IRC log for #koha, 2005-12-30

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13:07 chris morning
13:07 paul hello chris
13:07 chris hi paul, i hope you had a merry christmas
13:08 paul yes. with some snow yesterday
13:08 chris i had my first winter christmas ever
13:08 paul you're back from the states ?
13:08 paul were you in Athens as planned?
13:08 chris im going to athens today
13:09 chris until the 31st
13:09 paul so you're still in us despite your login (
13:09 chris yep, (i run irc in a screen)
13:10 chris in pittsburgh at the moment, heading to ohio this evening
13:10 paul have nice time with joshua. if you want to speak with me, i'll here
13:11 paul (& have skype if you want)
13:11 chris then back here for a couple of days, then out to LA for a little then home
13:11 chris ohh good idea
13:11 paul hoping i'll understand your oral english ;-)
13:11 paul (skype account : paul.poulain)
13:12 chris if we all talk, we will have 3 different accents at once :)
13:12 paul should be fun...
13:14 paul (laptop with centrino + mandriva 2006, that should have centrino support out of the box!)
13:14 chris woo cool
13:15 chris this has a broadcom chip
13:15 chris so had to use ndiswrapper to get it to go
13:15 chris but its happy now running debian
13:51 kados I can hear you fine :-)
13:51 kados so it must be my mike
13:51 paul hdl
13:51 paul hdl ?
13:51 kados I'm going to restart skype with a new mike selected
13:55 kados echo?
17:15 kados paul: I don't see Koha available for download from savannah
17:15 kados paul: is that because you're almost done with 2.2.5?
17:46 rach howdy

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