IRC log for #koha, 2007-04-07

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12:55 kados hey owen
12:55 kados owen: what's up?
12:55 paul hello all
12:55 owen Hi kados and paul
12:57 hdl hi
12:58 kados :(
12:58 kados they can't make an exception because of a slow postal service?
12:59 kados really picky library :-)
12:59 paul nope. french laws are VERY VERY restrictive for public services. they must say "answer before YYYY::MM::DD::HH::MM and if the offer arrives even 1 minut too late, they must refuse it.
13:00 paul who cares for 1 minut ? I don't know. But this time it was 3 days !
13:00 paul (tuesday instead of friday)
13:00 kados wow
13:00 paul he only thing I can get is a refund of the price I paid (22E). for a 42 000€ RFP !
13:01 kados wow
13:01 kados that's really annoying
13:01 kados chronopost--
13:01 paul and i hope UPS++, because now i'll use UPS
13:01 kados heh
13:11 slef ups sometimes reschedule my deliveries... but I guess you don't have Royal Mail in France... blame the revolutionaries for you missing that deadline
13:11 slef (Royal Mail First Class and Second Class are unreliable, but Special Delivery seems to work fine)

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