IRC log for #koha, 2006-04-30

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22:03 Genji hiya.. anyone around?
00:08 qiqo hi every body
00:08 chris hi qiqo
00:09 qiqo hi chris whats up with koha?
00:09 chris what do you mean?
00:09 qiqo ohh by the way, when will the 3.0 be out?
00:09 chris hmm when its ready :)
00:09 chris no set time at the moment
00:09 qiqo ahh really
00:09 chris its at least a month a way
00:09 qiqo but can i get it through cvs?
00:09 qiqo ahhh cool..
00:10 qiqo so after the conference i guess
00:10 chris yep
00:10 chris you can get what will become 3.0 through cvs :)
00:10 qiqo hmm i was planning to integrate it to a debian installation..
00:10 qiqo ahh yeah,
00:10 chris theres plenty of bugs still
00:10 qiqo ok, so ill stick with 3.3?
00:10 qiqo what DBMS does 3.0 use?
00:10 qiqo i mean 2.2..
00:11 qiqo stick with 2.2.X
00:11 qiqo but what DBMS does 3.0 use? still MYSQL?
00:12 chris yeah, there will be a 2.4 release .. should be out shortly, before 3.0
00:12 chris it uses zebra, and mysql
00:12 chris (3.0 that is)
00:13 qiqo ahh cooll so will it depend on your choice if you want zebra or mysql?
00:13 chris no you will need both :)
00:13 qiqo or theyre bundled with it?
00:13 qiqo ahhh ok..
00:13 qiqo what should be the case for using zebra?
00:13 chris zebra for the bibliographical data
00:13 qiqo ahh aryt
00:13 chris it is much much faster, its built for searching
00:14 qiqo i was planning to distribute koha integrated into linux, because not all of the libraries here in the philippines have internet access
00:14 chris mysql for things that change lots, like issues data, borrower data, accounts data etc
00:14 qiqo cool
00:14 chris right thats a good idea
00:15 qiqo i hope my college will sponsor my thesis..
00:16 chris itd be cool to have a linux distribution, + mysql + apache + koha + zebra
00:16 chris on a cd
00:16 qiqo errm we have a live cd right?
00:16 qiqo but we dont have a distro?
00:16 chris yep
00:16 chris nope
00:17 qiqo great, ok i'm almost through with my analysis and design..
00:17 chris excellent
00:17 qiqo but it may change since 3.0 will be out soon
00:17 qiqo so i might as well wait for 3.0
00:17 chris right
00:18 chris there are a couple of talks at the conference that would be interesting, about what zebra is and why we are using it
00:18 chris we are planning to video all the talks, .. and put those plus, slides and notes online
00:18 chris if thats helpful
00:18 qiqo ohh.. if i had just had money to go to paris
00:18 qiqo cool..
00:18 qiqo so we could donwload them,,
00:19 qiqo wow.. that'd be a great help for us
00:19 chris :-)
00:19 chris cool
00:20 qiqo ok well then good luck to all  us
00:20 qiqo hehe thanks for the info
00:20 qiqo god bless..
00:20 chris thanks
03:21 Genji hiya all.. anyone around?
03:22 Genji specifically someone who can put me on koha's savannah?
04:28 Genji hey osmoze... you awake?

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