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11:00 thd s/page/results page/
11:02 owen The onload method simply detects when the page is loaded. It doesn't have anything to do with the backend language. All it knows is that the data coming in has finished.
11:03 owen Since HTML pages don't really "stream," the DOM can tell when the HTML file is complete, I think.
11:04 thd owen: so what does the function called by onLoad need to do to hide the waiting message?
11:05 owen Here's how I did it with the addbiblio template: I added a document.write() to the top of the page creating a DIV that overlays the page with the waiting message. Then I have the onload function change the display properties of that DIV to 'hidden' when the page has loaded.
11:05 owen It's not ideal, but it was an improvement.
11:06 thd owen: you have an ideal solution as well?
11:06 owen :)
11:07 owen A better solution would overlay the whole page and prevent the user from clicking anything until the page was loaded.
11:07 owen I'm not sure how to accomplish that...I've never investigated it.
11:12 thd owen: I imagined that document.write would need to rewrite the page completely.  I assume now that document.write only searches the DOM to replace only the div element to hide it.  Is that correct?
11:13 owen No, document.write doesn't rewrite the whole page. It simply adds what you tell it to wherever you place the <script>document.write()</script>
11:13 owen Again, not ideal, because inline javascript isn't very pretty.
11:14 owen However, all of the progressive enhancement techniques I'm familiar with rely on onload functions, so that wouldn't work in this case.
11:16 thd own: yse, unless javaScript can search Z39.50 and OAI servers and parse MARC records for this case.
11:20 thd s/own/owen/
11:20 thd s/yse/yes/
11:20 thd thank you owen
11:20 owen No, and I would never suggest that it could.
11:21 thd kados are you back from breakfast?
12:36 kados thd: you there?
12:36 kados thd: sorry, I got held up
12:37 kados thd: configuring a svn server for our new repository
17:19 thd kados: I am back now. Have You been released?
04:04 osmoze hi
05:53 lloyd_p01 ahh right... i was speaking to some guy last week from liblime, cant remember your nick so if you remember me please pm me :)
05:57 Lea hi. Is anyone awake? :)#
06:02 lloyd_p01 Hey :)
06:05 Lea hi!
06:05 Lea ok. I want you to sell me the benefits of using Koha over this rubbish IIS/W2K3 system that I'm being told to buy :)
06:06 lloyd_p01 hehe... i'm here as a customer too, for the NHS =)
06:06 Lea in the uk?
06:06 lloyd_p01 yes
06:06 Lea lol - I'm network manager at a college in Wales ;)
06:06 lloyd_p01 ahh I'm network manager for west suffolk hospital, in suffolk :p
06:07 lloyd_p01 we're planning on using Koha to replace the library management systems for 28 librarys in the east of england..
06:07 Lea we've got that "eclipse" system running here. 3 copies on 3 separate campuses. They want to integrate it all and put it online. Thing is, they use barcode scanners. You know if it handles that?
06:08 lloyd_p01 yeah it does
06:08 Lea 28! o_O
06:08 lloyd_p01 yeah.. its going to be huge :)
06:08 Lea you know if itll use ldap as a backend?
06:08 lloyd_p01 you mean instead of using mysql?
06:09 Lea i'm talking just user auth
06:09 lloyd_p01 koha will use ldap for authentication, but not for the database
06:09 Lea we have a central directory
06:09 Lea oh ok, perfect :)
06:09 Lea so will you be using linux servers?
06:09 lloyd_p01 yup, you have to :)
06:09 lloyd_p01 which is handy for me, as i'm a linux admin :)
06:10 Lea ok, would you be willing to swap work email ads as it looks like we'll be doing exactly the same setups (almost!) and in the same timezone :)
06:10 lloyd_p01 yeah no problem.. pm :)
06:27 hdl hi
06:28 Lea hi hdl
06:29 Lea hdl: do you know if there's a pdf/html page somewhere that simple lists koha's features? I want to pass it on to my boss/librarians.
06:30 hdl Did you try ? or ?
06:30 Lea of course :)
06:30 Lea[…]atures/index.html
06:30 Lea that's the only summary i can find
06:31 Lea I was looking for something like a sales brochure i guess ;)
06:31 lloyd_p01 hehehe
06:31 lloyd_p01 good luck with that :D
06:32 hdl we are not so good at saling :D
06:33 hdl But you can ask kados for some.
06:33 hdl He has pretty Good ones.
06:33 lloyd_p01 hdl - you dont happen to know which one of the people in here is from liblime do you? I was talking to him last week and i cant remember his nick :/
06:33 hdl The problem is that he is in USA and not got up yet.
06:33 Lea hehe
06:33 Lea I found this one:
06:33 hdl kados is from liblime.
06:34 lloyd_p01 haha.. i was just about to paste that :p
06:34 lloyd_p01 cheers hdl :)
06:34 hdl Lea : There you are.
06:34 hdl Is it ok for you ?
06:36 hdl An other thing would be
06:36 hdl for OPAC demo
06:37 hdl for intranet...
06:38 hdl In parameters, you can configure and adapt MANY things to your needs.
06:39 hdl lloyd_p01: maybe owen too.
06:39 lloyd_p01 hdl - dont give up the day job :p
06:39 hdl Or you can ask mj ray (he is in uk)
06:41 lloyd_p01 mmm what happened to that library with the windows live looking opac.. was in the topic last week
06:41 hdl mjr at phonecoop dot coop
10:44 Lea does anyone know where the page is that is shown on the koha v.2.2 section on the homepage?
10:45 Lea the one that says "Manage your library"
10:50 owen Where do you see that, Lea?
10:50 owen on

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