IRC log for #koha, 2005-11-19

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Time S Nick Message
16:43 chris morning
16:53 owen Hi chris, how's it going?
16:53 chris its going
16:53 chris :)
16:54 chris hows things over there?
16:55 owen Winter's finally here.  We got our first snow flurries this morning.
16:55 chris cool, i hope it snows for xmas for me hehe
16:56 owen I've been so immersed in upgrades to our intranet that I haven't touched Koha in ages.
16:57 chris i hear ya
16:57 chris ive been so busy upgrading koha's i havent touched anything new in koha :)
16:58 chris well and recovering from a disk failure, which wasnt too much fun
16:59 owen The only kind of fun disk failure is the kind that doesn't destroy any data, but gives you permission to buy yourself a new computer :)
17:00 chris yep :)
07:12 Sylvain is someone here using the z39.50 client ?

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