IRC log for #koha, 2007-02-05

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11:02 hdl martinmorris around ?
11:04 tumer hdl:looking for me?
11:04 hdl yes.
11:05 tumer whats up?
11:05 hdl I have some problems with zebra as described on koha-zebra.
11:05 tumer i did not folloe it i am on holiday shoot:
11:05 hdl Did you try to use firstinfield ?
11:05 tumer yes
11:05 hdl Does it work ?
11:05 tumer yes
11:06 hdl would you mind sending me some information about it ?
11:06 hdl or send me a record.abs and a default.idx ?
11:06 tumer ues phrase atrribute together with it
11:06 hdl seems you have to define it in default.idx ?
11:07 tumer default.idx ican record.abs i dont have
11:07 tumer yes
11:07 hdl henridamien at koha-fr dot org
11:07 hdl you don't have any record.abs ???
11:07 tumer i can not send you before monday or late this evening
11:07 hdl how comes ?
11:07 tumer recordabs i do not use
11:07 hdl late this evening is good.
11:08 tumer i use alvis filtering
11:08 hdl Oh.
11:08 hdl Is it more powerful ?
11:08 tumer but its not relevant to this issue
11:08 hdl we definitely need to have a dev week in Cyprus this year :DDD
11:08 tumer i can define my metarecord with it
11:09 tumer all welcome
11:09 hdl Do you use your koha.xsd ?
11:09 tumer yes
11:10 hdl and parse xml record to display them ?
11:10 tumer yes
11:10 tumer well not all the way
11:10 hdl Wow You're the One !
11:11 hdl I definitely need to give head a close look.
11:11 tumer parse record to index, for display its half way done, i need to design good xslt sheets for display and currently away from design issues
11:12 tumer i am cuurently working on iisues of mod_perl and windows
11:12 tumer lots of problems
11:12 hdl Is it still head you are commiting on ? Or is there a special branch for you ?
11:13 hdl are these problems specific to Koha ? Or is this more general problem ?
11:13 tumer i have not been able to commit for some time. I messed the versioning in head. Waiting kados to clean it and i will re commit everything
11:14 tumer mod_perl more general so discussing it with mod_perl people
11:15 hdl Ok Thanks tumer. I will wait your mail.
11:16 hdl Does you SMS solution go OK ?
11:16 tumer very popular nowadays
11:17 tumer everyone is using it for renewals
11:19 hdl Nice shot :
11:19 hdl :D
11:23 tumer hdl:i found a local copy of default.idx whats yor mail?
11:23 hdl henridamien at koha-fr dot org
11:25 tumer hdl:sent
11:25 hdl Thanks
11:25 hdl Were you able te create and use a custom index ?
11:26 tumer hdl:look into in head it uses all these features you are after
11:28 hdl thx.
11:54 martinmorris hello i'm back
12:30 martinmorris anybody able to tell me what "e- Localization of Item" means in the new item screen?
16:14 waylon hiya all.... can someone see whats wrong with rel_2_2/koha/circ/ its locked in 'edit' mode somewhere.. but no ones editing it.
16:15 waylon or.. is it because the permissions were set read only... hrm... nevermind....
16:15 waylon wierd..
16:15 waylon anyway.. hiya all.
19:19 waylon_ any word on the dev meeting yet?

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