IRC log for #koha, 2006-04-16

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12:18 slef why would we want to avoid Encode?
12:18 slef The problem with your script seemed to be that you were telling the MARC stuff it was unicode when it wasn't.
12:18 slef huh huh he said testes, Beavis huh huh
12:24 slef when is bug squash meeting?
12:27 slef (tuesday) 13:00 GMT
12:43 kados slef: hehe
12:43 kados slef: so working on a different encoding prob now
12:43 kados slef: in rel_2_2
12:43 kados I do this:
12:43 kados    warn "IS THIS UTF8?";
12:43 kados    my $check = $html;
12:43 kados    warn utf8::is_utf8($check) ? 1 : 0, "\n";
12:43 kados in the
12:43 kados sub output_html_with_http_headers routine
12:43 kados and it throws 1
12:44 kados but when I do it earlier
12:44 kados with the $xml and with the $record
12:44 kados it throws 0
12:44 kados so my theory is that $template->output is to blame for the conversion to utf-8
13:39 kados yea, I'm completely flumexed
13:40 kados it's really perl to blame I think
13:40 kados it's setting a utf8 flag if it suspects utf-8 data
13:41 kados and there doesn't seem to be any way to turn it off globally
19:31 Genji hiya
19:43 thd hello Genji
23:17 pate-away kados, it's always Perl's fault
00:44 rach lol
00:44 rach pate is funny
02:08 osmoze hello
03:29 slef hrm

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