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07:52 chris hi paul
07:52 paul hello chris
07:53 chris hows things in the south of france today?
07:53 paul how are things in NZ ?
07:53 paul hehe... sunny.
07:53 chris rainy and cold today
07:53 paul yesterday was our 1st beach day
07:53 chris ohh cool
07:53 paul from 11AM to 5PM
07:53 paul not too hot yet, it was secure even for Matthieu (2 months)
07:54 paul everybody (except matthieu) swimmed a little
07:54 chris :) does he like the beach? Kahurangi likes the sea breeze
07:54 chris and the noise of the waves
07:54 paul at 2 months, he was happy to sleep most of the day ;-)
07:55 paul a lot of bugs affected to chris of jmf...
07:55 chris ahh yes i see you have closed one already :)
07:55 chris yeah i have to go through and fix a lot, change email addresses too
07:56 chris tomorrow i think we will shift to a liblime server ..
07:56 chris or maybe wait till the weekend
07:56 chris yep, it will be faster for you
07:56 paul the address will still be
07:56 chris yep
07:56 chris same version  too
07:56 paul and slower for you in NZ ?
07:57 chris basically just dump the db, and copy it over to an install running the same version
07:57 chris yeah a little slower, not much though
07:57 paul hdl asked me a question last friday : who at liblime uses 2.2 version ?
07:57 paul (how many )
07:57 chris hmm lots
07:57 paul (I mean liblime customers)
07:57 paul and do they use official 2.2.8 ?
07:57 paul or something from rel_2_2 CVS branch ?
07:58 chris only 2 customers use dev_week
07:58 hdl hi chris.
07:58 paul because a LOT of things are on rel_2_2, but NOT on 2.2.8
07:58 chris well the nz ones (hlt, kapiti, rdl, opus) use 2.2.8
07:58 chris the US liblime ones (except ccfls, and NPL) use rel_2_2
07:59 paul so all improvements about serials, routing lists... are not in NZ, right
07:59 paul ?
07:59 chris at katipo we didnt run from cvs (too dangerous) we ran from a release, and installed the bits we wanted from cvs
08:00 chris so Opus has 2.2.8 plus serials
08:00 paul how do you manage "local" adds ?
08:00 chris we used to run our own version control and merge the changes in
08:00 paul i'm interested because we have a few changes for some customers, and atm, we reintroduce them manually :-(
08:00 paul which one ?
08:00 dewey well, which one is that? :-)
08:00 chris used to be cvs
08:00 chris now we run git
08:01 chris[…]nts.git;a=summary
08:01 chris thats the git repository for the nz koha clients
08:02 paul can you explain how you do things when a release is done ?
08:02 paul (I mean an official release)
08:03 chris ahh, ill explain how we used to do it at katipo
08:03 chris we look at the changelog
08:03 chris to see what new features are added and what bugfixes are added
08:04 chris then we ask the clients if they want any of those new features
08:04 chris if they dont, we apply whatever bugfixes we havent already applied
08:04 chris if they do, we run up a copy of the latest version, using their data, and get them to test
08:05 chris basically we use diff a lot :)
08:06 chris but because our clients run the same version of code, we only have to make the fixes once
08:06 paul ah, ok.
08:06 chris there is lots of manual work still to be done ... whereas how liblime run straight from the main cvs
08:07 paul our problem is that our (few) local modifs are unique. For example, library X don't want to see the "dewey" line on
08:07 chris right
08:07 paul library Y want to call members "chercheurs" and not "lecteurs"
08:07 paul ...
08:07 chris we try to do that with templates .. its usually changing the templates takes the longest
08:07 paul we explain that it's harded, will cost more, but they want...
08:08 paul so we do...
08:08 paul i'm dreaming of a tool to have all diffs somewhere & reintroduce them automatically on each official release
08:08 chris yeah, git makes that easier
08:09 chris the way it uses branches, and merging to and from branches is much better
08:09 chris but still not automatic
08:10 chris but instead of having 3 copies of the templates (one for each client)
08:10 chris you have 3 branches
08:10 chris and you make the changes in one branch, and merge that into the other 2
08:10 chris and git does most of it (except if it gets a conflict)
08:11 chris eg
08:11 chris cd koha-tmpl
08:11 chris git checkout hlt
08:11 chris edit some files
08:11 chris git commit
08:11 chris git checkout rdl
08:12 chris git pull . hlt
08:13 chris that will merge the changes we just made in hlt into our rdl branch
08:14 chris oh and hi hdl :-)
08:15 hdl hi again.
08:15 paul chris : yes, thx
08:15 chris :)
08:19 chris the thing we can do, is with a new release
08:19 chris git branch new_release
08:20 chris pull in the files from the new release into there
08:20 chris and test, and then merge them over
08:21 chris in theory anyway, i havent tried that yet
08:21 chris (maybe with 2.2.9)
08:22 chris but all of liblimes US clients, run from  cvs either rel_2_2 or dev_week
08:23 chris which is good if no one ever commits broken code :)
08:23 chris i prefer to run from releases
08:24 chris but clients want things NOW, not in the next release
08:24 chris so at katipo we added the features, and at liblime, they run from cvs
08:25 chris we still haave to work out what we will do in the future :)
09:45 paul chris still around ?
09:48 chris yep
09:48 paul writing a mail to koha-devel for you, about "your bugzilla needs attention" ;-)
09:49 chris ahh right, i can turn that off if its annoying :)
09:49 paul it's annoying with this form. But I suggest something else.
09:49 chris cool
09:50 paul limiting the daily list to blo/cri/nor
09:50 paul which are obviously the bugs that needs immediate attention.
09:50 paul and havin a weekly list with everything
09:51 chris right, at the moment its just doing the bugzilla default
09:51 paul if you can do that, then my list will be... empty this evening ;-)
09:51 chris but im sure you must be able to configure it somewhow
09:51 paul mail sent, you should have it on koha-devel
09:52 chris cool

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