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12:33 qiqo congratulations chris!
12:57 owen dewey, is there a developer's meeting today?
12:59 thd owen: is there something that dewey does not know?
12:59 owen Maybe dewey's not speaking to me.
13:24 kados there was one scheduled for 20:00
13:24 kados I'm on the road today :(
13:25 kados looks like T-MINIS 1.5 hours to the meeting
13:27 thd kados: have you seen my message about problems with the editor?
13:28 kados thd: yes, I read it briefly at 6am before I left this morning
13:28 thd kados: did you read bug 1104?
13:28 kados thd: I will investigate further as soon as I'm able (currently I just found a wifi hotspot on my way back home and stopped for a coffee)
13:29 thd kados: did you see paul's message about his most recent changes needing Firefox 1.5?
13:39 kados I'm not sure I'm gonna make it at 20:00
13:40 kados I've got about a 2 hour drive ahead of me and I'm leaving now :(
13:57 thd owen: I assume that you have read that putting everything in one tab for the record editor was paul's intention?
13:58 owen No, I think paul's intention was that the page be built differently by the script. Now all the form fields are generated by the 'BIG_LOOP' array instead of one tab at a time.
13:58 owen It's a behind-the-scenes change that makes the template more efficient
13:59 owen On the surface it looks the same.
13:59 thd owen: I guess I misinterpreted the meaning.
14:00 owen I interpreted it the same way until I took a look at the updated template
15:20 thd I guess that kados is not here yet
16:28 owen thd: I just committed some changes to npl's addbiblio.tmpl that should fix your problem with duplicating fields
16:29 thd owen: you mean it works now?
16:29 owen In my tests it does
16:30 thd owen: what about for Firefox 1.07?
16:30 owen I haven't tested that yet.
16:31 thd owen: that is the version of Firefox that I have so I will test as soon as I update
17:09 thd kados: are you there?
17:34 kados thd: am now
17:35 kados thd: you back yet?
17:35 thd kados: yes
17:36 thd kados: owen committed a fix for NPL templates to use paul's recent changes in the record editor code.
17:37 kados thd: I noticed that
17:37 kados thd: what recent changes exactly?
17:37 kados thd: and didn't paul find another bug?
17:38 thd kados: my tests show that I have no access to the JavaScript for adding a repeatable field with Firefox 1.07
17:38 thd kados: look at bug #1104
17:38 kados access to the js?
17:39 thd kados: after paul's changes, I have not been able to add a repeatable field.
17:39 thd kados: I am using Firefox 1.07.
17:39 kados thd: do you mean that paul's changes actually broke the editor?
17:39 kados thd: ie, introduced new bugs?
17:40 kados thd: I'm having trouble keeping track of which bug is which :-)
17:40 thd kados: no, only for the NPL templates, which owen now reports that he fixed.
17:41 thd kados: bug #1104 is the only bug which I have filed officially recently
17:41 kados thd: so you are testing on your server using default templates (latest CVS) and FF 1.07 ... is that what bug 1104 is?
17:41 thd kados: yes, on my server.
17:42 thd kados: paul had not tested for the NPL templates and his changes had not been working on the NPL templates
17:44 kados thd: so did paul's changes, and owen's updates, fix bug 1104?
17:44 thd kados: it will take about 3 days of Debian testing updates for me to have Firefox 1.5 set up.
17:44 kados thd: you don't need to update the whole system to install it
17:45 thd kados: not for me with Firefox 1.07
17:45 kados thd: use a debian port or something
17:45 thd kados: It had dependencies which I had not updated
17:46 thd kados: At least that had been the previous problem
17:46 thd kados: I cannot use a backport for stable on testing
17:47 kados thd: do a google search on 'apt pinning'
17:47 kados thd: that'd be one way to install something from testing on stable
17:48 thd kados: I have apt pinned very nicely so that I have everything but Firefox 1.5 has many more dependencies than 1.0X
17:48 thd kados: you are trying to break my system :)
17:48 kados hehe
17:50 thd kados; I have the system pinned so that I can run almost anything but Firefox 1.5 was a big problem for installation on my system the last time I tried but that was months ago.
17:51 thd kados: before you get some rest can you test whether bug #1104 has been fixed with Firefox 1.07?
17:51 kados thd: I don't have 1.07 :(
17:51 kados thd: I also don't have a demo in place to test
17:51 thd s/1.07/1.5/
17:52 kados thd: but when I get back, I'm planning to update the liblime demo to the latest rel_2_2
17:52 kados then we can both test
17:52 thd kados: you are still away?
17:52 kados thd: no, I'm home now, but very tired
17:52 kados thd: I've been driving all day
17:53 thd kados: ok, I am planning to update after a couple of commits
17:53 thd s/update/start updating my Debian testing system/
17:54 thd kados: then we can both test
22:54 thd chris: are you there?
22:54 chris yes
22:55 thd chris: I am testing adding a new file to cvs.
22:55 chris ok
22:55 thd chris: I have first tried testing on my local cvs to see if it works in view cvs
22:56 chris right
22:56 thd s/view cvs/my local viewcvs/
22:57 thd chris: it had seemed to work according to the cvs output but I cannot find it in viewcvs
22:57 chris do cvs status filename
22:57 chris it will tell if its there or not
22:57 thd chris: my script was as follows
23:02 thd chris: I had specified the pathname from the root of my cvs and ther response I have is no such directory 'koha/misc'
23:03 chris its relative to where you are
23:04 thd chris: I had run this script with a checkout from my local rsynch copy of cvs ...
23:04 thd cd $HOME/kohatest/checkout/rel_2_2/localcvs
23:04 thd cvs -z3 -d /var/lib/cvs add koha/misc/marc21_standard_bib_framework.sql
23:04 thd cvs -z3 -d /var/lib/cvs commit $Log
23:04 chris that should work
23:04 chris if you go
23:05 chris cd $HOME/kohatest/checkout/rel_2_2/localcvs
23:05 chris cvs -d /var/lib/cvs status koha/misc/marc21_standard_bib_framework.sql
23:05 chris does it complain?
23:06 chris or does ti give you some information about the file
23:06 thd chris: I have the response no such directory 'koha/misc'
23:06 chris but you didnt get that response when you ran the add?
23:07 thd oh wait
23:10 thd chris: I had missed a subdirectory before issuing the status command so that is Ok but I cannot find it in my local copy of viewcvs
23:11 thd maybe I am looking in the wrong branch in viewcvs
23:12 chris yeah could be .. check the attic
23:13 thd chris: status shows the attic
23:16 thd chris: it is in the attic but that is not what I wanted is it?
23:17 chris its in the attic if its committed to a branch rather than to HEAD .. it will be int eh attic for head, but for the branch its in, it will show up
23:21 thd chris: for some reason, I am unable to select branches in my local viewcvs but I can see all the branches except for my new file
23:22 thd chris: I do see individual branch tags but I cannot see my file
23:22 thd except in the attic
23:23 chris what does cvs status tell you, it should tell you what branch it thinks its in
23:25 thd chris: it reports sticky tag: rel_2_2 (branch 1.1.2)
23:28 thd chris: should it report rel_2_2 as the branch?
23:32 thd chris: I could not get the options list for branch tags to show any options until you showed me just now
23:32 chris ahhh
23:32 thd although, I never recalled that problem in the past.
23:33 thd chris, maybe I had the right mouse button selected in my mouse keys
23:33 chris that would do it
23:35 thd chris: why does the first instance show file removed?
23:35 chris because it was added to a branch not head
23:36 thd chris: I will add it to both on savannah
23:36 chris cool
23:36 thd thank you chris
23:37 chris no problem
00:45 thd chris: if you are still there savannah cvs tells me there is no version here; do 'cvs checkout' first
00:47 thd chris: I have the same message after yet another checkout
00:47 thd cd $HOME/kohatest/checkout/rel_2_2/cvs
00:47 thd cvs -z3 -d add koha/misc/marc21_standard_bib_framework.sql
01:52 paul chris ?
01:52 dewey chris are u there ?
01:55 chris hi paul
01:55 paul you're right about your 2.4 => 2.2.6 question
01:55 paul you can fix it.
01:56 paul do you plan to commit a proofread of the release notes ?
01:58 chris yep, I can do the english ones
01:58 paul of course, the french ones are correct ;-)
01:58 chris :-)
01:58 chris ill do that now and commit it when im done
01:59 paul ok. I plan to install one of my libraries today, as a RC
01:59 chris excellent
02:03 thd chris: do you have an answer for my why ..
02:04 chris hmm not really the way I do it is
02:04 chris checkout the repository
02:04 chris cd into the repository
02:04 chris cvs add filename
02:04 chris cvs commit filename
02:05 thd chris: do you not specify the path when adding?
02:06 chris yes but i do it from inside the repository
02:06 chris or i cd to where the file is and add it from there
02:07 thd chris: do you add from the root of your repository?
02:07 btoumi hi all
02:08 thd hello btoumi
02:08 chris sometimes i do, but you dont have to
02:08 btoumi hi thd
02:08 thd chris cvs just knows, as you had told me before ?
02:08 chris yep
02:09 thd chris: seems a little bit too magical for me.
02:10 chris it knows what path you are in
02:10 chris there is a CVS dir in every directory
02:11 chris just the same was as pwd knows what directory you are in
02:11 chris s/was/way/
02:12 osmoze hello all :)
02:12 thd hello osmoze
02:12 chris hi osmoze
02:12 chris and hi bruno
02:12 btoumi hi chris
02:13 btoumi and hi osmoze
02:22 thd chris: It seems to work if I do not use the path in my add option
02:22 Comete hello
02:22 chris hi comete
02:22 Comete hi chris
02:23 thd hello Comete
02:24 osmoze hello comete
02:44 paul thx chris for the proofreading
02:45 chris no problem
03:00 btoumi question for all about borrowers form
03:01 btoumi are u ok about what i say => u can add a child only when u are professional or adult
03:02 thd paul: are you there?
03:02 paul yep
03:03 thd paul: can you describe the problems that your tester had using Firefox 1.07 1.7 with MARC editor
03:03 btoumi are u ok?
03:04 thd s/1.7//
03:04 chris so you cant add a child to a child ... is that what you are saying bruno? if so, i think that is ok
03:05 btoumi yes
03:07 paul thd : when cloning a subfield or a field with 1.0.7, the resulting record is completly wrong.
03:07 paul let me give an example :
03:07 paul you type :
03:07 btoumi that's right we are agree
03:07 paul 200$a...$f...$gG1$gG2
03:07 paul (cloning the $g subfield)
03:07 paul on ff 1.5, you get the correct result
03:07 paul but on ff 1.0.7 you get a wrong :
03:08 paul 200$â...$f...$gG1
03:08 paul 200$gG2
03:08 paul G2 is on a different field !
03:09 thd paul: I have seen that problem for 2 months
03:09 paul mmm... and you use ff 1.0.7, right.
03:10 thd paul: I thought that kados had introduced a bug
03:10 paul i think the DOM has changed between ff 1.0 and 1.5
03:10 thd paul: yes
03:10 paul and the change has a consequence !
03:11 thd paul: I am about to upgrade my Debian testing system so that I can use Firefox 1.5
03:13 thd paul: Do you mean there is no standard unchanging idea of the DOM?
03:14 thd paul: I thought changes in the DOM merely added more features for accessing document elements more flexibly
04:33 btoumi question about borrowers
04:33 btoumi i create new children but with no guarantor
04:34 btoumi when i look for him i see that guarantorid field value = 0
04:34 btoumi in mysql
04:35 btoumi can i test on this value?
04:35 paul ???
04:36 btoumi i need to do a test to know if it's child with guarantor or not
04:38 btoumi and when u do a record with adult borrowers the guarantor value (in mysql database )=NULL
04:40 btoumi what can i do
04:44 paul hi pierrick.
04:44 paul btoumi: you can check guarantidid ==0
04:44 pierrick hi #koha
04:45 paul that's true only if guarantorid is 0, and false if it's NULL
04:49 thd hello pierrick
04:53 chris hi pierrick
04:56 btoumi ok i do check with guarantor id =0
04:56 btoumi hi pierrick
04:57 Strait hmm, automatic generation of librarycard numbers doesn't work
04:57 Strait it doesn't go over 10
04:58 Strait in 2.2.5 that is
04:59 paul does anyone know if packages like MARC::File::XML are in debian packages ?
04:59 paul (and how to check ?)
05:00 chris
05:01 chris[…]bmarc-record-perl
05:02 chris 2 secs ill query that package
05:05 chris nope, it doesnt have MARC::File::XML
05:09 chris the other place to check is
05:09 chris for unofficial .deb packages
05:11 chris not there either
05:11 chris if we packaged it up, we probably could get slef to sponsor it :-)
08:12 btoumi :paul are u there?
08:15 paul yep bt&
08:15 paul yep btoumi
08:16 btoumi do u remember this morning i ask u and chris for add child option
08:16 paul yep
08:16 btoumi i ask this question to my library
08:17 btoumi and they say no for child =>(add child)  and no for professional =>(add child)
08:18 paul sounds logic for child => child
08:18 btoumi yes
08:18 btoumi but for professional ?
08:18 paul for pro => child, it depends on what you mean by "pro" & "child"
08:18 paul but if they say no, let's go for no !
08:18 btoumi ok
08:19 btoumi only adult can add a child
08:19 btoumi ty paul
09:53 btoumi by all
09:53 kados hi all
09:53 kados just got a list of bugs as reported by a client in 2.2.6:
09:53 kados
09:53 btoumi hi and by kados
09:53 owen I don't like the sound of "list" ;)
09:53 kados some are clearly enhancement requests, some do appear to be legitimate
09:53 kados hehe
09:53 kados yea, it's pretty long
09:54 kados mainly about acquisitions
09:54 kados and I suspect that much of it is NPL-template related
09:56 paul hi kados & owen
09:56 owen Hi paul
09:57 paul : host unknown
09:57 kados hey paul
09:57 kados paul: strange ... it's working fine for me
09:57 kados paul: is working for you?
09:57 paul ok, it's back...
09:58 kados this document is a bit confusing
09:58 kados it comes from a non-librarian tech person ... probably compiled from comments of several librarians
09:58 paul IPT already has found a bug in MARC editor (just a screen bug)
09:59 paul pobably unimarc-specific
09:59 kados a screen bug?
09:59 paul yes : when editing, subfields are inverted in some cases, but when saving, everything is Ok
09:59 paul (i'll try to understand why anyway ;-) )
09:59 kados strange
10:01 kados from the above doc:
10:01 kados So it is looking like the ACQ search feature just has
10:01 kados 1. A search that is giving short results for some reason
10:01 kados 2. When the search comes up, the title links do not work but the author does
10:01 kados 3. Also the “Add new biblioâ€� link does not work from the same page
10:03 owen ?
10:03 kados yea, no idea
10:03 kados i think this library is one of those libraries
10:04 kados that clicks on everything
10:04 kados and we all know that there are lots of links in Koha that dont' work, are broken or simeply don't exist
10:04 kados so maybe thats' one of those
10:04 paul ??? wow, never heard of this !
10:06 paul grep -R "
10:06 paul koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/npl​/en/acqui/newbasket2.tmpl:   <a href="<!-- TMPL_VAR name="id" -->&amp;basket=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="basket" -->&amp;sub=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="parsub" -->">Add New Biblio</a>
10:06 paul koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/npl​/en/acqui/newbasket2.tmpl:                           <a href="/cgi-bin/koha/acqui/​<!-- TMPL_VAR name="author2" -->&amp;copyright=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="copyright" -->&amp;id=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="id" -->&amp;basket=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="basket" -->&amp;biblio=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="biblionumber" -->&amp;title=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="title2" -->">
10:06 paul koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/ccfl​s/en/acqui/newbasket2.tmpl: <a href="<!-- TMPL_VAR name="id" -->&amp;basket=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="basket" -->&amp;sub=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="parsub" -->">Add New Biblio</a>
10:06 paul koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/ccfl​s/en/acqui/newbasket2.tmpl:                         <a href="/cgi-bin/koha/acqui/​<!-- TMPL_VAR name="author2" -->&amp;copyright=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="copyright" -->&amp;id=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="id" -->&amp;basket=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="basket" -->&amp;biblio=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="biblionumber" -->&amp;title=<!-- TMPL_VAR name="title2" -->">
10:07 owen There's something about 'testdonation' in the newbasket2 template
10:07 paul + in spanish & other outdated languages in default templates.
10:07 kados interesting
10:07 paul but nothing in english & french (uptodate)
10:07 kados so I guess the solution there is to remove the links :-)
10:08 paul yep
10:08 kados owen: looks like the ISBD page links aren't working in the intranet
10:08 owen Strange, it must have been something in a very old version of the default template that I neglected to remove
10:09 kados 'item details'
10:09 kados guess that's the only one
10:11 paul owen/kados : are npl templates in rel_2_2 uptodate ?
10:11 owen I need to make a few updates before the next release
10:11 paul because if they are and if IPT works with 2.2.6RC1 tomorrow, I can release.
10:11 paul ok, so I wait for your signal, tell me when it's ready
10:12 owen I can try to wrap up the necessary changes today, if I have time.
10:12 owen I wonder if thd had a chance to test my changes to addiblio yesterday?
10:15 kados I dont' think so
10:15 kados but I'm gonna update the LibLime demos to the latest cvs in a bit
10:15 kados (soon as I parse through this document)
10:23 kados ok ... the document is better organized
10:25 kados /cgi-bin/koha/acqui/
10:26 kados looks like some of the 'shopping basket' details aren't getting displayed
10:26 kados -the basket number is empty
10:26 kados -The login name is not inserted
10:26 kados -The open on date is not present
10:26 kados -((probably the invoice number should not be filed in yet))
10:26 kados -(or should none be filled in yet?)
10:41 kados should 'add new biblio' actually point to 'new shopping basket'?
10:41 kados well ... new order I mean
10:43 kados looks fixed to me
10:43 kados thanks owen
10:44 kados thd: you around?
10:46 kados owen: do you know the details of the bug thd was tracking?
10:47 owen The addbiblio bug?
10:47 kados yea
10:48 owen As far as I know it was just that tag duplication wasn't working
10:48 kados hmmm
10:48 owen I don't know anything about the second part of his bug report about the problem that went away that he didn't want to come back.
10:48 kados looks like maybe the fix created a new bug
10:48 kados now it's:
10:48 kados op=duplicate#
10:49 kados so it's trying to jump to the current pate
10:49 kados page I mean
10:49 kados instead of reloading the page
10:49 kados wait ...
10:49 kados I'm wrong ...
10:49 kados this must be the new tag duplication that paul was working on
10:51 owen by the way kados: those missing details on the basket screen are missing from the default template too
10:51 kados interesting
10:51 owen I'm passing the buck ;)
10:51 kados paul: do you know about that?
10:51 kados wow ... I just watched this edit biblio screen just completely mangle a record!
10:52 kados it basically just completely deleted everything except a few fields in the record!
10:54 paul (on phone)
10:54 kados wow
10:54 kados when you duplicate an item
10:54 kados it completely deletes everything :-)
10:55 owen Duplicate how?
10:56 kados when you do a search for a record
10:56 kados and pull it up on the details page there's a 'duplicate record' option
11:34 paul kados: i'm back
11:35 paul the add tag feature now call a CloneTag sub, that is pure javascript
11:35 paul (and that works only on ff 1.5 it seems)
11:35 paul so the op=addfield in can be removed.
11:35 paul it works well on default templates.
11:38 owen Works well on npl templates now too
11:38 owen ...but I still don't know about Firefox 1.0.7. thd said that was the version he was running, so he was going to test
11:39 paul i'm sorry, but I have to leave now.
11:40 paul i'll be back tomorrow morning.
11:40 owen Have a good evening paul
11:40 paul then, monday => wednesday, i'll be in Switzerland
11:40 paul (so don't expect i'll be on a meeting on wed.)

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