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02:21 toins hello #koha
03:06 qiq1 hi
03:10 qiq0 hello everybody, anyone awake?
03:12 toins anyone know if there is a 'u' in 'cataloguing'
03:12 toins cataloging or cataloguing ?
03:16 chris yes toins, in nz, australia, and english englis there is
03:16 chris in american english there isn't
03:16 chris americans leave u's out of lots of words, and they often put z instead of s
03:16 paul hello chris.
03:17 chris hello paul
03:17 toins chris, ok thanks you !!
03:17 chris so it depends if you are writing english english, or american english
03:17 chris humour , humor .. colour, color etc
03:22 chris Noah Webster (who wrote the websters dictionary) tried to simplify english in the 1800's
03:22 qiq0 glamour
03:22 qiq0 oops.. hehe
03:22 qiq0 hey whats up guys
03:23 chris yep other differences are things like in the english we speak we spell traveller like that
03:23 chris in american english its traveler
03:23 qiq0 guys i want to know if how am i going to make a koha installation have multiple logins
03:23 chris centre <- me center <- joshua
03:23 chris :)
03:23 qiq0 i set up an installation to become a software for one of our cataloguing class..
03:23 chris qiqo: just make a borrower for each loging person
03:24 chris and then set a username and password for them (on the moremember page) and set their user flags
03:24 qiq0 errm ok,, but i what i mean is that every student must have access to one installation at the same time
03:24 qiq0 ahh ok..
03:24 chris yeah that works fine
03:25 qiq0 cool
03:28 qiq0 ermm..
03:30 qiq0 so im gonna add a borrower so they could access the intranet is that it?
03:33 qiq0 ok got it
03:34 chris yep
03:35 qiq0 so basically what flag will i give to a student who i limit only for the cataloguing module
03:37 chris cataloguing i think
03:38 hdl qiq0: For a student, no flags should be ok.
03:38 qiq0 errm.. nope..
03:38 qiq0 no flags???
03:38 qiq0 students = library science students???
03:38 qiq0 they are going to input marc records using koha...
03:38 chris you want them to be able to edit the catalogue?
03:38 hdl Since then, they have borrowers access.
03:38 qiq0 yup
03:38 chris right you want catalogue
03:38 chris editcatalogue
03:38 qiq0 ahh ok so its editcatalogue.. thanks
03:39 hdl Oh... Sorry So wel then EditCatalogue.
03:39 chris hi hdl :)
03:40 qiq0 aryt got it working.. :) cool
03:43 hdl hi chris.
03:45 qiq0 ok.. so using koha by students simultaneously, will koha disconnect because it senses different IPs?
03:45 chris no
03:45 chris it doesnt care
03:45 chris its meatn to be use simultaneously
03:48 hdl qiq0: This may be the case if you had 1 login for multiple students.
03:48 mason hey chris
03:48 hdl (Wouldnot it chris ?)
03:49 qiq0 ahh,, each student will get a unique ID
03:49 hdl (Would be much better.)
03:49 qiq0 we're planning to use koha as integrated library system in our laboratories
03:50 chris yes, 2 people with the same login it wont like that
03:51 qiq0 hey is the meeting finished?
03:51 qiq0 oh another question, how do i allow the students to make an entry on all fields, i mean the default layout excludes some tags
03:53 chris you will need to edit the framework, turn on the tags you want to let them edit
03:54 qiq0 i couldnt seem the find that option in the Systems preference > Catalogue
03:54 qiq0 ahh ok
04:16 Mordazy Hi all
04:16 Mordazy I`m just looking at the roadmap
04:16 Mordazy OPAC, "People who borrowed this book also borrowed these other books"
04:17 Mordazy note says:
04:17 Mordazy Big problem for french libraries, as they can’t keep track of personal datas and there’s no way to do this anonymously
04:17 chris yep, it will be a system preference
04:17 Mordazy in Poland we have similiar problems
04:17 chris and it will be opt in
04:17 chris in new zealand its fine :)
04:17 chris if you let people opt in
04:17 Mordazy with personal data
04:18 chris here we have strong privacy laws, that say you can only use data for the purpose it was collected for
04:18 Mordazy but I wonder if it could be done just by member`s system number
04:18 Mordazy the same here
04:19 Mordazy but the system number is rather NOT a part of personal data, I suppose?
04:19 chris so if you tell them that whats its to be used for, and they agree then its fine
04:19 chris its quite different to france .. or say the US
04:19 Mordazy yeah
04:20 Mordazy have uou seen my questions on the mailing list?
04:20 chris about the branches?
04:20 chris yep
04:20 Mordazy yes..
04:21 Mordazy I`m surprised that nobody else wanted even a basic branch independancy level before
04:22 chris we have basic branch independancy
04:22 Mordazy but only for borrowing,
04:22 chris mostly here its a policy decision, not a technology
04:22 chris one
04:23 chris ie, you just tell them not too, and if they do they get in trouble :)
04:23 Mordazy yeah right :)
04:23 Mordazy what about accidents?
04:23 chris then you fix them
04:24 Mordazy I saw a couple regular wars between branches
04:24 chris yeah that wouldnt happen here
04:24 chris people would get fired
04:24 Mordazy just because somebody was pouching someone other`s turf :)
04:24 Mordazy [sigh]
04:24 chris or at least a written warning, and then if the persisted .. cya later
04:25 Mordazy in Poland firing a person from a government institution is almost impossible
04:26 chris put it on the wishlist on the wiki .. and someone if they get time might do it ... or some other library might want to fund it
04:26 chris but i think most of us have enough work on at the moment im afraid
04:26 Mordazy OK
04:26 Mordazy me too :(
04:29 Mordazy a little more knowledge, a lot more time, I could probably do it myself... But with deadline in April, I won`t be able to make it.
04:29 qiq0 so hows the status of 2.2.6?
04:30 chris hmm hdl or paul would know the answer to that, i think we are waiting on a couple of answers from joshua, and a bugfix from me
08:53 toins is there anyone who know how this error can be resolved ? => HTML::Template->param() : You gave me an odd number of parameters to param()! at
08:53 toins at /path/to/script...
08:55 hdl toins : Seems this is a template or a param problem.
08:56 toins hdl, yep... i know but i can't resolved it.
08:58 toins i 've tried this : die_on_bad_params => 0
08:59 toins but 500 error again
09:47 kados morning all
09:48 toins hi kados
09:49 paul hi kados
10:09 owen Hi everyone
10:09 toins hello owen
10:12 hdl hi kados.
10:15 toins kados, the search API affect only & or more files ?
10:16 kados there are some new functions in too
10:17 toins kados, ok
10:36 hdl kados : I have a problem to add biblios in rel_3_0.

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