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08:30 paul kados around ?
08:43 kados paul: yep
08:43 paul hello kados
08:43 kados hi :-)
08:44 paul do you have a minut for a quick question ?
08:44 kados yep
08:44 paul I have indexed a large (50 000 biblios) with zebra
08:44 paul (& a new rebuild_zebra script i'll commit soon)
08:44 paul but...
08:44 kados update_items already rebuilds the zebra index
08:45 kados if you pass it the -all parameter
08:45 paul when I search I get results only if I enter something that is in the title.
08:45 paul sample :
08:45 paul keyword chaos => returns 10 biblios
08:45 paul author chaos => returns the same 10 biblios
08:46 paul keyword : <an author> => returns nothing
08:46 paul author <an author> => nothing
08:46 kados there are so many possible reasons for that :-)
08:46 paul stemming=0, field_weightiing=0 too
08:46 kados it could be the zebra conf files
08:46 paul yes, but I have a more precise question
08:46 kados ok
08:47 paul I uncommented buildQuery last lines :
08:47 paul    warn "QUERY:".$koha_query;
08:47 paul    warn "SEARCHDESC:".$human_search_desc;
08:47 paul    warn "FEDERATED QUERY:".$federated_query;
08:47 kados it would be useful to see what the query is
08:47 paul and get :
08:47 paul [Mon Oct 23 14:40:25 2006] [error] [client] QUERY:chaos at /home/paul/ line 3118., referer: http://i18.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]talogue/
08:47 paul [Mon Oct 23 14:40:25 2006] [error] [client] SEARCHDESC:au: chaos at /home/paul/ line 3119., referer: http://i18.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]talogue/
08:47 paul [Mon Oct 23 14:40:25 2006] [error] [client] FEDERATED QUERY:au= chaos at /home/paul/ line 3120., referer: http://i18.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]talogue/
08:47 paul [Mon Oct 23 14:40:25 2006] [error] [client] QUERYING : chaos at /home/paul/ line 2776., referer: http://i18.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]talogue/
08:47 paul QUERY:chaos seems wrong to me.
08:47 kados why?
08:48 kados it will use the default
08:48 paul should be related to author somewhere no ?
08:48 kados ahh, yes
08:48 paul (because is was "author : chaos"
08:48 kados right
08:48 paul what should I see here ?
08:48 kados on dev_week with MARC21
08:48 kados au:chaos
08:49 paul same as SEARCHDESC so ?
08:49 kados (but do you have an author with 'chaos'?
08:49 kados yes
08:49 owen Hi everybody
08:49 kados hi owen
08:49 paul nope. but I get answers anyway.
08:49 kados it should be au:chaos
08:52 kados paul: are you sure toins has not modified buildQuery?
08:52 paul unless he made something wrong no.
08:53 paul (could stemming=0 & field_weight=0 change sometihng ?)
08:53 kados I do see one possible problem
08:54 kados see this clause:
08:54 kados else {
08:54 kados                    $query.=" $operand";
08:54 kados                    if (!$index) {
08:54 kados around like 3265
08:54 kados line even
08:55 kados maybe $query.=" $operand"; should be:
08:55 kados $query.="$index: $operand";
08:55 kados but I'm not 100% sure, I'd have to test it
08:55 paul i'll test & let you know
08:56 kados (in fact, if it works, it should be modified slightly to test for the existance of $index first
08:56 kados $query.=" $index: $operand"; would be safer (adds a space)
09:05 paul kadose : about my script that rebuild zebra : it does many things :
09:05 paul s/kadose/kados/
09:05 paul it :
09:05 paul - create the directory structure
09:05 paul - copies the needed files from zebraplugin into the directory structure
09:06 paul - creates the zebra-biblios.cfg with the dir structure too
09:06 paul - dump the records
09:06 paul - zebraidx
09:06 paul so, once you have a koha.xml defined, just run it, it does what is needed where it is needed
09:06 paul (& takes care of record.abs depending on your marc flavour)
09:07 kados cool
09:07 kados so you only run it once, on installation?
09:08 kados or is it meant to be run every time you re-index?
09:09 paul you can do whatever you want, it creates what is needed.
09:10 paul there is even a parameter not to dump your file & preserve your export, when you want to test things
09:47 paul kados : something is wrong with my setup : i can't do any search on something except title/subtitle : "find caroll" in yaz-client don't work, while "find chaos" works fine.
09:48 paul this is not koha related, this is probably record.abs
09:50 kados yep, sounds like it
09:50 kados there are several places to check:
09:50 paul in yaz-client find "ti=chaos" should return records with title=chaos, right ?
09:51 kados record.abs, bib1.att,
09:51 dewey record.abs, bib1.att, are the most important files
09:51 paul (because it don't work either. only "find chaos" returns something)
09:51 kados paul: ti=chaos will work if you specified you're using ccl
09:51 paul yep : yaz-client -c /home/zebradbs/rel_3_0/biblios/etc/ @:9900/biblios   is enough right ?
09:51 kados yep
09:52 paul contains : ti   u=4    s=pw
09:52 kados (and by the way, I've been starting zebra on a unix socket these days, much faster even)
09:52 paul bib1.att : att 4               Title
09:52 kados ok, and record.abs for Title?
09:52 paul melm 200$atitle:w,title:p,title:s
09:52 paul melm 200$ctitle:w,title:p,title:s
09:52 paul melm 200$dtitle:w,title:p,title:s
09:52 paul # subtitle
09:53 paul melm 200$etitle:w,title:p,title:s
09:53 paul # authorities title
09:53 paul melm 500title
09:53 paul melm 501title
09:53 paul melm 503title
09:53 paul melm 510title
09:53 paul melm 512title
09:53 paul melm 513title
09:53 paul melm 514title
09:53 paul melm 515title
09:53 paul melm 516title
09:53 paul melm 517title
09:53 paul melm 518title
09:53 paul melm 519title
09:53 paul melm 520title
09:54 paul melm 530title
09:54 paul melm 531title
09:54 paul melm 532title
09:54 paul melm 540title
09:54 paul melm 541title
09:54 paul melm 545title
09:54 kados looks fine
09:54 paul oups. not kicked...
09:54 kados hehe
09:54 paul and for authors :
09:54 paul record.abs : melm 200$fauthor,author:p,author:s
09:54 paul : au   u=1003    s=pw
09:54 paul bib1.att : att 1003            Author
09:54 paul that's my feeling...
09:54 paul hehe what ?
09:54 kados one thing
09:54 kados author vs Author
09:54 kados not sure it matters
09:55 paul your record.abs (the marc21 one on CVS) is case-variant.
09:55 paul so I thought it did not matter
09:55 kados ok, then it doesn't :-)
09:55 kados hmmm
09:55 paul maybe i'm using a file i'm not looking at...
09:56 kados can you confirm that zebra is indexing using the right config files?
09:56 kados check zebra-biblios.cfg tab file
09:56 paul profilePath:${srcdir:-.}:/home/zebra​dbs/rel_3_0/biblios/tab/:/usr/local/​share/idzebra/tab/:${srcdir:-.}/tab/
09:57 kados I would limit it to just the one dir
09:57 kados I ahve:
09:57 kados profilePath:/koha/zebradb/biblios/tab/
10:03 paul kados : things are a little better :
10:03 paul find <title> works
10:03 paul find <author> works
10:03 paul but find "ti=<title>" does not work
10:05 kados do you have a line in
10:05 kados ti title
10:05 kados (ie, an alias )
10:05 paul nop, just ti   u=4    s=pw
10:06 kados ahh
10:06 kados that'll work too
10:07 paul mmm... my is really different from the dev_week one (beeping toins)
10:10 paul something seems wrong with CVS ...
10:11 kados what's happening?
10:12 paul my from dev_week is 1020 lines long, & toins one is less than 100.
10:12 paul both are said "uptodate"
10:13 kados paul: in the same repo?
10:13 kados cm: did I ever respond to your email last week?
10:14 cm hi kados.  no, you didn't.  :)
10:14 paul hello cm
10:14 kados ahh yes ... here it is :-)
10:14 kados cm: I didn't know you were using bulkmarcimport from dev_week
10:14 cm hi paul!
10:14 kados cm: I will fix it immediately
10:14 cm yeah, i think that's what I used the last time i did a full import.
10:15 cm thanks!
10:15 cm lemme know when you're done.
10:15 kados cm: (I thought you were going through rel_2_2's bulkmarcimport ... has that changed?)
10:16 cm i think the first time i installed dev_week I used it, but I redid it a few weeks ago and I think I forgot and used the one in dev_week.
10:17 cm I tried it with rel_2_2, which worked, but nothing was imported into biblioitems.marc.  Is that data needed, or will it be?
10:17 kados well, since you were going by way of rel_2_2 before
10:18 kados the way to populate biblioitems.marc is with import_to_biblioitems script
10:18 cm is that in 2_2 or dev_week?
10:18 kados lemme check
10:19 kados oops gave you the wrong name
10:19 cm for what?
10:19 kados zebraplugin/utils/
10:19 kados that's what you need to update a rel_2_2 system to dev_week
10:19 kados ie, move from the marc-* tables to biblioitems.marc
10:20 cm ah.  okay.
10:20 kados cm: committed bulkmarcimport
10:20 cm but I don't have marc-*tables anymore (except the structure ones)
10:20 cm i think.
10:20 cm cool.  I'll try it out.  :D
10:22 kados cm: so is your plan to only use dev_week from the get-go now?
10:22 kados cm: for importing I mean
10:22 cm very likely.  as long as it works.  :)
10:23 cm i'm turning off zebra, though and uploading into zebra after import.
10:23 cm otherwise it takes too long.
10:25 kados yep, makes sense
10:26 cm i'm very glad!
10:26 kados I've got a new version of update_items that will rebuild the zebra index automagically
10:26 kados I'll commit it now
10:26 cm interesting.
10:26 kados oh, and cm, you should upgrade to the latest zebra version in the 1.3 series
10:26 kados released this morning
10:27 cm good to know.  i'll do that too.
10:27 kados it has a bugfix for a nasty multiple simultaneous updates over extended services
10:27 kados bug
10:27 kados :-)
10:27 kados discovered by yours truly :-)
10:30 cm congrats.  bugfixes are good!
10:30 kados misc/
10:31 kados will probably need some customization
10:31 kados but i run that with the -today flag for NPL in cron every evening
10:31 kados and if I need to rebuild the index with the -all flag
10:32 kados let me know if the docs aren't clear in that file
10:32 cm okay.  thanks.
10:40 cm uh oh.  I got two errors:
10:40 kados bulkmarcimport errors?
10:40 cm DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown column 'ccode' in 'field list' at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 1957.  problem with Zebra at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 490.
10:40 kados right
10:40 cm yeah.  :/
10:40 kados that's an easy fix
10:40 cm the other was:
10:41 cm ZOOM error 10000 "Connect failed" (addinfo: "tcp:@:9900") from diag-set 'ZOOM'root@koha:/usr/local/koha_cvs/dev_week/koha​-new-upload/koha/misc/migration_tools
10:41 kados hmmm
10:41 cm but I think that can probably be ignored.  i remember seeing something like that before
10:41 kados that doesn't look good
10:41 kados but if you're not using zebra it shouldn't matter
10:41 kados ok ... so lemme check the wiki
10:42 kados I'll add the sql you need
10:43 cm good.  thanks.
10:44 kados cm: can you check your biblioframework.sql file?
10:44 kados make sure it has: alter table kohanew.biblioitems add ccode varchar(4);
10:45 cm ok.  let me look.
10:46 paul kados : is there a reason to have, in koha.xml :
10:47 paul                <ccl2rpn>/home/zebradbs/rel_3_0/bi​blios/etc/</ccl2rpn> in <serverinfo id="biblioserver"> section
10:47 kados yes
10:47 paul while                 <cql2rpn>/home/zebradbs/rel_3_0/bi​blios/etc/</cql2rpn> is in <server id="...">
10:47 kados because zebra complains if there are unrecognized elements in <server element
10:47 kados so we need one for zebra, and one for extra stuff
10:48 kados (it's not ideal, I agree)
10:48 paul zebra undestand cql2rpn but NOT ccl2rpn ?
10:48 paul strange
10:48 kados right
10:48 kados maybe there is a way to tell it about ccl2rpn, but I don't know it
10:48 cm do you mean utils/biblio_framework.sql?  that doesn't have it.  the latest cvs I just downloaded doesn't have it in there either.
10:48 kados cm: ok, I'll update it
10:48 paul another question :
10:49 paul yaz-client -c /home/zebradbs/rel_3_0/biblios/etc/ @:9900/biblios        
10:49 cm zehr gut.  :)
10:49 paul querytype ccl
10:49 paul find "ti=dogmatique"
10:49 paul gives me a :
10:49 paul    [107] Query type not supported -- v2 addinfo 'type-2'
10:49 paul which let me think he does not support ccl
10:49 kados nope
10:50 kados that means that attribute type 2 isn't supported
10:50 kados it should be specified in your record.abs
10:50 kados paul: just a sec ... lemme commit this file
10:51 paul no prob
10:52 kados cm: ok, update and profit ;-)
10:52 kados paul: so lets trace what zebra is doing here
10:52 kados paul: first, you say 'ti=dogmatique'
10:52 kados and I assume you're using a ccl specification, right?
10:52 kados so check
10:53 kados for the ti line and tell me what it is
10:53 paul ti   u=4
10:53 paul title ti
10:53 paul (i don't have reindexed after adding title ti alias, but i don't think it matters)
10:53 kados you changed it!
10:53 kados before you had ti u=4 s=something
10:54 kados right?
10:54 paul right.
10:54 paul I tried both, without any difference
10:54 paul ti   u=4    s=pw
10:54 kados ahh, I missread your error
10:55 kados you must start yaz liek this;
10:55 kados yaz-client -c /path/to/
10:55 paul yes :
10:55 paul [16:49] <paul> yaz-client -c /home/zebradbs/rel_3_0/biblios/etc/ @:9900/biblios        
10:56 kados try this:
10:56 kados yaz-client -c /home/zebradbs/rel_3_0/biblios/etc/
10:56 kados > open localhost:9900/biblios
10:56 cm kados: thanks! I let you know how it works shortly.
10:56 kados > f ti=something
10:57 paul Z> open localhost:9900/biblios
10:57 paul Connecting...OK.
10:57 paul Sent initrequest.
10:57 paul Connection accepted by v3 target.
10:57 paul ID     : 81
10:57 paul Name   : Zebra Information Server/GFS/YAZ
10:57 paul Version: Zebra 1.3.32/1.66/2.1.12
10:57 paul Options: search present delSet triggerResourceCtrl scan sort extendedServices namedResultSets
10:57 paul Elapsed: 0.002776
10:57 paul Z> f ti=dogmatique
10:57 paul Sent searchRequest.
10:57 paul Received SearchResponse.
10:57 paul Search was a success.
10:57 paul Number of hits: 0, setno 1
10:57 paul SearchResult-1: term=ti dogmatique cnt=0
10:57 paul records returned: 0
10:57 paul Elapsed: 0.006193
10:57 paul (note that I have zebra 1.3, not 2.0)
10:58 kados I have the same prob
10:58 kados just a sec
10:59 kados maybe we need to say:
10:59 kados querytype ccl
10:59 kados or better
10:59 kados querytype ccl2rpn
10:59 kados yep, that works

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