and MARC8.
16:42 kados guessing encoding is really hard
16:42 kados but in UNIMARC you have a 100 tag to tell you which encoding it is?
16:42 kados and in MARC21 we have the leader
16:42 kados IIRC
16:42 hdl Because some libraries have datas from LOC(MARC8) and bnf (UNIMARC)
16:42 kados right
16:42 kados so you need to do:
16:43 kados if (tag 100 tells encoding) {
16:43 hdl But we added 100 for zebra :(
16:43 kados } elsif (leader tells encoding) {
16:43 kados } else {
16:43 kados or sth
16:43 kados 100 is for MARC21 zebra
16:43 kados it's the author field
16:43 kados but not for UNIMARC zebra, right?
16:43 hdl It may be a good hint.
16:44 kados what are the codes for UNIMARC 100 tag?
16:44 hdl (paul transformed some MARC8 data into UNIMARC but encoding is not perfect)
16:45 kados you have a client who wants to switch from MARC21 to UNIMARC?
16:45 hdl
16:46 kados ahh, so it's quite nice actually
16:46 hdl We migrated some clients from MARC21 to UNIMARC (because previous ILS was MARC21-based and library prefered UNIMARC)
16:46 kados Character Set (Mandatory) is 4 characters
16:46 kados too bad they didn't want to stay with MARC21 :(
16:47 kados then you would be MARC21 experts as well as UNIMARC ;-)
16:48 kados hdl: wow, the 100 field in UNIMARC is really helpful w/respect to encoding
16:48 kados it will give you the ISO code exactly!
16:48 kados much more useful than MARC21
16:53 hdl kados. I already know more and more MARC21.
16:54 kados :-)
16:55 hdl What could be nice is that we had a common framework and different mappings pre-forged.
16:55 hdl So that ppl could use Koha out of the box with only a little parameter changes.
16:55 kados I think thd would be willing to do it
16:56 kados but he's busy working for a living now I think
16:56 hdl With web installer, a step was made.
16:56 hdl But still many have to be done.
16:56 kados *nod*
16:56 hdl I saw that you did great jobs demonstrating LibLime.
16:57 hdl (some blogs told their enthousiasm.)
16:57 hdl Congrats.
16:57 kados cool
16:57 kados :-)
16:57 kados I am glad to be home
16:57 kados sick of airports and hotels :-)
16:57 hdl Home sweet home.
16:57 hdl :D
16:57 kados yep :-)
16:58 hdl I may fly for 32 hours in a few weeks.
16:58 kados wow
16:58 kados bye
16:58 kados nice chatting
17:01 hdl nice to see you back too.
17:05 toins bye all

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