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15:48 chris kados: u about?
15:54 rosa morning Chris, and Congratulations to you and Laurel
15:54 chris thanks rosa
15:54 rosa How is Laurel feeling?
15:55 chris pretty good, no real morning sickness, she was pretty tired a few weeks back ... but feeling pretty normal again now
15:55 rosa excellent
22:56 kados chris: am now
22:57 kados chris: if briefly
22:57 chris heya, did you mean to commit that last commit to the rel_2_2
22:57 chris ?
22:57 chris it looked like it should be a dev_week one
22:57 kados which one?
22:57 chris Subject: [Koha-cvs] koha/z3950 processz3950queue [rel_2_2]
22:58 kados yea...
22:58 kados well  it's debatable
22:58 chris will it work in 2.2?
22:58 kados if you upgrade to ZOOM, yes
22:58 kados thing is
22:58 chris right
22:58 kados if someone installs Net::Z3950 now
22:58 kados for a new install of 2.2.6
22:58 chris they get zoom eh?
22:58 kados processz3950queue won't work
22:58 kados yea
22:59 chris ok, we should just get the version checked
22:59 kados yep
22:59 chris by the upgrader
22:59 kados didn't get around to that
22:59 chris ill take a look at that if i get a chance
22:59 kados cool, thanks
22:59 kados interestingly
22:59 kados for dev-week
23:00 kados we can basically use all the stuff I wrote for the opac
23:00 kados for the Z3950 client
23:00 chris sweet
23:00 kados I just need to get the async stuff working
23:00 chris oh quick question
23:00 kados sure
23:00 chris in 2.2.5
23:00 chris can a borrower renew from the opac?
23:00 kados yep
23:00 chris sweet ta
23:00 kados can change their password too
23:01 kados ok ... I'm gonna get some sleep
23:01 kados chris: you might be interested in this:[…]raprotocolsupport
00:17 thd kados: when you wake up: the record editor is still crawling, but less crawling than previously
00:49 Strait is it possible to truncate words is catalogue search?
00:59 Strait found it...
00:59 Strait %
01:02 Strait and also * seems to work
01:02 Strait i tried it with 3 letters the first time
01:02 Strait and it requires at least 4
01:49 Comete hello
02:00 paul hello world !
02:07 btoumi hi all
02:07 btoumi hi dewey
02:08 btoumi :dewey hi
02:21 btoumi question for all
02:22 btoumi if u have in code a call to css what we can do?
02:22 btoumi delete line or comment it
02:51 paul btoumi: which code & which line are u speaking of ?
02:52 btoumi in garantor_search.tmpl
02:52 btoumi <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<!-- TMPL_VAR name="themelang" -->/includes/common-style.css">
02:53 paul (on est entre francais je suppose, on peut le faire en VF)
02:56 btoumi yes :=)
02:56 btoumi en fait g cette ligne de code dans guarantor_search.tmpl
02:56 btoumi ct juste pour savoir si je la faisais sautre
02:56 btoumi sauter
02:57 paul ben non, c'est important quand même pour charger une feuille de style.
02:58 paul normalement, c'est complété par d'autres tmpl_if et tmpl_var (préférences systèmes)
02:58 paul regarde dans le reste du code, tu devrais trouver ton bonheur
03:00 btoumi c un template que g cree
03:03 btoumi et g pas de condition c juste pour la presentation du popup
03:04 paul alors regarde dans un autre template, et copie/colle
03:04 paul sinon, commite comme ca, qqn corrigera bien !
03:04 btoumi c deja sur le cvs
03:05 btoumi je vais voir avec d'autre template
03:05 btoumi dans moremember.tmpl aucun appel au css
03:06 btoumi pareil pour categorie.tmpl
03:06 paul mmm... c'est parce que c'est dans les include !
03:09 btoumi exact
03:09 btoumi c dans le
03:09 paul yep
03:09 btoumi c nouveau
03:09 paul donc, tu virres dans le guarantor_search ;-)
03:10 paul (bonjour Comete )
03:10 btoumi bonjour comete
03:10 btoumi ok ca marche merci
03:11 btoumi par contre faut que je fasse l'include au doc-head-open et
03:11 paul yep
03:13 btoumi ok c bon a savoir car je vais faire la meme chose pour borrowers-details
06:42 Comete bonjour paul
06:43 Comete bonjour tlm
06:43 Comete hello all
07:30 Strait OPAC in finnish now :)
07:31 Strait we also have a first version of intranet in finnish in existance
07:31 Strait to be verified and corrected tomorrow
07:32 Strait for finnish MARC21 we will have to wait for the national library to complete the translation
07:33 Strait we've been working with them, so Koha will be the first librarysystem in existance to have MARC21 in finnish :)
07:34 Strait plus we've gained some friends in two significant library schools in finland
07:34 Strait all in all it's looking pretty good for us
07:42 paul Strait: hello
07:42 dewey hola, paul
07:42 paul did you use .po system to translate Koha to finnish ?
07:42 Strait yep, .po's
07:43 Strait why so?
07:43 paul it's on 2.2.5 ?
07:43 Strait the intranet was i believe 2.2.4
07:43 Strait opac is 2.2.5
07:43 paul ok, so it will be quite easy to update it for 2.2.6
07:43 Strait good :)
07:43 Strait we've been having a few laughs with out intranet translation
07:44 Strait finnish is an odd language so translations from english aren't always easy
07:44 Strait we have no words like "from" and "to"
07:44 Strait instead they're expressed by addinf suffixes to words
07:45 Strait "with our intranet translation"
07:45 Strait was what i wanted to say
07:46 Strait we also have to break the statistical module somehow
07:47 Strait our legislation doesn't allow us to save members reading histories and such
07:50 paul Strait: it's the same in France.
07:50 paul our legislation says :
07:50 paul - when the user request it and no more than 1 year after end of subscription for patron informations
07:51 paul - no more than 4 months after the book has been returned for issues informations.
07:51 Strait according to ours we can only save the name and contanct information of the last borrower
07:52 Strait and that information may only be found from the point of view of the item, not borrowers
07:52 Strait how do you deal with it in france with koha?
07:55 Strait i believe that the one year policy applies for patron information in finland too
07:56 Strait although it doesn't really concern us since practically every finn has a library card in their hometown and most have a few others in other towns too
07:57 Strait and library memberships are rarely canceled here
07:57 Strait they're more or less lifetime deals :D
07:58 Strait since it's completely free for everyone, there is really no reason to cancel them
07:59 Strait in fact there should be somekind on national librarycard scheme so you wouldn't have to carry a card for every library you use
07:59 Strait i have 8 librarycards at the moment
08:00 Strait that can't really be said to be handy
08:38 paul hdl around ?
08:41 btoumi :paul what is the file in misc directory
08:41 btoumi ?
08:42 paul sorry btoumi, but a power failure make me miss some things in irc
08:42 paul i don't know what you're speaking about
08:42 btoumi i have fund a file named in misc directory of head
08:43 btoumi sorry
08:43 paul mmm... i think it's a useless thing.
08:44 btoumi ok i'm ok
09:24 thd kados: are you there?
09:29 kados thd: I am extremely busy today :(
09:29 kados thd: got some catching up to do from last week
09:30 kados thd: plus, I've got a meeting in Northern Ohio with a library tomorrow
09:30 thd kados: the record editor is still buggy
09:31 kados thd: even with paul's new commits?
09:31 thd kados: Had you added them to Afognak?
09:32 kados thd: I haven't had a chance
09:33 thd kados: let me know when you have a chance and I will test again
09:34 kados thd: ok, maybe later today ... after the madness stops :-)
09:34 kados thd: what was the bug you found?
09:34 kados thd: withthe current version?
09:34 thd kados: thanks for form access to copy number and the individual call number parts
09:35 kados ??
09:36 thd kados: I found with a newly created record even that more than 2 subfields would be divided between multiple fields after saving.
09:37 thd kados: I think that the editor may not be recognising that it is in UTF-8
09:38 kados thd: it _must_ have an 'a' in position 9
09:38 kados thd: otherwise, I think it will do some strange things
09:39 thd kados: When I opened a UTF-8 leader with an a in position 9 the leader plugin initial reported it as MARC8.
09:39 thd s/initial/first/
09:40 thd kados: something is not recognising the value actually in the leader.
09:41 kados thd: not sure I understand
09:42 thd kados: the leader was a valid UTF-8 leader but the leader plugin reported otherwise the first time I opened the leader in the plugin.
09:42 kados interesting
09:42 kados are you 100% sure it was a valid UTF-8 leader?
09:43 thd kados: I did not test that aspect repeatedly but I did notice it.
09:43 thd kados:99%
09:45 kados if you can find a record that reporduces the problem I'd be happy to take a look at it
09:46 thd kados: How Alaska Got Its Flag
09:46 thd kados: I input that record completely manually
09:48 thd kados: 600s should look like ..
09:48 thd 650  0  $a Flags $z Alaska $v Juvenile literature.
09:48 thd 600 10  $a Benson, Benny $v Juvenile literature.
09:48 thd 651  0  $a Alaska $x History $v Juvenile literature.
09:48 thd 651  0  $a Alaska $v Biography $v Juvenile literature.
09:51 kados hmmm
09:51 kados I'm not sure preserves record order
09:51 kados in the display
09:52 kados also, there is no way to create a 650 before a 600 in the current editor :-)
09:52 thd kados: In the case of the repeated $v, repeating duplicates the value originally in the subfield or in the last repeated subfield even after subsequent editing of the value.  That was not the worst problem of course.
09:53 kados thd: yes, I believe paul fixed that, but I haven't checked
09:53 paul kados: & thd : yes, it's fixed ;-)
09:53 kados paul++
09:53 kados paul: when is the release of 2.2.6 scheduled?
09:54 paul i hope this week for a RC, installed in one of my libraries
09:54 kados paul: i have recently discovered bugs in acquisitions (need to test if they exist in the default or just npl templates)
09:54 paul but IPT has found a new bug in MARC editor, that i'm investigating
09:55 thd kados: I was not concerned with the field order although you can see that the record should not have a personal name subject as its primary subject.
09:55 btoumi bye all
09:55 thd good bye btoumi
09:55 btoumi bye thd
09:57 thd kados: the real problems were finding subfields moved to different fields after saving.
09:59 thd kados: When I attempted to show you this problem in France, you had noticed that the particular example did not have a UTF-8 leader.
10:00 thd kados: I suspect there were two few cases of non-UTF-8 leaders for that to have been the problem every time I had observed it.
10:01 thd kados: I think the system is failing to recognise that the leader is Unicode even when it clearly is set correctly.
10:02 thd kados: This Alaskan flag book does not even have anything other than ASCII characters.
10:20 thd kados: were you unaware of having changed the items editor template to provide editor access to the subfields that I had requested?
10:21 thd kados: you had written ?? after I thanked you.
10:27 kados ahh ...
10:27 dewey i guess ahh ... is that how 'snapshots' are done?
10:28 kados dewey: forget ahh
10:28 dewey kados, I didn't have anything matching ahh
10:28 kados dewey: forget ahh ...
10:28 dewey kados, I didn't have anything matching ahh
10:28 kados heh
10:28 kados thd: I was unaware of changing the items editor template, maybe Ryan did it
10:29 thd thank you Ryan, just what I had requested
10:31 thd kados: now you can have respectable looking items in addition to the ones already generated by a script.
10:35 thd kados: there was actually one items subfield that I had requested which is still not included.  The one for source of acquisition is still not there so I had been adding that to public note, lacking private note.
10:53 kados owen: I've got some info from ID on improving the default 'simple search'
10:53 kados owen: it'll take me a day or so to implement it
10:54 kados owen: soon as that's done, i think we can announce it to the staff
10:56 paul bye bye world, see you tomorrow morning

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