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15:30 thd kados: are you about?
04:20 alex hey anyone able to give me assistance with CVS?
04:21 alex I did a checkout -r rel_2_2 koha which I think is right?
04:22 alex but the files in there are layed out completely different to a 2.2.5 tarball
04:23 chris yep they certainly are
04:24 chris there is a script called buildrelease that builds the tarball structure
04:24 alex do I need to do that to install from, or can I work from the CVS layout
04:26 chris what are you wanting to do?
04:27 alex Just looking at the first part of the install script, it is trying to work out the domainname/hostname
04:27 alex trying to package it
04:27 chris hmm, there is a 2.2.6 tarball on savannah
04:27 alex so probably during the packing the install script will run
04:27 alex really? when did that come out?
04:27 chris or you could make one .. the expects the structure
04:28 alex is it an rc?
04:28 alex ok
04:28 chris not sure, paul is the release manager for 2.2.6
04:28 chris he may have just not done an announcement
04:29 alex it wasn't announced from my browse of the website
04:29 chris nope, he would have down a mail to the list, but i see the topic of #koha
04:29 alex also the wiki seems somewhat outdated, had trouble finding pointers to savanah CVS
04:30 alex yes saw that
04:30 alex not sure how to see the channel topic again, no irc wizz
04:31 chris type /topic
04:32 chris ahh that will be why no announcement, musta been a bug in 2.2.6
04:33 alex thanks, found the topic
04:35 alex I'll probably run buildrelease from my checkout and go from there
04:37 alex mjray offered to give me an overview of the install script, so I'll mail (him?) and arrange a time
04:38 alex basically I need to know the extent of system specific stuff the install script does
04:38 alex eg. embedding hostname or other system specific stuff in scripts
04:41 chris right
04:42 alex my assumption would be that configuration/customisation that the install script does would be restricted mainly to /etc
04:42 alex not affecting random perl files
04:49 chris yep it pretty much is
04:49 alex cool
04:49 chris it makes a /etc/koha.conf and koha-httpd.conf
04:49 chris all the rest is done in the database
04:50 alex does install set up the database?
04:50 chris yep
04:50 chris it does everything
04:50 chris  that is
04:50 alex does it generate an SQL for the admin to load?
04:50 chris nope
04:50 chris does it all
04:51 chris makes the db, loads the sql etc
04:51 alex IIRC there was a file i neded to change with an SQL template, used ty perhaps?
04:51 alex i had to chagnge it to quote return
04:51 chris updatedatabase it uses, and a sql file
04:52 chris but mj was reworking it, so i dont know what his plan was
04:52 alex ok
04:53 alex I'll have to split that part of the install out of
04:53 alex or do my own install routine
04:53 chris i think thats what he was doing
04:53 chris so id check with him
04:54 alex ok
06:12 alex /quit

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