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13:25 owen kados, you around?
13:43 hdl kados ?
13:43 dewey kados is helping us LibLime folk with something at the moment
13:43 thd dewey: do you know where kados is at every moment?
13:43 dewey thd: bugger all, i dunno
13:51 kados kados?
13:51 dewey you are helping us LibLime folk with something at the moment
13:51 kados hehe
13:51 kados dewey: no kados is busy
13:51 dewey OK, kados.
13:51 kados :-)
13:51 kados hdl: what's up?
13:52 hdl hi busy.
13:52 kados hehe
13:52 kados not really today
13:52 hdl I was working on installer (at last.)
13:52 kados ahh, great!
13:52 hdl 1st :
13:52 hdl adding syspref Version.
13:53 kados hdl++
13:53 hdl (But it will be in updatedatabase)
13:53 kados (and in sql defs I hope?)
13:53 hdl And devs should consider upgrading it on each release.
13:54 hdl kados : not yet.
13:54 kados ahh, I see
13:54 hdl But shoudl also.
13:54 paul hello kados & al
13:54 hdl Two questions : Do you want to redirect opac to install page when not web installer is not processed?
13:55 hdl hi paul
13:55 paul kados: if you're not that busy, feel free to give us some news of YUI ?
13:55 hdl paul +++
13:55 kados sure
13:55 paul I should commit a HUGE circualtion commit before leaving.
13:55 kados first I will say, ++ on your email
13:55 kados I just read it
13:55 paul you can answer as well ;-)
13:55 kados I will shortly :-)
13:55 kados regarding YUI ...
13:56 kados ryan and I have spent much time analysing Koha from a usability standpoint
13:56 kados and we have found that most functions can be broken down into several catagories:
13:56 kados upper-level nav (cataloging, circulation, administration, etc.)
13:56 kados (to go to each major module)
13:57 kados 'actions' such as 'create new borrower', 'delete borrower'
13:58 hdl second : what could we do to make installer more version aware that is : A version 3.0 is installed and we have here version 3.1 so lets do 3.0 to 3.1 ...
13:58 kados 'views' such as simple / detail / fines, etc.
13:58 kados hdl++
13:59 kados hdl: yes, that's a great idea
13:59 kados paul: the final type is 'sub-nav' elements that are 'places' within each upper-level nav
14:00 kados what we are doing is breaking down every 'link' or 'button' in Koha and categorizing it into that scheme
14:01 kados and that will make the process of building the interface quite simple
14:01 kados anyway ... I should go to the office now
14:01 hdl (sorry to disturb... great idea but little thoughts about how to realize with the current structure.)
14:01 kados hdl: yui makes it quite simple to realize
14:02 hdl are you planning to commit members soon ?
14:02 kados yes
14:02 kados it has undergone two revisions
14:02 kados the first revision was before we had the 'breakthrough'
14:02 kados of how to best categorize
14:02 kados now that we understand that, I'm almost done with the second revision
14:02 kados (in fact, the same process happened with the search API)
14:03 hdl (I was talking about installer handling updating)
14:03 kados ahh
14:03 kados hehe
14:03 kados sorry
14:03 kados yes, I have an idea
14:03 kados the koha code should store a version string somewhere
14:03 kados as well as store in the db
14:03 kados so that the installer, if it finds a db, can check the version string, and then compare to the one in the code
14:04 kados (perhaps you can give it a path to the code for the upgrade when starting or sth)
14:04 kados hehe
14:04 kados what would be really cool, though probably not very platform independent
14:05 kados would be to allow someone to download the new version on their desktop
14:05 hdl yes.
14:05 kados then, to upgrade, go to installer, and click on 'upload new version' :-)
14:05 kados but it's not platform independent I'm afraid :/
14:05 kados anyway, I should go to the office
14:05 kados I'll bbiab
14:05 hdl ok.
14:11 paul hdl : ton tel stp
15:16 slef hi all
15:17 slef Do you know who is working on the MARC record merger?
15:17 paul marc record merger ???
15:17 paul (hi slef)
15:17 kados that's chris
15:17 kados hi slef
15:17 paul what is marc record merger ?
15:17 kados it allows you to combine two marc records into one
15:17 slef And did you all "enjoy" the "SirsiDynix Rome adopts Evergreen" news story on Sunday?
15:18 kados slef: I missed it
15:18 kados slef: where'd you see it?
15:18 slef 1mo, I'll see if it's still online
15:18 slef talis probably
15:18 slef[…]php/archives/199/
15:19 slef no, it's a academic librarian
15:20 slef Anyone know when chris will be around?
15:20 kados hehe, pretty funny
15:20 kados yea
15:20 kados in about 6 hours
15:20 kados it's about 3am in nz
15:21 slef paul is in Tapie-ville, but other than that ;-)
15:21 kados hehe
15:21 kados yea, it's confusing for us too
15:21 paul Tapie ville ???
15:21 paul you're speaking of Bernard Tapie ?
15:22 slef paul: Marseille, no?
15:22 slef paul: aye
15:22 paul you really know him ?
15:22 paul wow...
15:22 paul kados, do you know who is that man as well ?
15:22 slef I don't know him, but he's famous/notorious
15:22 slef France's answer to Robert Maxwell
15:22 paul what kind of notorious ?
15:22 kados
15:24 paul wikipedia speaks of the white part as well of the dark one. good article &quite neutral
15:24 slef heh, Categories ... Incarcerated celebrities
15:24 slef yeah, looks like one of their better ones
02:53 mason .
08:13 slef hello again... chris: you alive?
11:29 chris hi slef
11:29 chris just got back from a wedding
11:29 chris what can i do for you?

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