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11:34 hdl kados ???
11:34 kados yo
11:34 hdl Have you solved you pb ?
11:34 kados not yet
11:35 kados didn't get a chance to test with default templates yet
11:35 kados could do that today since it's an american holiday
11:35 hdl Do you have a koha logo in vector format ?
11:35 kados vector format?
11:35 hdl svg or else.
11:35 kados hmm ... don't think so
11:36 kados but I think rach posted it somewhere
11:36 hdl opposed to bitmap.
11:36 hdl Rach must be sleeping.*
11:36 kados yep :-)
11:36 hdl Is there a way to know where before tonight 16h ?
11:37 hdl half an hour ?
11:39 kados hmm ...
11:39 kados have you tried google images? :-)
11:41 kados hmm, serials seem to work with default templates
11:42 kados so now I get to bug owen :-)
11:43 kados hdl: I'm still a bit confused ... why must I select 1/month even if there are only 10 issues per year?
11:43 kados hdl: and what does 'beginning date' mean?
11:43 kados hdl: can I recieve issues for subscriptions that started many months ago?
11:43 hdl date of begining of subscription and count.
11:44 hdl You guessed baddly right.
11:44 kados hdl: ?
11:44 hdl Yes.
11:45 kados if I specify beginning date as 11/01/2004 I still only see one issue to recieve
11:45 kados I don't understand your answers :-)
11:46 hdl You always see the next issue to be received and not as many as should have been received.
11:46 kados so there is no way to describe previous issues?
11:47 hdl What do you mean ???
11:47 kados suppose I have a subscription that I started in 2004
11:47 kados then I switch to Koha
11:48 kados and I want to keep track of my subscription in Koha
11:48 kados there are several issues I'm still missing, say the Jan and Feb issues
11:48 kados how do I set that up ?
11:49 kados also, suppose there are 10 issues per year, but not necessary one per month ... do I need to specify 1/month? or how should I specify it?
16:19 chris happy turkey day to the americans
16:20 chris or happy tofu turkey in joshua's case
16:45 kados hehe
16:45 kados hey chris
16:46 kados liblime landed the wipo btw
16:46 chris heya
16:46 chris wipo?
16:46 kados world intellectual property org
16:46 rach oh cool
16:46 chris to do a koha install for them?
16:46 kados now we've got a UN org too :-)
16:46 kados yep
16:46 chris sweet
16:46 chris put copyright labels everywhere
16:46 kados the process of signing a contract is pretty lengthy
16:46 chris they love that stuff
16:47 kados yep :-)
16:47 chris where are WIPO based .. in the US?
16:47 kados Geneva :-)
16:47 kados so I get to fly to switzerland
16:47 chris excellent
16:47 kados and get a swiss bank account while I'm there :-)
16:47 chris heh
16:48 chris you should get in contact with regula
16:48 rach yeah definitly
16:48 kados yea? also in de swis?
16:48 chris yep
16:48 kados cool
16:49 chris she works for the national library, in geneva .. at least im pretty sure she does
16:49 kados nice
16:49 chris and rides the train to work from lausanne
16:50 chris she helped us out in vienna with unido
16:50 chris plus has done translation of some of the docs on kohadocs
18:13 oday howdy
18:14 oday chris and kados
18:15 oday anyone here..
18:15 kados oday: hey there
18:15 oday hello sorry was other system was acting up
18:15 kados no prob
18:16 oday since i am going to run this under windows
18:16 oday what are the best specs for the server?
18:16 kados um ... well dunno
18:16 kados I don't user windows :-)
18:17 kados also don't support windows kohas
18:17 kados not sure there is any commerical support available for kohawin32
18:17 chris id rate ram more important than cpu clock speed
18:18 chris and id do that for any web application
18:18 chris but thats about the limit of what i know for windows
18:18 oday so a 1gig is enough?
18:18 kados oday: how many records you got?
18:18 chris how many books? at a guess?
18:18 chris < 20,000 ?
18:18 oday way less
18:18 oday i dont think our library can handle that
18:18 kados 1 gig's fine then I'd say
18:18 chris yep
18:19 oday maybe 2000 books by the year 2010
18:19 oday lol - i know its sad
18:19 chris how many students?
18:19 oday 172
18:19 chris that'd be fine
18:19 oday suitable to become a school of 300
18:20 oday if i only want access to the library on the local level
18:20 oday i dont need to port forward, corect?
18:21 chris shouldnt need to no
18:22 oday do you a software by the name of xampp?
18:23 oday[…]ampp-windows.html
18:23 chris hmm
18:24 kados bbiab
18:24 oday i highly recommend your staff to integrate xampp with your software
18:24 oday its makes seems so much easier
18:25 oday when xampp install apache, mysql,php,openssl all in package
18:25 chris right
18:25 chris does it install perl?
18:26 oday here is the thing i realy dont know
18:26 chris :)
18:26 oday on the site it says 'With the new Apache 2.0.55, we build a new Perl-Addon for XAMPP 1.5.0 also.'
18:26 chris right
18:27 chris sounds like mod_perl
18:27 chris we dont really develop for windows, or have the skills to
18:27 chris but rob has ported koha to windows (he runs the koha on windows site)
18:28 chris it might be worth asking about xampp on the koha-win32 list
18:28 chris
18:29 chris brb, gotta get coffee
18:30 oday how can add urself
18:30 oday i cant see it anywhere
18:32 oday found it nevermind
18:33 chris back
18:33 chris so its thanksgiving day today for you isnt it oday?
18:34 oday yes it is
18:35 oday i personally dont beleive in it but yes many continue this tradition
18:36 chris i liked it when i was visiting .. but then i just liked eating a lot of food and watching a football game :-)
18:37 chris even though i still dont fully understand the rules :)
18:37 oday hahaha this is what i mean
18:37 oday my religion teaches me to be thankful everyday
18:37 oday not only on that day
18:37 chris right
18:38 oday when i upload the MARC database
18:39 oday does it have to be from the host's pc?
18:39 chris i think so
18:39 chris if you want to use the script then yes it will be
20:37 oday kados, hey there..sory to bother, but is there a newbie guide to koha?
20:40 oday anyone care to share?
20:42 russ hi oday - you looking for an install and setup  guide or a how to use it guide?
20:43 russ have you checked out ?
20:46 oday yes i have went there already
20:46 oday but chris earlier showed me a newbie guide
20:48 russ and you need that link again?
20:49 russ something i find useful are the logs for this channel
20:51 oday yes please i need that link
20:52 russ ok 2 secs
20:52 russ i thought i made a link to logbot on this page
20:53 russ but it obviously not
20:53 oday logbot
20:53 oday ahh
20:53 chris will get you to the logs
20:54 chris the newbie guide is on the site oday
20:55 oday thanks chris
20:55 oday i got it
20:55 oday and you to russ
20:58 oday one thing
20:58 oday does koha print when books are due for example
20:58 oday or a receipt in general?
20:59 rach I suspect the answer is "that depends"
21:00 oday elaborate please
21:01 rach there isn't a nice interface to setup what goes to the printer yet in Koha, so *I think* that the ones that we do will be printing out what books you've taken out, and when they are due - but I'm not sure wether that is what is generally printed
21:02 rach so for the libraries katipo works with, I can confidently say "yes", but I know that we probably go and do setup for those sorts of thing per library
21:02 rach so I'm not sure "out of the box" what you get
21:03 rach can you refine your question?
21:03 rach for whom are you wanting to know if koha prints when books are due? for the borrower at the issues desk?
21:04 rach for the librarian as an overdues list?
21:04 oday the first
21:04 oday for the person that checks out the book
21:04 rach how much tech clue can I assume you have?
21:06 oday well i am computer literate
21:06 rach Yes: the libraries that we (Katipo) work with have slip printers at the issues desk, and koha automatically prints out a slip for the borrower
21:07 rach BUT - what I don't know is wether that is a default setting in Koha when you install it - or wether you need to do something behind the scenes to get it going
21:08 rach so I'm sure that the scripts to do it are in Koha, but I believe there is a bit of sorting out print cues etc to make it happen, and it may be that you need to use a particular set of templates and other settings to make it work
21:09 rach so: functionatlity is in there, but may not be "obvious" if you're not able to look behind the scenes
21:11 rach OR it may just work for you if you set up your network printing properly
21:18 oday okay i am satisfied with the answer
21:18 oday when i get to install it then i can go to details like htis
21:18 oday *this
21:20 rach well yep - so it's a bit of a hard one to answer, I would think just a straight "yes" but just not quite sure
21:22 oday i would want to test it out by installing it on my site
21:22 oday but i dont know if has perl installed
21:26 oday ^ is my host
05:23 paul hello world
05:32 rach hi paul
05:32 paul hello rachel.
05:33 paul (answering an RFP today)
05:33 rach very good
05:33 paul (for CNRS archeology network)
05:34 rach so a private library?
05:34 paul don't you know what is CNRS ?
05:35 paul it's the public research here in France
05:35 paul (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)
05:35 paul so not really private ;-)
05:35 rach ah very cool
05:36 paul (in France, you must know that except for some religious libraries, libraries are public 99%)
05:36 rach really - you must have corporate libraries as well though?
05:36 rach so companies who have their own library?
05:36 paul right. but we usually don't call that libraries.
05:36 rach ah a very good job to get that one then
05:36 paul we call that "centres de documentation"
05:37 rach ahh, a much more precise language :-)
05:37 rach English can be so lazy
05:39 rach that would be a great job to get

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