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20:00 thd kados: are you present?
20:02 kados thd: yep
20:07 thd kados: the page generation time is a function of network speed.  Why is that?
20:08 kados e?
20:09 thd kados: on my dial-up connection I have circa 54 seconds while less than 1 second locally
20:11 thd locally meaning either another local copy of the same script or a text based browser on the remote system
20:12 thd kados: but should a page generation time not be how long it took the script to generate the code for the page irrespective of the data transmission time?
20:13 thd kados: the value is generated from a simple difference taken in Unix epoch seconds between the start and end of the script
20:14 chris the script doesnt stop until its delivered its content
20:14 chris think of it this way
20:14 chris does a script that prints to a file run faster than one that prints to a console
20:15 chris the answer is usually yes
20:16 chris its the way i/o works, you cant push out output faster than the device receiving can handle
20:17 thd chris: so any script that generates a web page waits constantly for a data receipt acknowledgement?
20:17 chris the script itself doesnt, apache does
20:18 chris which in turn tells the script
20:18 thd chris: so Apache is executing the code for the application language?
20:18 chris its just like writing to a disk
20:18 chris the i/o handler has to tell the program give me more datat
20:18 chris -t
20:19 thd chris: I can see the similarity to writing to file but it was counter intuitive
20:19 chris how?
20:20 thd chris: I had simple expected the time it took to generate a page was a function of the time it took to execute the code for the page on the local system independent of where the data was being sent
20:20 chris its just the same as running a file that writes to a file locally
20:21 chris vs the same script that writes to a file over a network
20:21 chris thd: that depends entirely on how you write your script and wear you do the timing
20:22 chris ie, if you generate all the data, then stop the timer, then print it
20:22 chris it should be the same irrespective of where you are printing it to
20:22 chris if you time the print .. then thats dependent entirely on where its printing to
20:22 chris make sense?
20:22 chris wear=where of course :)
20:23 thd chris:ok, that makes sense
20:24 thd chris: yet writing out data as it is generated is perhaps the most common behaviour for web applications
20:25 chris yep
20:26 thd chris: however, if my connection is slow then I could have a timeout because I exceeded the maximum script wait time at some point
20:26 chris yep, but that would probably happen either way
20:26 chris whether its all generated then printed, or printed as generated
20:27 thd chris:you mean Apache would time me out if I was receiving to slowly?
20:27 chris eventually yes
20:27 chris actually ur browser probably would
20:27 chris before apache did
20:28 chris but apache does clean up unfinished scripts
20:28 chris otherwise you end up with a dead apache pretty fast
20:32 chris ok, i have to go do some grocery shopping, back in a bit
20:37 thd kados: are you still there?
00:23 thd chris: have you fetched your groceries?
00:24 thd chris: I have another related question

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