IRC log for #koha, 2006-08-17

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15:14 chris morning
15:25 owen Hi chris. How's it going?
15:26 chris not too bad, just heard one of my colleagues is down with the flu though .. so thats not a good sign .. it usually spreads
15:27 chris hows things going over there?
15:31 owen I'm settling into my new office in Nelsonville.
15:33 owen Trying to get a new OPAC design ready for the impending upgrade
15:34 chris ohh busy busy
15:36 kados hey chris
15:38 owen Ciao everybody
15:38 chris cya owen
02:14 toins hi all
02:16 hdl hi
02:25 toins hello alaurin
02:25 toins hello hdl
02:25 hdl hello toins
02:25 alaurin hi toins
02:25 alaurin how are u ???
02:27 toins fine
02:28 toins alaurin, and you ? Back from hollidays ?
02:29 alaurin yes, hard to come back, but I'm here, i've got a lot of mail to read !!!!!!!!
02:30 toins ;-)
07:54 owen Looks like it was a quiet night in #koha
08:27 hdl once in a while ;)
08:27 hdl hi owen...
08:47 owen Hi hdl, sorry I didn't see you. How are you?
08:54 hdl Good, how are you ?
08:55 hdl is kados around ?
09:03 owen Haven't seen him yet this morning
09:04 owen He's been putting in a lot of hours on the new searching
09:07 hdl Yeah I've seen. pretty cool.
09:07 hdl But What about ????
09:07 owen ?
09:08 hdl has he worked upon a transcode from zebra results ? Or is it still the same ?
09:08 owen I don't know
09:08 hdl I am not very comfortable with getting the data from mysql rather than zebra.
09:09 hdl If we are to give up biblioitems table, we should make it work only with zebra.
09:24 thd-away hdl: tumer probably has that running already :)
09:24 hdl hi thd-away
09:25 hdl thd-away: I think so.
09:25 thd hello hdl
09:31 thd hdl: I will hope to show kados how he has followed a mistaken model today for searching
09:34 thd hdl: I showed him one popular interface and he copied it very closely
09:36 hdl thd: is that pines ?
09:46 hdl thd:  waht about the schema tumer wrote ? Have you seen it ?
10:03 thd hdl: yes I have seen tumer's schema
10:03 hdl thd: is that pines ?
10:04 thd hdl: is what pines?
10:04 hdl (the popular interface you showed Joshua.)
10:04 thd hdl: no OCLC WorldCat
10:05 thd hdl: it was designed for librarians first and library patrons second
10:05 hdl
10:05 hdl taht one ?
10:06 hdl its really cool.
10:07 thd hdl: not that one
10:07 thd hdl: have you donloaded that?
10:08 thd s/donloaded/downloaded/
10:09 hdl Is it not online catalogue ? Or you spoke about tumer's schema ?
10:10 hdl I've seen on the wiki that you wanted to propose an extension ?
10:10 thd hdl: first let me give you the good link
10:30 thd hdl: so tumer and I have at least some similar thoughts about putting copies of authorities in a bibliographic meta-record
10:42 thd hdl: interjection -- the best journal search which everyone has access to is
10:44 hdl no connexions :)
10:44 thd hdl: no connections to citeser ?
10:46 hdl yes.
10:46 thd hdl: well it is very popular even without full text
10:49 thd hdl: tumer is concerned that adding authorities to the bibliographic meta-record may excessively slow indexing and updating so we had the same idea of a supplementary database which has authorities in the meta-record with bibliographic data.
10:50 thd hdl: the supplementary database would not be updated in real time
10:51 hdl Now we have 4 frameworks, biblios, collections, holdings, authorities only for biblios ????
10:52 thd hdl: these meta-records can only be indexed at reasonable efficiency with the new beta-release of Zebra 2.0
10:52 thd hdl: you only edit MARC records one at a time
10:53 thd hdl: or display them in groups with duplicates possibly removed
10:53 hdl Won't it be quite hard to setup all that stuff ?
10:53 hdl ATM, we edit MARC records one at a time.
10:53 hdl Mus leave.
10:54 hdl see you soon.
10:54 thd hdl: tumer and I say not difficult

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