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11:02 kados hi guys
11:02 kados I made a few very important commits to rel_2_2 hdl
11:02 kados related to utf-8
11:02 hdl which ones ?
11:03 kados hdl: I made a minor change to and to bulkmarcimport
11:04 kados hdl: that encodes all MARC-8 data as UTF-8 before importing / displaying on the screen
11:05 kados hdl: but I'm not sure if it will work with UNIMARC records
11:08 hdl pierrick_ : still, I have a problem. Maybe it is me.
11:09 hdl But​i-bin/koha/admin/
11:10 hdl When Périodiques is not displayed correctly.
11:10 hdl But When I go into phpmyadmin, it is ok.
11:13 pierrick_ hdl: I can't reach your servere :-/
11:14 hdl Enterprise firewall ?
11:14 pierrick_ hdl: are you sure your data are truely UTF-8 ?
11:14 pierrick_ maybe firewall, you're right
11:14 hdl Yes.
11:15 pierrick_ how can you be sure ?
11:15 hdl In an utf-8 console,
11:15 hdl on a mysql connection
11:15 hdl select * from biblio_framework;
11:15 hdl returns weird character :
11:16 pierrick_ did you "set names 'UTF8';" before "select" ?
11:16 hdl | PER           | P?iodiques   |
11:16 hdl then set names utf-8
11:16 hdl no weird char and everything goes well :
11:17 hdl | PER           | Périodiques  |
11:17 pierrick_ OK, I agree your data are truely UTF-8
11:18 hdl Then is there a connection status in Koha that goes wrong, that's what I want to know.
11:18 pierrick_ Can you adapt the script I send today on koha-devel to make it read biblioframework and write the result to a file ?
11:27 hdl : No problem.
11:27 hdl Utf-8 and utf8.
11:28 hdl I hate hyphens :(
11:28 hdl no.
11:29 hdl It was good.
11:31 pierrick_ so the problem is in communication between Koha, Apache and browser
11:33 hdl or between Koha and Mysql....
11:33 pierrick_ Koha doesn't do anything special I think
11:34 pierrick_ You asked Koha to 'set names 'UTF8'" ?
11:34 hdl maybe set names is not done on each call.
11:34 hdl I tried to.
11:34 hdl It was commented out in
11:35 pierrick_ to make sure the problem doesn't comes from Koha+MySQL, just after the select, print the results to a file
11:40 hdl Wide character un print.
11:41 hdl Seems perl considers STDOUT not to be utf-8
11:45 pierrick_ th same query in Koha doesn't give the same result as a simple Perl script !
11:50 hdl no simple perl script wil return you the Authetication page, unless Auth is desactivated
11:52 pierrick_ I also have "Périodiques" in the biblioframework table Paul gave me
11:52 hdl And does it work for you .
11:52 hdl ?
11:53 pierrick_ if I "set names 'UTF8'" in mysql client and "select * from biblio_framework", the display is correct in my console...
11:53 pierrick_ ... even if the table says the the field is latin1.
11:54 pierrick_ what is the charset of your field and your table ?
11:54 hdl Utf8. I converted everything.
11:54 hdl How can I print mysql status in Perl ?
11:55 pierrick_ I don't know yet, I search
12:00 osmoze hi all
12:00 pierrick_ I don't find, but as the behaviour of is different with and without "set names 'UTF8'", I'm sure it's used
12:00 pierrick_ Hi osmoze
12:25 pierrick_ in fact, I don't understand very well were the information of the column/table charset in MySQL is used. As I see on my Koha 2.2 installation, my data are in UTF-8 while my column says it's in latin1...
12:54 kados pierrick_: have you tried switching to utf-8 in mysql?
12:56 pierrick_ kados: what do you mean exactly ?
12:57 pierrick_ switching server, db, table, column, connection ?
12:57 kados table
12:58 pierrick_ (how do you notify IRC things like "* doing the test" ?)
12:59 kados dunno
12:59 pierrick_ you and others do it all the time
13:01 kados you mean:
13:01 kados ?
13:01 kados type:
13:01 kados /me does the test
13:03 pierrick_ roger roger, alpha tango charly
13:08 pierrick_ kados: "alter table biblio_framework modify frameworktext char(255) character set utf8  NOT NULL default '';" doesn't change anything. Data doesn't seem to have been modified (IMO it was already UTF-8 anyway), the only important thing is to "set names 'UTF8';"
13:09 kados pierrick_: first I think you need to convert it to binary
13:10 pierrick_ kados: I don't think I have any problem with my data, I suppose them UTF-8
13:11 kados right, but mysql doesn't know that
13:11 kados so it will try to encode it
13:11 pierrick_ with my small script, I can extract them to a file, all in UTF-8*
13:11 kados as utf-8 ... again
13:11 kados and it will probably mutilate the characters outside the ascii range
13:11 kados (I could be wrong of course)
13:12 pierrick_ kados: in fact, I don't understand where you want me to go :-/
13:13 kados I'm trying to find the documentation :-)
13:13 pierrick_[…]t-conversion.html
13:13 kados yep, I think that's it
13:14 kados it recommends going to binary first
13:14 kados then to utf-8
13:14 pierrick_ yes, if your data are not already UTF8
13:15 pierrick_ let's do a try :-)
13:20 pierrick_ intermediate step : biblio_framework.frameworktext is binary(255), I do not need "set names 'UTF8';" to see accentued characters in my UTF-8 console
13:22 pierrick_ operation finished, biblio_framework.frameworktext is "char(255) character set utf8", if I don't specify "set names 'UTF8';" before the select, the accentued characters is not correctly displayed in my UTF-8 console
13:23 pierrick_ if I "set names 'UTF8';", accentued characters are displayed correctly in my UTF-8 console (nothing changed from the initial step)
13:28 kados cool
13:28 kados so what do they look like in the opac?
13:34 pierrick_ where can I display content of biblio_framework ?
13:38 kados in 'admin'-> biblio framework
13:40 pierrick_ kados: there is a bug in on the symlink for opac templates
13:40 pierrick_ I corrected by myself, but it could be good to modify the documentation :-)
13:41 kados pierrick_: could you email stephen with the correction?
13:41 pierrick_ kados: right
13:42 pierrick_ in my 2.2 OPAC, I don't see 'admin' :-/
13:44 pierrick_ I found it in the intranet
13:46 kados marc framework isn't available from the opac
13:46 kados but really, the biblio_framework is probably a poor test
13:46 kados since it doesn't hold any actual MARC data
13:47 kados just information about what MARC tags/subfields the database recognizes
13:47 pierrick_ Firefox displays as iso-8859-1 as it's what precised in HTML header, and my frameworktext is correctly displayed.
13:48 pierrick_ if I "set names 'latin1';" and set my console charset to latin1, accentued characters are correctly displayed.
13:48 kados hmmm ...
13:49 pierrick_ making the conversion from "*anything*" to utf-8 is possible, but the opposite is not available very often
13:49 pierrick_ for example, iconv doesn't propose to convert from utf-8
13:49 pierrick_ so my data are maybe in latin1
13:49 pierrick_ or not
13:49 pierrick_ or I don't know
13:50 kados hmmm
13:55 hdl kados, pierrick_ : with set names=latin1, with my data converted to utf8, the display is "magically" correct !!!!!!
13:55 hdl STRANGE.
13:57 pierrick_ I made another test : I've inserted a character really not available in latin1 on the description of my biblio fwk.
13:57 pierrick_ With Firefox, I ask to display in UTF-8, and my characters are not displayed correctly
13:59 pierrick_ still in my 2.2 working copy, I've added "set names 'UTF8'" just after dbh creation and my characters are displayed correctly :-)
14:01 hdl Confusing confusing.
14:02 hdl What is in utf8 what is not....
14:02 hdl Is Périodiques really in utf8 (biblioframework) is it not ?
14:03 hdl I DID ALTER Table convert character set utf8 collation utf8_general_ci.
14:03 hdl But is it true utf8 ?
14:04 hdl On other parts of Koha, display is disturbed.
14:05 pierrick_[…]koha-2.2-utf8.png
14:08 hdl pierrick_: what is your keyboard layout ?
14:08 hdl Are you workin on a 2.2. version ?
14:09 hdl What are your collation and charset ?
14:09 pierrick_ how do I know my keyboard layout ?
14:09 pierrick_ 2.2, yes
14:09 hdl By me, in /etc/sysconfig/keyboard :
14:09 pierrick_ charset utf8 for this table/column
14:10 pierrick_ default collation for this charset (but it has nothing to do with our problem)
14:10 hdl KBCHARSET=UTF-8
14:10 hdl KEYBOARD=fr
14:10 hdl KEYTABLE=fr_FR-latin1
14:10 hdl
14:10 pierrick_ I don't have this file
14:10 hdl so with export, you should get your variables.
14:11 hdl No. I donot have them.
14:12 pierrick_ I don't have them neither of course
14:12 pierrick_ But what is the importance of my keyboard layout ? I copied/paste these characters from the web
14:12 pierrick_ on an UTF8 page
14:13 hdl ok.
14:14 pierrick_ I'm leaving now, have a nice WE you all :-)
15:44 Flash Anyone out there willing to show me the ropes?
15:46 Flash I have a real basic question.  Don't be afraid.
16:04 kados hi Flash
16:04 kados what's your question?
16:05 Flash How can I see a list of my books and who has them?
16:06 kados you might try going to the 'reports' section
16:06 Flash Which report
16:08 kados well there are several you might want to try
16:08 kados the default reports that come with a stock Koha might not include all the specific reports your library needs
16:09 kados typically you could get your vendor to help you generate the specific report you need
16:09 Flash I tried Inventory/Stocktaking but it didn't work.
16:09 Flash vendor?
16:09 kados yea, that's the problem with the default reports -- not all of them work
16:10 kados you don't have a Koha vendor? :-)
16:10 Flash No, I downloaded and istalled it myself.  I'm an IT guy.
16:10 kados
16:10 kados ahh
16:10 kados in that case, you could probably build yourself a report that you need
16:10 kados the reports are quite simple scripts
16:10 kados they just query the mysql database
16:11 Flash Perl
16:11 kados yep
16:11 kados though you could use php or python if you're more familiar with them
16:11 Flash Is there a repository of reports that people have created?
16:11 kados or you could just query mysql directly
16:12 kados well ... that's the default reports :-)
16:12 Flash Is there an ERD of the database?
16:12 kados there are a lot of libraries out there using Koha that don't contribute their modifs back to the main repo
16:12 kados (well, all of them anyway)
16:12 kados yea ... I think there's on on
16:13 Flash Ok, I guess I'll either have to get the default reports working or write my own.
16:14 kados sweet
16:14 Flash Caio.
16:14 kados bye
17:29 kados if I'm reading correctly, Tumer has got Zebra running in a production environment
17:30 kados chris: did you get that from his email too?
00:19 Heavenlydemo hey everyone just have a question. wondering if koha would be of use for me
00:20 Heavenlydemo i want a database for my dvds, and a circulation so would koha be able to do that on my laptop?

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