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11:00 alaurin No such record type: grs.marcxml.record
11:14 cm kados: our straight-out-of-winnebago records are here:
11:16 kados cm: I'll have a look
11:17 cm ok.  thanks.
11:29 kados hdl_away: you here?
11:29 kados hdl_away: i see a recent commit to rel_2_2: BUG Fixing adding multiple fields now works.
11:29 kados hdl_away: that sounds pretty serious ... do we need to release a
11:29 kados hdl_away: with the patch?
11:30 toins kados, the 2.2.6 isn't release yet... (paul doesn't announce it)
11:31 toins i work to correct some bugs atm
11:32 toins kados, i think we should remove the current koha-2.2.6.tar.gz file on savannah...
11:33 toins the newer is coming soon
11:38 kados toins: ok ... i will do that
11:38 kados toins: we also need to give owen time to catch the NPL templates up
11:39 toins kados, ok
11:39 kados cm: ok ... both batches of records look about the same ... save some of your cleanusp
11:39 kados cleanups even
11:39 kados cm: they are very minimal records though ... I'm assuming that's the fault of the previous ILS
11:42 cm yeah, a lot of them are very minimal.  especially the rotating collection of books on cassette or cd.
11:43 cm I'm going to compare the old framework to the new and see if anything else is missing.  thanks for the heads-up.
11:43 alaurin kados have u already see this message for zebra
11:44 alaurin no such type record type grs.marcxml.record
11:45 kados alaurin: I have seen it before
11:45 kados alaurin: but I don't know what you're doing to cause it
11:46 alaurin i'm trying to indexing datas from an iso file
11:47 alaurin with this syntax
11:47 alaurin zebraidx -g iso2709 -c /var/www/html/project_koha/koha/z​ebraplugin/etc/zebra-biblios.cfg -d biblios update bibliosbt.iso
11:47 kados bibliosbt.iso should have a file extionsion of iso2709
11:48 kados ie, bibliosbt.iso2709
11:48 kados is your zebra-biblios.cfg from CVS?
11:53 kados toins: I can't figure out how to delete files from savannah cvs ;-)
11:53 kados toins: so I give up ;-)
11:54 toins kados, ok... i think paul has ever tried and hasn't any success too ;-)
11:55 alaurin kados, after update, we need the path zebra-biblios.cfg ???
11:56 toins kados, i think paul will plann to release a koha-2.2.6b.tar.gz
11:56 kados toins: ok ... but IMO we should tell savannah admins to delete 2.2.6 and allow us to upload a new one
11:56 toins kados, i agrre
11:56 toins agree
09:01 owen kados, you around yet?
09:04 kados owen: yep
09:04 owen It only took me three minutes to forget what I was going to ask you :)
09:04 kados hehe
09:05 owen Oh yeah: I saw you chatting yesterday with... cm?
09:05 kados yea?
09:05 kados what'd I say? :-)
09:06 owen Actually, I need to let cm know that the book bag is broken
09:06 kados I've got the katipo team working on it
09:07 kados so it should be fixed soon
09:07 owen Cool. There's not a bug for it is there?
09:07 kados not in :-)
09:08 owen Did you see that our intranet facets aren't working?
09:08 kados yea ... easy fix
09:08 kados just replace q= with limit=
09:08 kados compare with the opac to see what I mean
09:11 toins kados & owen i think koha 2.2.6 is ready to release in our side.
09:11 kados toins: I saw a commit regarding addbiblio.tmpl ... something related to repeating fields ...
09:11 kados toins: does that affect just default templates?
09:13 owen Okay kados, I think the facets are working again
09:13 kados sweet
09:15 hdl kados: Do you want your users to add a field more than once at a time ?
09:16 hdl If so, then you can report this modification to npl templates.
09:16 kados ?
09:16 hdl If you think it can wait next release, then no.
09:17 hdl kados : When clicking on + to repeat a field.
09:17 hdl it used to add it just once.
09:17 kados now?
09:17 dewey somebody said now was a good time
09:17 hdl But some ppl told us it was quite boring.
09:18 hdl Now, in default template, when clicking +, they can enter the number of times thay want the field to be repeated.
09:18 paul hello kados
09:18 kados hdl: ahh, ok, I understand now
09:19 kados hi paul
09:19 kados hdl: did you change the code as well to acomplish this?
09:19 kados hdl: or just the template?
09:19 kados because addbiblio is historically very sensitive to _any_ modifications, and before we release 2.2.6 we should do careful tests to make sure it's possible to create valid MARC records
09:20 hdl I changed AND addbiblio.tmpl
09:21 hdl But nothing really dangerous.
09:21 hdl You can try.
09:23 kados ok, I'll check it out this weekend
09:24 paul kados : the main change is a variable called "repeatcnt", that is set by the user and submitted in the <form>
09:24 paul and there is a loop to creat $repeatcnt times the field.
09:25 paul kados : + toins reported you requested to have few days before officially releasing 2.2.6, so i'll wait for next week, no prob.
09:26 kados thanks
09:26 paul the question being : should we release it in savannah, because the donwload page is really less than basic, and it's very hard to see what to download.
09:26 kados good question
09:26 paul i already had some questions about "I try to install 2.3.0, and ..."
09:26 kados right
09:26 paul the guy missed the fact that it's unstable !
09:26 kados we need to be able to delete files from savannah
09:26 kados maybe you can ask savannah admins if it's possible?
09:27 paul do you know if we can at least overwrite them ?
09:27 kados I don't know
09:27 kados i tried to find docs yesterday but no luck
09:31 kados ha!
09:32 kados back again, eh? :-)
09:32 kados wasn't me, I swear
09:36 hdl owen : rel_2_4 ?
09:37 owen hdl: it's a stupid little bug in dev_week that I can't seem to squash

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