IRC log for #koha, 2006-11-27

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16:11 thd kados are you back?
16:28 thd kados: does Yaz support encoding change in the raw MARC record itself or merely for present?
16:29 thd kados: my usage of PHP/Yaz only converts present the way I have been using it.
16:30 thd kados: are you still there?
16:39 kados hmmm
16:39 kados I'm not sure
16:40 thd if it worked better which as I said it does not when the MARC-8 is not preceded by escape codes then it might be useful
16:41 kados perhaps
16:41 kados but we have more complicated problems with MARC::* than just conversion
16:41 thd the fact that the leader is not changed is not important because you can change it yourself
16:42 thd which are the more complicated problems?
16:44 thd is there anything about MARC::* that Ed Summers would not fix quickly if you could reproducibly demonstrate the problem?
16:47 kados I'm not sure
16:47 kados it's taking the time necessary to demonstrate reproducibility
16:47 kados there is a general apathy about the module I've sensed
21:35 thd kados: are you around?
21:51 kados hey thd
21:51 thd hello
21:52 kados hi :-)

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