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08:17 kados hey owen-away
08:18 owen Hi kados
08:18 owen I've been wrestling IE this morning
08:18 kados owen: I just happened to have a question for you :-)
08:18 kados sweet
08:18 owen You first
08:18 kados on 101, it doesn't look like the patron expiry stuff is working
08:18 kados[…]rc/
08:19 kados expiry date for that guy is 03/09/2005
08:19 kados but I don't see the warning or the override button we developed
08:20 owen What's the card number?
08:21 kados Charles W. Smith Jr (0022478)
08:21 kados huh ... my account seems to be working ok
08:22 owen Yeah, mine too--even if I set the expiration to the very same date
08:22 kados weird that Charles account isn't working ...
08:25 kados ok ... well nevermind
08:25 kados how's the IE battle going?
08:26 owen Well first: it doesn't look like the renewal process is happening correctly
08:27 kados yea, I know
08:27 owen Oh, okay
08:27 kados I'm re-hauling the whole thing
08:27 kados in the middle of re-hauling that is
08:27 owen Do do love to re-haul ;)
08:27 kados :-)
08:27 owen Okay, anyway: IE
08:27 owen IE kicked my ass
08:28 kados my preference is already well-written code, but we seem to be short on that
08:28 kados wow
08:28 owen IE is really obstinate about tables
08:28 kados did you try using the all forgiving !important ?
08:28 owen I think it's a combination of factors on that particular site, including lots of title with really big words
08:29 owen ...which is why the same problem doesn't happen when I test with NPL's data :D
08:29 kados ahh, right
08:31 kados (what did you notice about renewals, and was it on dev-week or rel_2_2?
08:32 owen On rel_2_2: I set my expiration back a long time and then renewed. It just incremented the old expiration date by however many years, rather than making it renew to however many years from this year
08:32 kados ahh, ok
08:32 kados I thought you mean renewal of items
08:32 kados ok, that's easy to fix
08:32 kados I"ll add it to the list
08:33 kados other than that, we're OK with how expiring patrons are handled now?
08:33 owen Yeah, I think so.
08:33 kados sweet
08:34 owen I had the idea to add a button to the member edit screen that would auto-renew the value in the expiry field using javascript, but I never had time to work on it
08:35 owen The page says "leave blank for auto calc" but I don't think it works for editing, just when adding
08:35 kados ahh ...
08:35 kados that could be handled it he script too
08:35 kados in the script even
08:36 kados well, we can prolly wait on that one
08:37 owen Yeah, that's not a big deal
08:38 owen One idea I had for IE... We could just drop the nav for that page, either once and for all in the template, or using a conditional comment that would target IE
08:38 kados for the results page you mean?
08:38 owen yeah
08:38 kados hmmm ...
08:38 kados not sure current clients would approve
08:39 owen It's gotta be the contents of the table that causes the problem, because not all searches produce the problem
08:39 kados right
08:39 kados very strange
08:39 kados IE--
08:40 kados what about doing a fixed-width?
08:40 kados like in dev-week ... would that fix it?
08:43 owen I think the horizontal layout of the search results would probably be a solution
08:43 owen We could also alleviate the problem by dropping the copies column or consolidating some other column
08:44 kados hmmm
08:44 kados I guess I'll need to discuss this with Ryan
08:44 kados I'll have to get back to you
08:45 owen Okay. Sorry I don't have a better answer.
08:45 kados not sure if any of our clients would object to a non-tabular results page or not ...
08:45 kados I suspect not, but better make sure
08:45 kados that's fine, thanks for checking
08:45 owen The option of consolidating the current columns would be an incremental step that would probably take care of the problem in most cases
08:50 kados so would this mean the display would look pretty much like dev_week's results?
09:08 owen The more incremental option would be to just drop one or two columns in the table-style display. Move or drop the copy count, for instance
09:09 kados ahh, ok
09:10 kados callnumber is replicated in availability too
09:10 owen If we moved to the dev_week layout we'd have to reformat the availability/locations data again
09:10 kados right
09:10 kados ok, we'll go ahead and test just removing the count column
09:10 owen ...or leave that in its own column still...
09:11 kados is there anything that our AV count does that Koha's restrictions based on itemtype can't do?
09:11 kados (I realize we had this discussion before, I just can't remember the outcome)
09:12 kados I am thinking of moving the itemtypes in NPL's data to a different location and creating 'collection codes' in the itemtype field
09:12 kados based on the mapping you put together
09:12 kados then assigning circ rules based on those
09:16 owen Our AV count groups itemtypes together to arrive at its count
09:16 owen So if Koha can do that, then great
09:17 kados yea, that's what I'm planning
09:17 owen As long as we retain the ability to get very specific searches based on format... DVD only, CD book only, etc.
09:18 kados yea, I won't actually touch the existing itemtypes
09:18 kados just create a new place to store the group
09:18 kados so we have:
09:18 kados AV-VID
09:18 kados AV-MUS
09:18 kados AV-BKT
09:19 kados CIRC
09:19 kados NOCIRC
09:19 kados those codes make sense to you?
09:19 owen Yes
10:01 osmoze bye all

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