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12:36 kados hey cm
12:36 cm hey.  any thoughts?
12:37 kados well your parser looks good
12:37 cm good, I'm glad.
12:37 kados I'd run through the test script I have posted and see if it's working properly
12:37 cm okay.
12:38 kados let's see ...
12:38 kados so could you post in your logs again?
12:39 kados I can't understand why it's not working ... tumer, paul and I are running off of a stock dev_week and seem to be doing ok :(
12:39 kados and your config files look ok to me
12:40 cm do you want the logs here?
12:40 kados yea
12:40 cm Premature end of script headers:, referer:[…]/koha/
12:40 cm [Tue Aug 01 10:48:27 2006] [error] [client] Global symbol "$reported_tag" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 202., referer:[…]/koha/
12:40 cm [Tue Aug 01 10:48:27 2006] [error] [client] Global symbol "@result" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 706., referer:[…]/koha/
12:40 cm [Tue Aug 01 10:48:27 2006] [error] [client] Global symbol "$counter" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 706., referer:[…]/koha/
12:40 cm [Tue Aug 01 10:48:27 2006] [error] [client] Global symbol "$auth_tag_to_report" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 723., referer:[…]/koha/
12:40 cm [Tue Aug 01 10:48:27 2006] [error] [client] Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 10., referer:[…]/koha/
12:40 cm [Tue Aug 01 10:48:27 2006] [error] [client] BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 10., referer:[…]/koha/
12:40 cm [Tue Aug 01 10:48:27 2006] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:, referer:[…]/koha/
12:41 kados cm: try this:
12:41 kados cd /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4
12:41 kados rm
12:41 kados cvs update
12:41 kados only thing I can think of is maybe got some garbage character somewhere or something
12:47 kados cm: did that help?
12:48 cm not quite there yet.  'cvs update' is choking because I don't have cvsroot set.
12:48 kados ahh ... well cd into the repo instead
12:50 cm yeah, that didn't work.  give me a few minutes, I'll figure it out.
13:23 cm I gave up on cvs'ing  I redownloaded the whole of dev_week.  Same errors.
13:24 kados hmmm
13:24 kados that's just really strange
13:24 kados i tripple checked that everything is in sync
13:24 kados and it looks OK in CVS
13:37 cm I think it's just me. :/
18:59 kados hey Burgundavia
18:59 dewey hmmm... Burgundavia is about to run out to the local LUG meeting
19:00 kados heh
19:01 Burgundavia dewey: next week, actually. I am actually about to run out to meet a girl :)
19:01 dewey OK, Burgundavia.
19:01 Burgundavia hey kados
01:38 ai hi
01:38 ai does koha support LDAP authentication???
01:51 ai mm yes it does
02:19 paul hello osmoze
02:20 osmoze hi #koha :)
04:10 hdl hi
04:10 dewey hey, hdl
04:10 paul hello hdl
04:11 hdl hello
04:11 hdl webservice IEP OK.
04:12 paul super !
05:44 chris hi tumer
05:44 dewey somebody said hi tumer was still strugling
05:45 tumer hi chris
05:45 chris i just replied to paul's email
05:45 tumer i was just reading it and agree with it
05:46 chris cool
05:46 tumer i just read your mail
05:46 chris did i get it right? or did i misunderstand
05:47 tumer lots of stuff will have to go n 3 correct
05:47 tumer but we may as well start with a stabler branch
05:47 tumer i do not mind if they do a merge but soon
05:47 chris right
05:49 paul hello guys
05:49 paul (although lunch will happend in 1mn I bet...)
05:49 chris ahh hi paul, i think i misunderstood, ignore my email :)
05:49 tumer currently i am trying to write the nw code gradually so that it actually does not break everything at once
05:49 chris right
05:50 paul ah, ok
05:51 tumer i agree with it paul. But the sooner the better or i am getting really out of sync
05:52 paul is next week OK ?
05:52 paul toins: will spend this week playing with dev_week, to understand well what it does & how it works
05:52 paul and next week, he will start merging
05:52 tumer by the way ZEBRA definitely can not take the strain of heavy updating on Windoes platform
05:52 tumer i wonder how it will go with linux?
05:52 paul we should ask kados
05:53 paul_lunch ok, sandrine calling me for lunch
05:53 paul_lunch (office again in my home ;-) )
05:53 tumer bon apetit
05:55 tumer night chris
06:40 tumer morning kados
07:58 kados paul: I thought we agreed no new features in rel_2_2 :-)
09:00 paul osmoze N
09:00 paul ?
09:03 osmoze oui
09:03 paul koha 2.2.6RC2 has reach savannah
09:03 paul http://download.savannah.nongn[…]rg/releases/koha/
09:04 osmoze je recoit mon alim en debut de semaine prochaine :(
09:04 paul pas cool...
09:07 osmoze je sais, d ailleurs, finit les alims redondantes, on les achetes et on peut pas changer les pieces...
09:08 paul mieux vaut avoir du redondant... en ayant la pièce de rechange dans ton bureau ;-)
09:09 osmoze apparement, (d apres le fournisseur) il y a pas de pieces detachees pour cette alim, il faut changer tout le bloc (compris dans la tour...) si tu as une marque ou un conseil, je prend
09:09 paul wow, super modulaire le truc...
09:09 paul non, pas d'idée.
09:10 osmoze sur ... :(
09:21 paul is ssssslllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww....
09:30 kados paul: hmmm ...
09:30 kados paul: congrats on 2.2.6RC2
09:30 paul hi kados
09:31 kados paul: however, there are some blocking bugs still :-)
09:34 kados[…]=&chfieldto=Now&c
09:34 kados ohh ... not a nice url
09:34 kados 185    blo  P2  All  NEW    Barcode not auto-calculated when autobarcode is on
09:34 kados 1113 blo P2 All NEW printing details in authorities busted
09:34 kados 1114 blo P2 All NEW Marking item lost doesn't hide it in OPAC when hidelostit...
09:34 kados 1124 blo P2 Mac NEW Full Info for serials doesn't work
09:34 kados 1125 blo P2 All NEW after entering a manual issue, the "Next expected issue" ...
09:35 kados 1052 blo P2 All ASSI Major Bug in MARC tables Sync
09:35 paul mmm... are you sure 185 is still valid ?
09:35 paul I think i solved it
09:36 kados well, wipo still thinks it's a bug :-)
09:36 kados There are other bugs I consider to be blockers
09:37 kados but I need to confirm them with my clients first
09:37 kados also, I request that you wait until owen and I have had time to sync npl templates before releasing
09:39 tumer[A] kados:have a minute?
09:39 kados tumer[A]: sure
09:39 tumer[A] i want to ask afavor
09:39 tumer[A] this zebra is definitely not very stable updating biblios ..
09:40 kados tumer[A]: which zebra?
09:40 kados tumer[A]: 1.4?
09:40 paul kados : I agree for waiting & realised you already asked me this & I missed it.
09:40 tumer[A] <zebra in general
09:40 kados tumer[A]: ok ...
09:40 tumer[A] i would like to test it on Linux if you could run my zebra server on your systems
09:40 kados tumer[A]: I think we've reached a point where we need to create some simple test swutes
09:41 kados tumer[A]: suites
09:41 kados tumer[A]: ie, a couple of simple scripts
09:41 kados tumer[A]: that replicate the problems you're having
09:41 kados tumer[A]: it's too hard to run a whole Koha system to re-duplicate a bug
09:41 tumer[A] no scripts just the zebra server on your machine
09:41 kados ahh
09:41 kados yea, I can do that
09:42 tumer[A] to se whether it will crash with thsi load of updating
09:42 kados good idea
09:42 kados just a sec and I"ll set it up
09:42 kados tumer[A]: you need biblioserver and authorityserver?
09:43 tumer[A] i will send you my tabs folder for biblioserver
09:43 tumer[A] infact i have to send you the whole folder with passwords in it dont i
09:44 kados yep
09:44 tumer[A] or will i be able to upload it myself
09:44 kados hmmm
09:44 kados tumer[A]: do you have a spare server you could install debian on?
09:45 kados tumer[A]: it might be simpler, I could walk you through the process ... would take about 3-4 hours
09:45 tumer[A] nop
09:45 kados k
09:45 tumer[A] well server yes but no sofware
09:45 kados ahh ... debian is free
09:45 kados you can download it and burn on cd
09:45 tumer[A] from ?
09:46 kados[…]Debian_sarge.html
09:46 tumer[A] so i will do that first than
09:46 kados here's what you want:
09:46 kados[…]-businesscard.iso
09:46 kados download that
09:46 kados burn it to cd
09:47 kados pop it in the server, and install a _minimal_ debian
09:47 kados no GUI, no desktop sw, etc.
09:47 kados then follow my guide at the site ... should take about 3-4 horus
09:47 kados hours even
09:47 kados maybe less
09:48 tumer[A] thanks i better try that
09:48 paul be careful tumer[A] : you may never accept to rollback to windows after...
09:48 tumer[A] well who wants to?
09:48 kados tumer[A]: there is some learning curve on linux, don't hesitate to ask questions
09:48 kados tumer[A]: I"ll be here all day
09:50 tumer[A] i have come so far with zebra indexing that its a shame if i have to roll back
09:51 kados you won't
09:51 kados ID is obligated to fix any bugs
09:51 kados I spoke at great length with sebastian with this in person at ALA
09:52 kados s/with this/about this/
09:52 kados but in order for them to fix a bug, we need to make it possible for them to reproduce it
09:52 tumer[A] well i can index meta koha recod on zebra and search anything and get either holdings or biblios or combined from zebra
09:53 tumer[A] but the damn thing keeps crashing during the day when the going gets togh
09:53 tumer[A] tough
09:55 kados tumer[A]: we need to write a script that simulates librarian activity on a live zebra system
09:55 kados tumer[A]: and simulates searching at the same time
09:56 tumer[A] kados if i run the zebraserver on your machine or other linux then i wil be able to say things more definitely
09:57 tumer[A] you will be able to see zebra running if on your system
10:06 thd kados: did you see my time estimates?
10:18 kados thd: yes, I'll try to respond today
10:19 kados hi cm
10:19 kados cm: any luck yet?
10:19 cm no.  I'm working on other stuff today
10:20 cm any thoughts on those new error logs I sent you?
10:20 kados well ... just that I'm more confused
10:20 kados what version of perl are you running?
10:20 cm join the club.  ;)
10:20 cm 5.8.7, i think...lemme check
10:21 cm yep.
10:21 kados well ... I've got 5.8.4 so ...
10:21 cm do you know of anyone else using ubuntu amd64?
10:21 kados hmmm no
10:22 cm guess I've got to be unique.  :)
10:22 kados but I can't imagine that would matter ... the errors you're getting seem to be more syntax errors with perl
10:22 cm yeah.  maybe something has changed between versions.
10:22 kados well ... i doubt it
10:22 kados [Tue Aug 01 15:09:46 2006] [error] [client] Global symbol
10:22 kados "@result" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/intrane
10:22 kados t/modules/C4/ line 707., referer:
10:22 kados take that one
10:23 kados it implies that there is no 'my @result;'
10:23 kados but there is just like three lines up
10:23 kados same here:
10:23 kados Tue Aug 01 15:09:46 2006] [error] [client] Global symbol
10:23 kados "$reported_tag" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/i
10:23 kados ntranet/modules/C4/ line 203., referer:
10:23 cm yeah.
10:24 kados well ... i can think of a couple things at this point:
10:25 kados 1. contact some folks more involved in ubunto
10:25 kados ubuntu I mean
10:25 kados Burgwork: does some ubuntu stuff i think
10:25 kados 2. I could try to log into your box and have a look ... second pair of eyes and all
10:25 cm you're welcome to.
10:26 kados k
10:26 cm i'll email you the info.
10:26 kados not the root pswd :-
10:26 kados )
10:36 kados paul: are you still here?
10:36 kados paul: got a quick question
10:45 paul kados : i'm around, send your question
10:48 kados paul: how do we create a sql file to populate non-default MARC frameworks?
10:49 kados hmmm
10:49 kados ok ... say I want to create some group of MARC frameworks that play nice together
10:49 kados one is default, it's thd's standard MARC framework
10:49 kados another is customized for magazines
10:49 kados another is customized for books
10:50 kados another for videos
10:50 kados etc.
10:50 paul ok
10:50 paul and you want to export them to install them on another library ?
10:51 thd paul: we want to install them with an SQL SCRIPT from an SQL file containing the various frameworks
10:51 paul so you need to export them from your initial db to copy them to another one, right ?
10:51 paul very easy, also a little bit tricky...
10:52 paul suppose your framework code is MAGAZINE
10:52 thd paul: they are not in the DB already
10:52 paul so you want to create them ?
10:52 paul Koha >> parameters >> frameworks >> add framework >> enter, for example MAGAZINE as code and whatever you want as description
10:53 paul then clic on MARC fields and ... Koha will ask you to choose the framework to copy from.
10:53 paul as you have only default, choose it, and your MAGAZINE is now a clone of default
10:53 paul that you can modify
10:54 paul if you want to copy this framework somewhere :
10:54 paul mysqldump -uX -p you_db marc_tag_structure marc_subfield_structure |grep MAGAZINE >magazine.sql
10:54 paul and that's done ;-)
10:54 paul (just check that MAGAZINE don't appear somewhere else in your frameworks
10:54 paul )
10:55 cm kados: i'm back. did you get in?
10:56 kados cm: yea
10:56 kados cm: don't have a home dir though :(
10:56 kados can't sudo either
10:56 cm oops.
10:56 thd paul: I understand how to use the interface: I wanted to avoid the interface for working faster in vim with an SQL file but I guess I could do it with the interface
10:57 cm heck, just use admin, then.  I'll change the password back.
10:57 kados cm: i can see everything
10:57 kados cm: so I'm good
10:57 paul just create the clone & export it without any modifications
10:57 paul you'll be able to modify it with vim then ;-)
10:57 cm okay, good.
10:58 kados paul: thanks
10:58 kados thd: does that make sense to you?
10:59 thd kados: yes that seems very sensible
10:59 thd kados: the changes are so small that vim may not even be necessary
11:00 thd s/are/seem/
11:02 kados cm: one thing, it doesn't look like you did a cvs export
11:02 kados cm: so there are CVS dirs ... not sure if that would make a diff
11:03 cm really?
11:03 dewey really are quite different
11:03 kados well i see CVS dirs
11:03 cm kados: they're in /use/local/koha_cvs
11:03 cm oops, /usr
11:03 kados yea
11:04 kados definitely CVS dirs in that repo
11:04 kados to export you go:
11:04 kados cvs -z3 export -r dev_week koha
11:05 cm i guess last time i used a checkout.  before that I used export, though
11:05 kados k
11:08 kados cm: check this out:
11:08 kados [Tue Aug 01 16:24:01 2006] [error] [client] Subroutine AUTHfind_authtypecode redefined at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 605., referer:[…]
11:08 kados [Tue Aug 01 16:24:01 2006] [error] [client] "my" variable @X masks earlier declaration in same scope at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 817., referer:[…]
11:08 kados [Tue Aug 01 16:24:01 2006] [error] [client] Name "C4::AuthoritiesMarc::DIR" used only once: possible typo at \x80Im line 579., referer:[…]
11:08 kados that last one is really weird
11:09 kados wtf is \x80Im?
11:09 cm i have no idea
11:09 cm that's from when I turned off 'use strict'
11:11 kados hmmm ...
11:11 kados cm: circ page seems to work
11:11 cm good.
11:11 kados i wonder if there's something weird going on with proxies with the authentication stuff
11:12 kados is this box behind a proxy?
11:12 kados the authentication in Koha is cookie based
11:12 kados the cookie stores a session ID
11:12 cm i suppose, but I don't think i'm going through the proxy
11:12 cm wonder if it's the firewall?
11:12 kados without that session id it won't authenticate on next page load
11:12 kados is it in a dmx?
11:13 kados dmz I mean :-)
11:13 cm yeah.  never had a problem before, thou
11:13 cm though :/
11:13 kados hmmm
11:14 kados so all your koha boxen are networked behind the dmz?
11:16 cm yeah.
11:16 cm the cookie is there.
11:17 kados yep, and it's saving the session id
11:17 kados headers look fine
11:17 kados it might just be your redirect
11:17 kados Redirect permanent index.html http://koha:8080/cgi-bin/koha/
11:17 kados i don't see a prob with it
11:17 cm hmm
11:17 kados but maybe a permanent redirect doesn't something screwey
11:18 kados weird ...
11:18 kados I just did a shift-refresh
11:18 kados and now I got a 500 error on
11:18 cm huh
11:18 cm i was getting that earlier
11:18 kados session id looks ok
11:19 kados [Wed Aug 02 12:16:36 2006] [error] [client] "my" variable $authtypecode masks earlier declaration in same scope at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 370.
11:19 kados [Wed Aug 02 12:16:36 2006] [error] [client] "my" variable @X masks earlier declaration in same scope at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 817.
11:19 kados [Wed Aug 02 12:16:36 2006] [error] [client] Global symbol "$reported_tag" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 203.
11:19 kados this is just nutty
11:19 kados are you running mod_perl?
11:19 cm yeah!!
11:19 kados hmmm ... I be that's it
11:19 cm maybe.  look in /etc/apache2
11:19 kados yea, it's in the headers
11:19 kados Server: Apache/2.0.55 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.1.2 mod_perl/2.0.2 Perl/v5.8.7
11:20 kados I'll turn it off
11:20 kados then restart and we'll test
11:20 cm me restart?
11:20 kados I'll restart
11:20 cm ok
11:21 kados same error looks like
11:21 cm yep
11:21 kados weird weird weird
11:22 cm *sigh*
11:24 kados well ... lets evaluate these errors
11:24 kados [Wed Aug 02 12:19:42 2006] [error] [client] "my" variable $authtypecode masks earlier declaration in same scope at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 370., referer:[…]/koha/
11:24 paul it's just a warning
11:24 kados right
11:24 paul so the cgi don't fail here
11:25 paul the  Global symbol "$reported_tag" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 203.
11:25 kados [Wed Aug 02 12:19:42 2006] [error] [client] Global symbol "$reported_tag" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 203., referer:[…]/koha/
11:25 paul is more problematic
11:25 kados [Wed Aug 02 12:19:42 2006] [error] [client] Global symbol "@result" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 707., referer:[…]/koha/
11:25 kados [Wed Aug 02 12:19:42 2006] [error] [client] Global symbol "$counter" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 707., referer:[…]/koha/
11:25 kados [Wed Aug 02 12:19:42 2006] [error] [client] Global symbol "$auth_tag_to_report" requires explicit package name at /usr/local/koha/intranet/mo​dules/C4/ line 724., referer:[…]/koha/
11:25 kados but why does it work on every Koha install except cms?
11:25 paul which platform specificities ?
11:26 cm it's ubuntu amd64
11:26 paul amd64 ...
11:27 kados hang on
11:27 kados I'm now getting the same errors :/
11:27 kados on my box
11:27 cm uh oh
11:27 kados maybe a stray commit to dev_week
11:27 paul hehe, it's a new virus !
11:27 kados hehe
11:27 cm ha!
11:28 kados give me a few minutes, I'll try to figure it out
11:28 paul cm : who are you ?
11:28 cm cindy from ccfls
11:28 paul hey, nice to read you today.
11:28 cm ok.  :)
11:28 kados last commit was from me:
11:29 kados syncing with rel_2_2 .. .untested.
11:29 kados :-)
11:29 kados 5 days ago
11:29 paul so ccfls runs dev_week ?
11:29 kados yes
11:29 cm trying to.  :)
11:30 paul a large one : 48 000 biblios, with large MARC records.
11:30 paul while toins is working on a smaller one (12000 biblios, small MARC records)
11:31 kados cm: at least you're not going crazy :-)
11:32 cm not yet anyway  ;)
11:33 thd toins: not as slow as mine :)
11:33 cm kados: should the # be in these lines (~line 817 in
11:33 cm  # return if authority does not exist
11:33 cm        my @X = $MARCfrom->fields();
11:33 cm        return if $#X == -1;
11:33 cm        my @X = $MARCto->fields();
11:33 cm        return if $#X == -1;
11:34 kados cm: give me a sec ... I'll fix it ...
11:34 cm ok
11:35 kados ak, this is just a mess
11:41 kados cm: k ... update cvs and give it a shot
11:44 kados paul: liblime has developed an additional authors sub to properly display additional authors (in the correct order) using the MARC record
11:44 kados paul: do you want us to commit this to rel_2-2?
11:44 paul could you just send it by mail to me ?
11:44 kados it's the same as MARCnotes, etc.
11:44 kados sure
11:49 kados paul: also, I wrote a very good zed-server for pines ... very standards compliant
11:49 kados paul: based on simple server also
11:49 kados paul: i might have time to commit a revised server for 2.2.6
11:50 cm did i miss anything?  my computer locked up on me again
11:50 kados the current zed-server was my first perl script ever written and is quite poor :-)
11:50 kados cm: the prob's fixed :-)
11:50 cm cool!
11:50 kados cm: you can update cvs and be up and running
11:50 cm spiffy!  thanks!
11:50 kados np, sorry for the untested commit
11:50 kados (at least I warned myself in the cvs log :-))
11:50 cm well, I tested it for you.  ;)
11:51 kados hehe

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