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14:13 kyle hello all
14:22 owen Hi kyle
14:25 kyle Hey, I was wondering if anyone around new much about the fines system.
14:25 paul hi kyle.
14:25 kyle Hi owen, paul.
14:25 paul you missed btoumi from 8 minuts : he left at :04 and you arrive at :12 !
14:25 paul i'm afraid he is the only one to be able to help your
14:26 paul s/your/you/
14:27 kyle That's unfortunate. Do you or anyone else around know what 'accountno' under the accountlines and accountoffsets tables is?
14:28 paul nope & think no frenchies are still here
14:28 paul (i leave in a few minuts, it's 6PM here)
14:28 owen It looks like it's just a unique id number for the table
14:28 paul yes owen & i'm not sure it has been added by SANOP in rel_3_0
14:28 paul it was here before iirc
14:29 paul are you talking of fines in 2.2/dev_week or rel_3_0 ?
14:29 kyle I wrote a script that imports our fines from winnebago, and our fines are acting wonky in the system. Cindy noticed that our imported fines are lacking accountno and accounttype fields.
14:29 kyle oh, i'm working in dev_week.
14:29 paul ah, ok, then I can help you at least a little.
14:29 paul I think accountno is a "auto_increment" field that is not auto_increment.
14:30 paul and accounttype contains a letter, for account type.
14:30 paul iirc, there is :
14:30 paul * W = writeoff
14:30 paul * F = Fine
14:30 kyle FU is Fines Unpaid?
14:31 paul you'll have to ask katipo to have a "for sure" answer
14:31 kyle all of ours contain either 'FU', 'W' or 'Pay'
14:31 paul or try to create fine manually ;-)
14:32 paul this part is very very old (as I don't have any library having fines, I don't use them in France)
14:32 paul and the SAN has cleaned it in rel_3_0
14:32 kyle I think I can just put 'FU' in all our imported fines, but the accountno field is one I don't want to screw up.
14:33 kyle I'd like to hold out for 3.0, but we're going to transition to dev_week, then upgrade to 3.0 when it's stable.
14:33 kyle We want to be over to koha by the end of the month if we can.
14:33 kyle We just have a few bumps left to smooth out.
14:34 paul good news for you.
14:34 kyle so, any idea what the 'accountoffsets' table represents?
14:34 kyle What's the good news ; )
14:34 paul nope
14:35 paul the good news => "We just have a few bumps left to smooth out."
14:35 paul i'm afraid it's a kind of frenchism...
14:35 kyle True, but those bumps are causing bumps on my head from me hitting it against a wall ; )
14:35 paul it's a good news from you you give us. not a good news i have for you ;-)
14:36 kyle I get it ; )
14:36 paul i won't be any help for accountoffset...
14:36 kyle I'm not worried, I just need a large pot of coffee.
14:36 kyle Well, I think I have a handle on it, I was just hoping for a bit of confirmation.
14:37 kyle Thanks for your help.
14:37 paul ok, and me, I need some rest : my last son is ill & I had an horrible time last night...
14:37 paul have a good friday & week end.
14:37 paul and see you on monday maybe.
14:38 kyle have a good weekend.

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