IRC log for #koha, 2006-05-14

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Time S Nick Message
13:24 chris hi owen
13:35 owen Hi chris
13:35 owen What's new?
13:37 chris hmm, this is
13:37 chris
13:40 chris most people have headed off, we have one more day then we had back (russ and I) the rest that are left leave early tomorrow
13:45 owen Nice photo. I'm happy to see all those faces
13:45 chris yeah it was good to finally meet everyone, a couple of people had left by then too, so we'll have to remember to take the photo on the 1st day next time :)
13:47 owen How often can we get away with holding one of these?
13:48 chris once a month?
13:48 chris :)
13:48 owen At that rate we could tour the world :D
13:48 chris i think maybe once a year, once every 2 years
13:49 chris we just need the gates foundation to donate a pile of money :-(
13:49 chris :-) even
13:50 chris i wouldnt be sad if they did
13:51 owen It's not too much of a stretch...
22:25 qiqo hi everyone. still dev week?
02:36 osmoze hello

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