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12:14 rch kyle: easy, but not trivial, as it's in the code quite a few times...
12:15 paul kados : OpCat saving to koha fixed : modif seems to work fine now. update your svn
12:16 kados paul: great
12:16 kados paul: I will send you and antoine some info on proper handling of important fields like leaders and fixed fields
12:17 paul ok.
12:17 kados some js work has alredy been done for this in Evergreen
12:17 kados so we can just use that :-)
12:17 paul feel free to send bugs you're seen on koha 3.0 too, I will work on them next week
12:17 kados ok
13:28 hdl kados : around?
13:28 hdl Have you ever written an XML File with Perl ?
13:31 kados hi
13:31 kados never to the filesystem
13:31 kados I have created web services
13:31 kados ie, export as XML to apache
13:32 hdl Have you created them with XML::Simple
13:32 kados yes
13:33 hdl Can you tell me more about how to tell XML::Simple to consider a name as an element with no attributes ?
13:34 kados not without looking at docs :-)
13:34 kados example?
13:34 dewey i think example is 750 #0$aSummer resorts$0(DLC)sh85130430$wna
13:35 hdl I have looked.
13:35 hdl But hard to understand.
13:37 kados sure
13:37 kados give me an example of what you want to do
13:39 hdl[…]28913a47faf332a6/
13:39 hdl I want to write back configuration file
13:40 hdl ( down)
13:42 hdl I want to tell XML::Simple that directory has no attributes but cannot see any option, so that it takes config as attribute and uses its value.
14:07 cm rch or kados, are you in?
14:08 kados hi cm
14:08 cm hi.
14:08 cm i'll have one with pineapple.  :)
14:08 kados hehe
14:09 cm i realized we need to adjust how the due date is calculated relating to holidays.
14:09 kados hdl: to be honest, i really worry about any application that writes out a config file
14:09 kados hdl: it's a big security risk to have anything writable by your webserver
14:09 cm right now, i think it always adds the holiday to the due date.
14:09 kados hmmm
14:10 kados what is your expectation?
14:10 cm it really should only bump it up if the due date would fall on the holiday.
14:10 cm otherwise, it should ignore it.
14:10 kados interesting
14:11 kados hdl: hear that?
14:11 hdl yes.
14:11 kados hdl: did san-op do the holidays management?
14:11 hdl Normally yes.
14:11 cm i think rch wrote the latest bit.
14:11 kados ahh
14:12 cm some of our librarians have been.  :)
14:12 kados hehe
14:13 hdl cm : I think what you told is the expected way to act.
14:13 kados cm: rch says he just merged what's been written into dev_week
14:13 kados cm: so whatever the intended behavior is that's how it's been written
14:14 kados we could easily adapt it
14:14 cm i think we will need to.
14:14 cm i can give you an example.
14:14 cm we count sundays as holidays here.
14:14 hdl kados : I would like to add kohaversion information to configuration file.
14:15 hdl I know this can be a security risk.
14:15 cm i checked out a dvd today with an issuing period of 4 days.
14:15 kados hdl: can't we put it in sysprefs?
14:15 hdl No.
14:15 kados why?
14:15 hdl Web installer is not supposed to look into db on 2 first steps.
14:16 kados hdl: why?
14:16 cm it gave it a due date of wednesday, when it really should have been tuesday.
14:16 kados hdl: it would be smarter if it could ;-)
14:16 kados cm: right
14:16 kados hmmm
14:16 hdl Because I test if there is db connection and all third parties softwares installed.
14:17 kados cm: ok, we'll take care of it
14:17 cm cool.  :)
14:17 kados cm: so basically it just needs to check to make sure that today isn't a holiday?
14:17 kados I mean ...
14:17 kados the due date
14:17 hdl yes.
14:17 kados check to see if the due date is a holiday
14:17 cm yeah.  you beat me to it.  :)
14:17 kados then if it is, increment it by one
14:17 cm exactly
14:17 kados no prob
14:18 cm thanks!
14:18 kados might take a day or two
14:18 hdl Not By One.
14:18 kados we've got a backlog atm
14:18 cm not a problem.
14:18 hdl becaus it can be a holiday too.
14:18 cm so do i.  ;)
14:18 kyle cindy:
14:18 kados hdl: right, so we should check for the next non-holiday
14:19 cm kyle, is that a perl module?
14:20 kyle Sort of, it's a perl module and a small program that uses said perl module.
14:20 cm hmm...i see it's a widget.  i'll have to try it.  thanks.
14:22 rch cm: kyle: opencataloger is looking pretty good as well.
14:22 rch toins++
14:23 kados kyle: have you used it?
14:23 kados kyle: Tk-MARC I mean
14:24 kyle nope, I let cindy handle most marc-related stuff
14:24 kyle except when she needs a script to manipulate bulk marc records
14:25 kyle where can we get opencataloger?
14:25 kados it hasn't been packaged yet
14:25 cm it's on but i can't get to the project's homepage.
14:25 cm nothing there.
14:25 kados and it doesn't handle fixed fields or leaders yet
14:26 cm that's not good.
14:26 kados I'm working with toins to improve it
14:26 kados I think we're ready to dump the current koha marc editor wholesale
14:26 kados for serious marc editing
14:26 cm i was bemoaning to kyle that there isn't a version of MarcEdit for linux yet.
14:26 kados it's just too flakey
14:26 cm yeah.  i've found that out.
14:26 kados opencataloger has a much better framework
14:27 hdl kados : So, A little file in modules will keep kohaversion and tell if koha was installed.
14:27 kados hdl: in modules?
14:27 hdl it is the directory taht is known by both OPAC and intranet.
14:28 hdl If not modules, where ?
14:28 kados in sysprefs ;-)
14:28 kados I know you don't want step 1 and 2 of the installer to check for the db
14:28 kados but I think it should ... and if it doesn't find one, it can continue as normal
14:29 kados otherwise, if it does find one, it can get the kohaversion
14:29 kados and continue by updating
14:29 kados IMO that's the best design choice
14:30 hdl Will do then.
14:30 kados hdl: maybe we could have a vote on koha-devel about this?
14:30 hdl No need for a vote.
14:30 kados hdl++
14:30 hdl Writing a little file nowhere is not a good solution IMO.
14:31 hdl That is why I wanted to write it on an wml file.
14:31 hdl But It seems that writing an xml file with perl is a nitghmare.
14:31 hdl if it is not a VERY simple file.
14:32 kados hehe
14:32 kados yea
14:32 kados XML::Simple is only simple with simple XML :-)
14:32 hdl I donot know if you glanced at the link I put on irc.
14:33 hdl But xml produced is really strange to me.
14:33 hdl And I donot have time to look.
14:33 hdl It is a shame because I think taht xml and xsl would help us in many ways.
14:33 hdl If we could write and parse it correctly.

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