IRC log for #koha, 2006-09-13

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15:29 thd kados: are you there?
15:47 chris any firefox users about?
15:49 Burgwork chris, yep
15:50 chris heya, do you know of any extensions that would let me move toolbars around?
15:51 Burgwork move toolbars. Oh, I actually use epiphany
15:51 chris ahh epiphany is nice
15:51 chris someone asked me, and i didnt know so i thought id ask around
21:29 thd kados: are you awake?
21:31 thd kados: I have a clue about the post values for
02:05 btoumi hi all
02:05 osmoze hello
02:05 dewey hey, osmoze
02:23 toins hello all
04:40 chris thd: you about?
04:40 btoumi hi chris:
04:41 chris hiya bruno
04:41 chris hows things?
04:44 btoumi chris: very well i show all the developpement i do to paul yesterday
04:44 chris ohh cool
04:44 paul hi chris
04:44 chris hi there paul
04:44 toins hi chris
04:44 chris and toins :)
04:45 paul I just added that we (me included) works too much with irc & don't report enough what is said to koha-devel ;-)
04:45 btoumi i will do it early paul:
04:45 btoumi ;=)
04:45 chris yes i think thats true, we should probably use the wiki and koha-devel more
04:46 btoumi yep it's right
05:05 paul have a sweet night chris
05:25 thd did I miss you chris?
06:38 speedyfs hi everyone
06:39 speedyfs i had a question about the barcode reader. My koha is on a different network and it sends an internal error when i try to do it.
06:41 speedyfs what can i do to fix this?
10:42 thd kados: are you there?
10:42 kados thd: in spirit :-)
10:43 kados thd: what's up?

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