IRC log for #koha, 2006-02-01

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12:35 thd kados: ping
12:36 kados thd: hi
12:36 kados thd: what's up?
12:37 thd kados: chase dismissed
12:37 kados thd: congrats
12:37 kados thd: you must be relieved
12:37 thd kados: yes
12:37 paul what means  "chase dismissed" ?
12:38 paul (hello thd)
12:38 paul (hello owen too)
12:38 thd kados: avoid court in Newark, NJ at all costs
12:39 thd paul: hello, I am out of gaol and prosecution for contempt of court in Newark, New Jersey.
12:41 thd kados: I cannot resubscribe to the koha-devel list.
12:42 thd kados: Messages were bouncing when I had not checked them just and my mailbox quota became overfilled.
12:42 kados thd: I can add you manually
12:43 thd kados: The system claims that I am already subscribed.
12:46 kados thd: ok ... should be fixed
12:47 kados thd: there was a flag for your email address because of too many bounced messages
12:47 thd kados: can you ensure that is subscribed to all koha Savannah lists.
12:48 thd kados: I was checking lawyers all the time not Koha mail and everything bounced after 6 Jan.
12:50 thd kados: Apparently that flag cannot be reset externally.  Is that something that you control or is it a bug.
12:50 thd ?
12:52 kados thd: looks like koha@alinto is subscribed to every list except koha-win32 and koha-zebra
12:52 kados thd: not a bug
12:54 thd kados: could you subscribe me to those lists, including cvs.  I have certainly not been receiving anything from savannah.
12:55 kados thd: you're subscribed to all except koha-win32 and koha-zebra ... please subscribe yourself to those lists as I'm quite busy :-)
12:57 thd kados: I have re-subscribed myself to koha-zebra but there seems to be a bug if you do not see in the subscription list.
13:07 kados thd: might just take some time to update the list
13:08 kados thd: and you _are_ listed
13:08 kados thd: but you're not subscribed to koha-win32
13:09 thd kados: koha-devel had even sent me a message informing me that I was still subscribed without indicating a problem when I attempted to resubscribe.
13:10 kados thd: best thing to do is make sure your email doesn't bounce :-)
13:11 thd kados: Hard to do from gaol :)
13:11 kados hehe
13:12 thd kados: It was actually some commits of large files to cvs that put me over the quota, otherwise all should be fine.
13:14 thd kados: If there is a bug, it would be nice to prove it, the Savannah people seem very responsive and have recently added a couple of admins.
13:17 thd kados: I can only see the outside half of the issue so that I cannot prove the bug myself alone.
13:17 kados I recently adjusted the quota on koha-cvs
13:17 kados so let me know if it happens again
13:18 kados for now, I'm too busy to worry about savannah bugs :-)
13:18 kados unless it becomes a serious problem for everyone
13:18 thd kados: what do you mean by quota in this context?
13:18 kados which, so far as I can tell, it's not
13:18 kados thd: message size limit
13:19 thd kados: OK, what happens now when the message exceeds what limit?
13:20 kados thd: for all practical cases, there is no limit now
13:22 thd kados: I should de anonomise myself to reduce the hazard.  I have been setting a few things up on my domain to prepare for that.
13:47 osmoze hello
13:47 paul hello
13:47 paul ta démo s'est bien passée ?
13:47 osmoze je pense oui :)
13:48 osmoze j'attend un retour de Francis maintenant
13:48 paul plein de portscans sur les ports 6880-6999 aujourd'hui...
13:48 paul bizarre...
13:48 paul c'est les ports du p2p ces trucs là sauf erreur.
13:48 osmoze mais après reflexion, il faut etre fou pour rester chez A****
13:48 osmoze paul, de msn pour la cam aussi
13:48 paul y aurait il un virus/ver en cours de promenade.
13:49 paul ah, ok, alors il doit y avoir une nouvelle faille exploitée ;-)
13:49 osmoze je pense :)
13:50 osmoze J ai cru comprendre que Francis te contacterai dans les prochains jours, peut etre t en dira t il plus
15:00 kados AGENDA:[…]ndAndNotes06jan30
15:07 kados hi slef
15:07 slef hi kados
15:47 kados so should we get started a bit early chris?
15:47 kados cause you're a major player here :-)
15:48 chris i just edited the wiki a little
15:49 chris yeah, unfortunately I have other meetings to go too :(
15:49 chris but on the plus side, they are about koha
15:49 |hdl| hdl here.
15:49 |hdl| But paul wil be late.
15:49 |hdl| He asked me to excuse him
15:50 chris be back in about 5 mins
15:51 |hdl| paul won't be much late
15:54 kados chris: ping when you get back
15:58 kados hey sanspach
15:58 sanspach hello
16:01 kados OK ... well my clock reads 11:01
16:01 kados so who's here?
16:01 thd here
16:01 paul hello world
16:01 kados hi paul
16:02 thd still out of gaol
16:02 kados still waiting for chris I think
16:02 slef kados: aye
16:02 paul lot of ppl tonight
16:03 kados welcome everyone ...
16:03 kados here's our agenda:
16:03 kados[…]ndAndNotes06jan30
16:04 kados paul: while we wait for chris, could you summarize what you've done so far?
16:04 paul on HEAD you mean ?
16:04 kados yep
16:04 paul (writing with baby near me... any typo is not mine ;-) )
16:04 paul SO :
16:04 kados hehe
16:04 chris back
16:05 paul * code cleaning, 2 steps :
16:05 chris for about 45 mins
16:05 paul - moving some scripts to a more logic directory
16:06 kados paul: specifically, perl-zoom related stuff ...
16:06 paul - rewriting some C4 packages to : get rid with useless subs, normalize others and move others
16:06 paul * Perl ZOOM :
16:06 kados paul: where are we at with perl-zoom integration? are there still some problems encountered?
16:06 paul I can't make Perl ZOOM work correctly.
16:06 paul 2 problems remains :
16:06 paul - search in CQL don't work
16:07 paul - Extended services don't work well for me either
16:07 paul when I try to have a key defined
16:08 paul recordId: (bib1, Identifier-standard) in zebra.cfg I mean
16:08 paul does not work.
16:08 paul Thus i'm stuck and can't go further.
16:09 paul in HEAD, C4/Biblio could be moved to zebra in less than 1 hour I bet when i'll have zebra working
16:09 kados so as of yet, have you sucessfully updated a zebra database with new records using Perl-ZOOM (at all?)
16:09 kados or this problem is preventing it?
16:09 paul yes, but only without recordId, thus only add works. modif don't
16:09 kados I see
16:10 kados ok ... thanks paul
16:10 paul + I can't really test, as I can't query the DB correctly !
16:10 kados right
16:10 kados so hopefully chris or the Index Data guys can shed some light on these problems
16:10 paul I strongly hope !
16:11 kados do we need to send another email to koha-zebra explaining them?
16:11 kados (I can send if it would help)
16:11 paul I think we should write one to remind some questions are still unsolved.
16:11 paul but nothing new in fact !
16:11 kados right
16:11 paul (jeremie going to bed)
16:11 paul I can summarize all my problems if you want.
16:12 kados that'd be great
16:12 paul (+ commit some non working code)
16:12 kados thanks, that will help alot
16:12 chris that would be good paul
16:12 paul for CQL search, the main problem is a yaz-zebra-zoom config problem I think.
16:12 paul there are a lot of doc from indexdata, but in 3-4 different pieces.
16:13 kados yep
16:13 paul hard to solve the puzzle when you begin
16:13 kados anything else on this topic?
16:13 paul not from me.
16:13 kados ok ... then we can move on ...
16:13 kados Perl Packages
16:13 kados mainly Date::Manip ...
16:14 kados I think we all agree that we've got to get rid of Date::Manip for proc-sensitive operations
16:14 paul I have asked a french newsgroup about this
16:14 chris yes
16:14 kados paul: did you get a response?
16:15 paul yes : going to Datetime
16:15 paul from Paul Gaborit, THE perl mongueur in France
16:15 kados right
16:15 paul thus, i bet it's the way to go
16:15 kados anyone object to that idea?
16:15 chris Date::Manip has its place in things like reports
16:15 chris nope Damian Conway suggested Datetime too
16:16 kados great ... ok so let's do that then ... next question ... who? :-)
16:16 chris ill do it
16:16 thd Date::Calc
16:16 kados great ... thanks chris
16:16 kados paul: did you add MARC::XML to the agenda?
16:16 paul no. But it's a good idea !
16:17 kados we should see some commits soon to MARC::Charset and MARC::File::XML
16:17 paul (maybe I did it in fact...)
16:17 paul my opinion is that XML is the way to go.
16:17 chris cool
16:17 kados prompted by some complaints I submitted to Ed Summers
16:17 paul and MARC::XML is the natural tool to manage iso2709 files.
16:18 kados there are some political problems with the maintainers of the MARC modules
16:18 kados I don't know the history, but I suspect we might see a fork
16:18 kados :(
16:18 paul (could you explain a little bit more)
16:19 thd kados: what fork are you expecting?
16:19 kados well, off the record, I think Ed Summers (who maintains MARC::File::XML and MARC::Charset) is upset with Andy Lester (who maintained MARC::Record)
16:19 kados I don't know any of the details
16:19 kados but I know they're not speaking at the moment
16:20 shedges who maintains MARC::XML?
16:20 paul ok, that's enough for me.
16:20 paul ed
16:20 kados hopefully this won't cause any problems in the interoperability of the modules
16:20 kados shedges: is there even a MARC::XML anymore?
16:20 paul no, when I wrote MARC::XML, I speak of MARC::file::XML in fact
16:20 kados I think it's been moved to MARC::File::XML
16:20 paul I explain :
16:20 thd these disagreements never make any sense to meet
16:21 thd s/meet/me
16:21 paul with MARC::File::XML, you can read/write XML files in a MARC::Record.
16:21 paul thus, you can go XML in Koha very easily.
16:21 kados right
16:21 kados so there is a unicode-friendly version of MARC::Record on SourceForge ... the CPAN version isn't unicode friendly
16:22 kados I've been bugging Andy about that ... hopefully he'll update CPAN soon
16:22 kados something else to keep in mind
16:22 paul a MARC::Record from Ed or andy ?
16:22 kados andy
16:22 kados well ... andy et al
16:22 chris on the topic of perl modules
16:23 thd what about creating a class for koha modules on CPAN?
16:23 chris who here uses Smart::Comments ?
16:23 thd Packaging distributions would be much easier.
16:23 kados not me
16:23 chris ok, its a great tool for debug
16:23 chris use Smart::Comments;
16:24 chris then if i type
16:24 slef thd: new installer would be better, then MakeMaker and it will package easily anyway.
16:24 chris ### $var
16:24 chris it gets output
16:24 chris then when im finished testing, i comment out use Smart::Comments
16:24 kados cool
16:24 chris and it goes back to being a comment
16:25 paul does it work with HTML::Template ?
16:25 chris[…]Smart/
16:25 paul or in log ?
16:25 chris in the log
16:25 paul ok, so it's H::T compatible.
16:26 chris yep, just a little tip, handy for debugging
16:26 kados I'm all in favor of it
16:26 kados so ... getting back to M::R and M::F::X ... anything we need to decide on that?
16:26 slef yuck, executable comments
16:27 chris if you dont like them, dont use them
16:27 chris its only a development tool
16:28 chris the other module ive found useful lately is want
16:29 thd kados: Nothing to decide until people start creating XML records to large to convert back to MARC.
16:29 chris but we can talk about that one another time
16:29 kados thd: don't we already have that problem at some libraries?
16:30 thd kados: yes we may have :)
16:31 thd kados: We need to find the precise threshold of when size breaks MARC.
16:31 kados IIRC it's 9999 chars
16:31 paul it's 9999B iirc
16:31 paul kados : you won ;-)
16:31 kados :-)
16:31 paul and the problem is that MARc::Record don't cut a too long MARC::Record when exporting in iso2709
16:31 slef chars != bytes (welcome to unicode)
16:32 paul but set size to something stupid
16:32 kados good point slef ...
16:32 thd kados: I was working on that problem till I was caught in a certain municipal court disputing US$1.25
16:32 paul I won : it's 9999 Bytes !
16:32 kados so paul wins then :-)
16:32 chris heh
16:32 chris ok I have 10 mins more then i have to go
16:33 kados ok ... wanna talk about modperl then
16:33 chris right, im about to start work on getting koha to place nice under mod_perl and mod_perl2
16:33 paul we should speak of what chris will work on don't we ?
16:33 kados yep ... mod_perl(2) and new serials then
16:33 chris i hope to clean some stuff as I go, like paul was doing
16:34 kados cool
16:34 thd paul: what counts for bytes, all data when expressed as an ISO2709 format?
16:34 chris the serials spec is being read by a few libraries
16:34 kados everyone note that mod_perl2 is different than mod_perl 1.9998 which is what debian is calling mod_perl2
16:34 kados and they changed the namespaces so it does matter what version you have
16:34 chris once we have collated their comments, and made some changes, work on the serials module will start
16:35 chris it will be built around the work on serials that has already been done
16:35 thd kados: etch has broken my Postgres
16:35 paul I plan to add a small feature in serials, in 2.2.6
16:35 chris but extended to meet a few more requirements, and with system preferences to allow libraries to choose what features they need
16:35 paul it's auto creation of an item when recieving
16:36 chris excellent
16:36 chris we need that
16:36 owen 0078936
16:36 slef kados: what's actual deb package name?
16:36 paul owen ? is it your password ?
16:36 paul or your bankcard secret code ?
16:36 kados is anyone working on serials routing?
16:36 slef slef: libapache2-mod-perl2
16:36 chris we will be, if no one else is
16:36 paul there's already something in HEAD on this subject
16:36 paul quite simple, but working.
16:37 paul you can define a routing page, that can be printed.
16:37 chris cool
16:37 paul it contains borrowers selected from borrowers or entered manually
16:37 chris right, we'll probably extend that a bit too
16:37 paul it does not handle following a serial
16:37 kados slef: it might be: libapache2-mod-perl2
16:37 chris a client is paying for the serials work, and routing is the major thing they want
16:38 slef kados: debian has libapache2-mod-perl2 2.0.2 in testing, should be a simple apt-get source --build
16:38 kados slef: yep, I was just alerting debian users that stable mod_perl2 is not mod_perl2 :-)
16:38 slef[…]e2-mod-perl2.html
16:38 chris as part of the mod_perl stuff
16:39 chris ill have to check every part of koha works under it
16:39 kados yep
16:39 chris so I hope to squash some bugs at the same time
16:39 slef kados: aye, looks like upstream's release dates coincided badly
16:39 kados last time I checked there were some weird problems with mod_per2 and circ
16:39 chris or at least, get mason and bob to squash them for me
16:39 kados though I did get the OPAC working fine
16:39 kados heh
16:39 kados ok ... so all good there ...
16:40 kados anything more about serials or mod_perl?
16:40 chris not from me
16:40 kados ok ... lets hit on Database ...
16:40 kados paul: you added this I assume?
16:40 paul yep.
16:40 thd I would say something but I have not kept up this past month
16:41 thd I have not caught up yet  :)
16:41 kados so I am happy with the idea of constraints
16:41 paul I just wanted to say that I'va added constaints in DB schema
16:41 paul + move to innoDB
16:41 kados nice job there paul
16:41 chris ok i better go catch a bus .. ill read the log
16:41 chris and email any things i think of
16:41 kados ciao chris ... read you soon
16:41 paul i'm not afraid with Oracle buying innoDB company.
16:41 slef paul: what does koha do if a constraint is violated?
16:42 kados i was gonna ask about that
16:42 paul as innnoDB is GPL unless i'm missing something.
16:42 paul it depends.
16:42 paul most constraints are CASCADE
16:42 paul meaning : if you delete the parent data, all childs are deleted too
16:42 kados slef and thd, you are our IP experts ... any probs using InnoDB in a GPL project like Koha that you can forsee?
16:43 paul some are RESTRICT, meaning deleting a parent is forbidden when a child exists
16:43 paul and a few are SET NULL, meaning, the childs are set to nULL when parent deleted.
16:43 thd what license does InnoDB have?
16:43 paul SET NULL are for issues, not to drop issues when a borrower is deleted : we keep the issuing record, anonymous
16:43 slef kados: checking
16:44 paul RESTRICT are for constraints like branches >> items.
16:44 paul you can't delete a branch if an item exists on it.
16:44 paul would be quite dangerous to set cascade here ;-)
16:45 sanspach why not RESTRICT for borrower >> issues ?
16:45 kados right
16:45 paul because we can't delete issues !
16:45 shedges "The GNU GPL license, under which both MySQL and InnoDB are published, does not allow, without a permission from MySQL AB and Innobase Oy, linking of InnoDB and MySQL, or the client libraries of MySQL, to a product which you distribute but which does not itself satisfy the GNU GPL license."
16:45 slef kados: says "The GNU GPL license, under which both MySQL and InnoDB are published [...]" = no problem AFAICT
16:45 shedges
16:46 paul CASCADE or SET NULL are valid possibilityes, but RESTRICT is a bad idea I think
16:46 kados hehe
16:46 slef shedges: have you seen /usr/share/doc/mysql-server/copyright though? Not happy.
16:47 paul (should be somewhere else, but where ?)
16:47 thd shedges: Is that GPL 2 or a later version at the recipient's option?
16:47 slef paul: I hear mandriva put their copyright files in /dev/null ;-)
16:48 kados slef: what about future releases of innodb ... do we need to worry about them not being GPL?
16:48 thd shedges: this has become important now that there is a draft of GPL 3
16:48 slef kados: if it ever changes, I'd expect someone will probably fork mysql
16:49 kados ok ... so we do need to keep our eyes on what Oracle's doing with innodb
16:49 shedges thd:  the page links to GPL 2
16:49 kados but in the meantime, I suppose we should move forward with it
16:49 kados as it's a much better storage engine
16:49 paul and say "mysql could not delete what you wanted to delete blabla"
16:50 kados right
16:50 thd shedges: what is the exact link?
16:50 paul I'm OK to continue managing the DB schema in the future.
16:50 kados we definitely need good error handling with the constraits
16:50 shedges
16:50 kados great, thanks paul
16:50 kados anything more on the databases or innodb stuff?
16:50 paul ;-)
16:50 kados paul: :-)
16:51 paul nope. Except i'll take a look at innoDB tweaks/config files
16:51 kados ok ... great
16:51 paul to see what to do to improve perfs.
16:51 paul i'll write the result on the wiki
16:51 kados if we need to discuss the licensing stuff lets start a thread on koha-devel
16:51 kados next is programming templates
16:51 kados owen can wake up now :-)
16:52 paul owen... time to leave your bed ;-)
16:52 paul derelict ???
16:52 kados hehe
16:52 slef thd: looks like version at time of publication only[…]introduction.html
16:52 owen ...But paul has been taking up the slack
16:52 paul a last note on DB :
16:52 paul DB constraints requires mySQL 4.1
16:53 paul this is important I think
16:53 paul (even if every every major distro now provides it)
16:53 kados right
16:53 kados I'm ok with that
16:53 kados a last note on mod_perl2: it requires apache2
16:54 kados unless I'm mistaken
16:54 |hdl| but won't be required for Koha to work
16:54 kados right
16:55 kados ok ... so programming templates
16:56 kados at some point, hopefully soon, we're going to start designing some official Koha templates right?
16:56 paul hopefully.
16:56 paul and I won't be the designer, for sure ;-)
16:57 owen I thought Katipo was going to work on a design for us
16:57 kados hi si
16:57 si morning all
16:57 paul hi si
16:57 paul (not really morning for us, but hello even)
16:57 kados si: do you know if katipo plans to work on a new template design for 3.0?
16:57 si paul: quite
16:57 kados si: that Owen can code?
16:58 si I'd imagine we are
16:58 si but I'll check with the oracle (russ) who's just walked in the door
16:58 thd slef shedges: from "you have the option of following the terms and conditions either of that version or of any later version published by the Free Software Foundation" look for this text it is now important
16:59 si thd: it's important to remeber that's in the informatiuon about the license, not the license itself
16:59 russ kados : yes i think we will be doing templates
16:59 kados great ... so I'm assuming we'll know more about that in a couple of weeks when chris is almost done with perl-zoom stuff :-)
16:59 kados ok ... anything else to talk about regarding templates?
17:00 paul nope.
17:00 paul except that we have 2 possibilities:
17:01 paul - katipo defines a design that changes only a few PROG code. That should be possible because owen design + my improvements makes them really versatile
17:01 paul - katipo defines a design when Koha 3.0 is aalmost here
17:01 paul as it's really hard to update 2 sets of templates.
17:02 paul I tried, on 2.0 with en/fr, before the great translator tool knocks
17:02 paul and owen could confirm I bet
17:02 kados good point paul
17:02 kados ok ... lets move on to the installer
17:02 kados slef: can you update us on that?
17:03 owen We didn't really decide on paul's two possibilities
17:03 owen russ: any thoughts on those two options?
17:03 paul (we don't have, owen. katipo will tell us the way they want to follow)
17:04 russ sorry i compeltely forgot about this meetng
17:04 slef kados: the new installer is there, but the basic mechanics need some work and I most of all need a current INSTALL instructions
17:04 kados heh
17:04 russ i need to way up the pros and cons with the team
17:04 owen That's long as the ball is in the right court! :)
17:04 paul slef : "there" ? do you mean you have it or it is commited ? (I didn't saw anything on cvs on this subject)
17:05 kados slef: I think the closest thing to that we have is a couple of email I sent last month
17:05 kados (or was it in late November)
17:05 slef kados: do you have links handy so I can add them to comments?
17:05 thd what were paul's two possibilities?  sorry for being behind.
17:05 slef paul: there's an old version committed... I need to commit the latest changes
17:05 kados slef:[…]-12/msg00013.html
17:06 kados slef:[…]-12/msg00015.html
17:06 paul thd : defining templates as late as possible, or defining them now, but using prog basis.
17:06 kados slef: well , that thread anyway
17:07 slef kados: thanks. Leaves me unpicking the 2.2.4 installer still, sadly.
17:07 paul slef : could you point me what you're speaking of ?
17:07 paul (in cvs )
17:07 kados yep, less than ideal, but not too bad if you've got the koha dirs symlinked to CVS
17:07 slef paul: koha/Makefile.PL
17:08 paul ok, thanks
17:08 slef if anyone can fill in the right module versions, please do
17:08 kados so slef can you commit what you've done ... and we can take a look and talk about it at next meeting?
17:09 kados or on koha-devel
17:09 slef kados: ok
17:09 slef I'll mail koha-devel once it's in
17:09 shedges does the new installer handle MySQL 4.1 (no password() function)?
17:09 kados ok ... Fix budget-based acquisitions is a chris thinkg
17:09 kados slef: thanks
17:10 |hdl| will there be a Windows inwtaller too ?
17:10 kados user reviews is a chris thing too
17:10 thd before we leave installer may I ask about CPAN class for Koha?
17:10 kados I see 'plan approach for Feb' on the agenda
17:10 slef |hdl|: can't Windows perl use MakeMaker?
17:11 kados slef: what do you think about having Koha on CPAN?
17:11 slef thd: what are the benefits?
17:11 slef kados: I think maybe get MakeMaker working and then look again.
17:12 thd slef: I have spoken with  Debian project leaders who recommend that for simplifying Debian packaging
17:12 slef |hdl|: same boat as me. I assume moving to MakeMaker won't make Windows installers harder anyway.
17:12 slef thd: far be it from me to contradict other developers, but that sounds odd.
17:13 thd slef: It keep the namespace clear when there is a universally recognised class.
17:13 slef thd: the main problems with a koha.deb are 1. getting the dependencies packaged and 2. finding a Maintainer. I'll be an Uploader if anyone is willing to be Maintainer.
17:13 thd for the modules to use
17:14 slef thd: ah, I think I see what you mean. Move C4 to either Koha or to Koha::C4 ?
17:14 thd exactly
17:14 slef thd: now that bit I can see the point of! Yes, please!
17:15 thd It should be an easy change unless someone knows of a problem
17:15 slef I can only think of the cvs directory layout and sheer number of places to change
17:15 kados yea, it would be a pain
17:16 kados but might be worth it in the longrun
17:16 kados paul: do you have an opinion on this?
17:16 thd paul: any problem with running a regex on the code to create a koha class
17:16 kados I'd be happy to maintain the CPAN
17:16 paul in fact, i'm not sure to understand what is suggested here
17:16 kados and might even be convinced to upload it :-)
17:16 thd paul: what is the opposite?
17:16 slef kados: let's try to get into shape in that way, then revisit?
17:17 slef kados: s/in that way/ready for upload/
17:17 paul letting things as it (I mean for C4 package)
17:17 kados paul: we're talking about moving all Koha perl modules into a Koha:: class
17:17 kados paul: and having Koha::C4::
17:17 kados paul: then we can upload Koha to CPAN
17:17 paul OK, thus I understood.
17:17 kados slef: sounds like a plan
17:17 kados anything else to discuss?
17:17 paul what is not clear is : is Koha::C4 useful for someone else than us ?
17:18 slef paul: non-web frontend writers, if I'm dreaming.
17:18 paul if not, then I don't understand why it's a good idea
17:18 kados slef: yea, that'd be great!
17:18 kados getting it out on CPAN can't hurt
17:18 paul right.
17:18 thd paul: maybe not but it makes packaging for binary distribution much easier when the namespace for the modules is clear and in CPAN
17:19 slef kados: it could. Might end up with stale code up there (sourceforge?)
17:19 paul ok, I'm not a monger here, so i will follow your opinion
17:19 paul stale ?
17:20 kados slef: so we'd have to make sure we maintained it
17:20 kados slef: I can definitely commit to that
17:20 thd paul: old or out of date but I have no knowledge of any problems updating to CPAN
17:20 kados ok ... if there's nothing else,
17:20 kados thanks everyone ...
17:20 kados while you're still here ...
17:20 kados any problems doing this again next Monday?
17:21 thd Monday is good
17:21 kados paul: work for you?
17:22 kados I'll try to get a summary out later today
17:22 paul should be OK for me
17:22 kados great ... hopefully chris will be ok with another early monday
17:22 thd I will try to be up to date by next Monday :)
17:22 paul bye bye thus
17:22 kados ciao paul
17:23 thd I have a months worth of work to catch up to
17:23 thd goodbye paul
17:24 |hdl| bye folks.
17:24 slef hdl: bye, A+
17:24 thd good evening hdl_away
17:25 thd goodbye slef
17:27 thd kados: I am going to treat my re-subscription after bouncing messages problem as a bug and forward it to the Savannah maintainers unless you have information otherwise.
17:28 kados thd: it's not a bug
17:28 kados thd: don't bother them
17:29 thd kados: kados I do not want to bother anyone but the system clearly informed me that I was still subscribed when I could no longer receive messages after I attempted to re-subscribe.
17:30 kados thd: it's fixed now, so don't worry about it
17:31 thd kados: If you say so :)
17:32 thd kados: I should soon subscribe a non-anonymous address but even that would not guarantee never bouncing.
17:34 slef can we boot that list @googlegroups?
17:34 thd slef: what list?
17:34 slef freesoft@googlegroups - if I post to koha-devel, I get a bounce from them
17:35 slef It's because google has banned *@*.coop
17:35 thd slef: I do not understand what is banned.
17:35 slef here, let me paste some of the email I get:
17:36 slef You do not have permission to post to group freesoft. You may need to join the
17:36 slef group before being allowed to post, or this group may not be open to posting.
17:36 slef Visit to join or learn more about
17:36 slef who is
17:36 slef allowed to post to the group.
17:36 slef [end quote]
17:36 slef every bloody time I post to koha-devel
17:36 slef I wish people would wise up about google...
17:36 richard it is really annoying to get those bounces
17:37 slef richard: oh, does everyone get them?
17:37 slef I thought it was the googlegroups ban on .coop again.
17:37 richard i do and i saw an email from someone else complaining about them too
17:38 slef biabb, dinner
17:41 russ next monday is superbowl?
17:41 shedges SUNDAY!  (here, anyway)
17:41 russ ah of course
17:42 thd slef: now I understand about what you meant.
17:44 thd russ: whenever a significant part of the world is paying attention to a sporting event that just seems like an ideal opportunity to for me to get more work done.
17:54 russ thd : fair enough
17:56 thd russ: If chess tournaments were broadcast there was a time when i might have payed attention.  However, the idea of a broadcast chess tournament is laughable :)
21:47 kados anyone around?
21:52 thd kados: I am still around
21:53 richard hi
21:59 thd kados: has chris fixed normal acquisitions in 2.x?
23:40 thd kados: are you still there
23:40 thd ?
23:51 kados thd: sort of
23:53 thd kados: are you placing a dependency on a particular DB flavour in Koha 3.0?
23:58 thd |hdl|: Did you see the question I just asked kados?
05:04 osmoze bonjour
05:18 paul_away (hello osmoze

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