IRC log for #koha, 2006-10-22

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11:20 hdl kados around ?
11:34 kados hdl: am now
11:34 kados hdl: what's up?
11:36 paul hello kados.
11:46 kados hi paul
11:47 hdl hi kados
11:51 hdl For instance, if we ask for Title, Phrase (UNIMARC 200$a) Lord Of the Ring and Title (assuming Volume is indexed by Title, in UNIMARC200$v) 2 ,
11:51 hdl Will we get The two towers ?
11:53 hdl would it be useful to get a Part-Title Identifier in record.abs ยง?
11:54 kados not sure I understand
11:54 hdl Say we have
11:54 hdl in the catalogue :
11:55 hdl 200$aThe Lord Of The Ring$v2$eThe Two Towers
11:55 hdl If we query : Title, Phrase (UNIMARC 200$a) Lord Of the Ring and Title (assuming Volume is indexed by Title, in UNIMARC200$v) 2 ,
11:56 hdl wil we get that biblio ?
11:56 kados yep
11:57 kados as long as you're not doing a cross-subfield phrase search like "Lord of the ring 2"
11:58 hdl I tried to setup a wiki page on which we can input all the identifier we use in search and describe them and tell which record it is related to.
11:58 hdl Maybe it is not usefull.
11:59 hdl But I think it is, since we could then tell other Koha devs which query you can setup to query for this or that piece of information.
12:00 hdl Without being too MARC-dependent.
12:01 kados but ... that's already done I think
12:01 kados has extensive documentation
12:02 kados it shouldn't be MARC dependent
12:23 hdl But your advsearch is VERY MARC-dependent
12:24 kados nope, only record.abs is
12:34 hdl Are you telling me that all the limit subtype you give are not MARC-dependant ?
12:35 hdl Braille and DVD record and so on ?
12:57 toins bye all
13:10 kados the distinctions aren't MARC-dependent .. where they are made (record.abs) is
13:24 hdl kados : but codes such as : mc-rtype:i or mc:t are MARC-dependent are they not ?
13:30 kados nope
13:30 kados ahh ... yes, those are
13:30 kados but they should be translated
13:31 kados I haven't gotten around to it yet
13:32 kados instead of mc-rtype:i, the user-facing query should be something like 'type:children's books' or something
13:32 kados then the back-end translates it into cm-rtype:i in USMARC, and whatever in UNIMARC

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