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13:45 kados hey owen-away
16:57 kados thd-away: you around?
17:54 thd- kados: I am around now
17:58 thd kados: did 73 records fail?
18:21 thd kados: The items have no LC call numbers or bar codes.
18:22 thd kados: Had you forgotten to verify the script for that?
19:02 thd kados: If you had import failure because of the presence standard 090 or 952 in the copy catalogued records, there is a solution that should be used even if there is no trouble.  090 and 952 in the original records should be moved to 09o and 95r respectively.  09o would then be a source of LC call numbers.  The original record information should be preserved in this manner until we have a better solution.
19:04 thd kados: Sorry that I had not been fully awake to remember that issue Thursday when we started looking at encoding.
19:58 owen kados: you around by any chance?
20:13 kados owen: am now
20:13 kados owen: briefly ... what's up?
20:14 thd kados: do you see me questions and suggestions above?
20:14 kados thd: yes
20:15 kados thd: the records you sent me don't include any way to map from the original fields to MARC
20:16 thd kados: yes the manual records would need to have any necessary extra information automatically mapped.
20:18 thd kados: I did not want to spend more time attempting to write support for extra values into the manual capture of the Z39.50 client.  I had not even expected to find as many as I had manually.
20:20 thd kados: was the presence of 090 in original records the reason that over 70 records failed rather than the character encoding problems of circa 15?
20:21 kados thd: I believe that I removed all tags with '9' in them
20:21 kados thd: though it would be worth it to investigate that
20:21 kados thd: have you changed anything in the records?
20:22 thd kados: no the records I provided were just as downloaded.
20:24 kados thd: I mean have you changed anything on the records I imported?
20:24 thd kados: we sould preserve 090 in the records as 09o until you use of 090 changes to something else.
20:24 kados thd: (wondering if I should attempt a re-import)
20:25 thd kados: no once, I noticed no call numbers I presumed that your import script was unfinished so definitely reimport with a more complete script.
20:26 thd kados: 090 is the only place where LC call numbers will be found for many records.
20:27 thd kados: LC call numbers will be variously in 050, 090, 852 as given in my pseudo code.
20:29 kados right
20:30 kados thd: I thought they wanted dewey call numbers
20:30 kados thd: not LOC call numbers
20:30 thd kados: also, we need 952 $t to track distinct copy numbers in the traditional way.
20:30 kados ?
20:31 kados thd: unfortunately, I can't work any more on this tonight
20:31 thd kados: They wanted LC call numbers the last time that you communicated with me in fact I think the advisement about the best choice was up to me.
20:31 kados thd: will you be around tomorrow afternoon?
20:32 kados thd: ok
20:32 kados thd: I'll work on improving the import script tomorrow
20:32 thd kados: yes, I will certainly be around but I did not want to abuse the deadline, given the Easter grace period.
20:32 kados thd: well, we've little choice :-)
20:33 thd kados: However, If your customer is happy I am happy.
20:33 thd kados: can you send me the script you have so far and I will write a better one.
20:35 thd kados: MARC::Record looks very easy to work with but it would be much easier to work with what you already have.
09:45 kados morning all
09:46 ToinS morning
09:52 kados morning ToinS
09:52 kados ToinS: paul around?
09:52 ToinS no, i'm not with Paul today
09:52 kados paul_away: you'll be happy to hear that Mike and I have arrived at a solution for the encoding probs
09:52 kados ToinS: ok :-)
09:53 kados paul_away: it will remove handling of encoding in Koha and move it to the MARC::* modules
09:53 kados paul_away: hope to be done this week

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