IRC log for #koha, 2006-11-12

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11:46 btoumi kados are u around?
11:50 btoumi kados: if u are around i have some questions for u !!;=)
11:59 kados btoumi: I'm here
11:59 kados btoumi: what's up?
11:59 btoumi i have a little question for u if u have tile for me
12:00 kados yep
12:00 kados what is the question?
12:00 dewey the question is not only "have a product", but also :
12:00 kados dewey: forget question
12:00 dewey kados: I forgot question
12:00 btoumi just about the nelsonville koha server
12:00 kados sure
12:00 kados you are asking about hardware?
12:00 btoumi first :do is work with 2 server
12:01 btoumi or work only with one?
12:01 kados now only one server
12:01 kados with koha 2.2 we needed multiple servers for load balancing
12:01 kados but koha with zebra is very fast, so no need
12:02 btoumi how do u configure if u have two servers?
12:04 btoumi do u use zebra and mysql in the same server or it's more interesting to separate zebra and mysql?
12:04 kados separate them
12:04 kados or at least on different disks
12:06 btoumi but now what is the configuration of the nelson ville server
12:07 btoumi ?
12:07 kados they have all on one disk one server
12:08 btoumi what is the processor type
12:08 btoumi and how luch ram ?
12:08 kados 4 gig ram
12:08 kados it's a 2GHZ IBM Proc I think
12:10 btoumi big think u for u kados
12:10 kados no prob
13:11 paul bye bye everybody.
13:11 toins bye
13:11 paul The SAN-Ouest Provence training session is done.
13:11 tumer bye
13:12 paul everything worked correctly with rel_3_0
13:12 toins yeah !
13:12 paul many minor problems, and a few more important, but nothing definetly dramatic (in term of complexity to fix)
13:13 toins that's a good news..
13:13 paul next week, 2 hours demo (on tuesday) to ALL employees (100+), and in december, the team that was with me this week will teach koha to everydoby.
13:13 paul quite a good week for me, although very very tiring
13:15 hdl hi tumer
13:15 dewey rumour has it hi tumer is still strugling
13:15 hdl dewey forget tumer
13:15 dewey hdl: I forgot tumer
13:15 tumer hi hdl
13:16 tumer hdl have you seen my mail to indexdata regarding zebra use attr 2?
13:18 hdl yes : didnot realize it was you :)
13:18 tumer can you please confirm that it does the same with you?
13:19 tumer using yaz client
13:20 hdl I am afraid it works well for me.
13:20 tumer so it must be windows box
13:21 hdl
13:21 tumer you are using version 2 zebra?
13:21 hdl yes.
13:21 hdl 2.0.4
13:22 tumer thanks hdl. I will have to look into it more than
14:10 Lea have a good weekend everyone
14:10 toins thanks Lea
18:55 rch anyone out there with some rel_3_0 knowhow?
18:57 rch i have a configuration that works with dev_week / zebra 1.3, but I get the following ZOOM error with rel_3_0 / zebra 2
18:58 rch ZOOM::_oops(ZOOM::Error::CCL_CONFIG, "no 'cclqual' or 'cclfile' specified");
18:58 rch in
18:58 rch I _can_ search via yaz-client, no problem.
19:16 kados rch: can you search yaz-client using ccl?
19:16 kados yaz-client -c /path/to/
19:17 kados then , after invocation:
19:18 kados > querytype ccl2rpn
19:18 kados then you can try some ccl queries
19:18 kados also, what is the query that's failing ?
19:18 kados can you 'warn $query'?

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