IRC log for #koha, 2005-11-09

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13:14 paul hello world...
13:14 paul kados around ?
13:15 kados paul: I'm heading to the beach in San Diego ;-)
13:15 kados paul: but I have a minute for you ;-)
13:15 paul few minuts for a private chat ?
13:15 kados sure
18:31 jamesa good morning all
19:15 jamesa quiet today
19:16 chris yep, its usually pretty quiet
19:16 chris unless there is a meeting on, or someone has something they want to discuss
19:17 chris plus a lot of the northern hemisphere are heading to bed
19:17 chris about now
19:18 jamesa Hello Chris, I have a z3950 daemon problem, do you have experience in this ?
19:33 jamesa anyone available to offer advice on getting the z3950 daemon started ?
19:40 chris hmm i think there was a good writeup on hte mailing list, ill see if i can find it
19:43 chris whats happening when you try to start the daemon?
19:55 jamesa sorry I was elsewhere, trying to start daemon as user apache fails
19:55 jamesa this user has no login, as user apache has no shell defined in /etc/password
19:55 chris right
19:56 jamesa I don't want apache running with a shell for security reasons
19:56 chris yeh
19:56 chris you can start the daemon as any user
19:56 chris as long as that user has read rights to /etc/koha.conf
19:57 chris as thats where it gets the information as to what user and password to connect to mysql with
19:57 chris oh, you'll want that user to be able to write to the directory it logs to as well, usuaully /usr/local/koha/log
19:57 jamesa anyone tried to daemonize it to fall back to apache after starting (like httpd does I think)
19:58 chris not that im aware of
19:58 chris its not long for this world .. koha 3.0 will have a newer much more robust implementation
19:59 chris but if you wanted to do that, im sure all the koha 2.2 users would love you for it, as 3.0 is still a reasonable while off
19:59 jamesa so I create a dedicated user, say zdaemon and put it in the apache group ?
19:59 jamesa ok I could play with it - daemonize I mean
19:59 chris that oughta work, as long as that group can read /etc/koha.conf
20:00 jamesa from the looks of it the daemon is a perl script running in a loop ???
20:01 chris yeah its nothing fancy at all, it was a quick and dirty proof of concept .. and as these things happen it made its way into production :)
20:02 jamesa ok I shall have a play with it, got to get off the phone for a while, (on dial -up )
20:03 chris ahh righto have fun, and good luck
01:35 vivek Morning.
01:35 vivek Anyone around ?
01:40 rach just finishing work here
06:24 hdl hi
06:26 hdl paul ?
06:58 osmoze bonjour
06:58 paul coucou osmoze le normand
06:59 osmoze normand ? hum....Ca doit etre la delocalisation ^^
06:59 paul nous sommes en train de mettre la dernière main à une offre nouvelle autour de Koha, destinée aux petites structures. Ca sortira pourl a 2.2.5
07:00 paul (normand : celui qui sait pas ce qu'il veut : joined ... signoff ... joined ... signoff ... joined ... signoff ... )
07:00 paul je parle d'une offre autour de l'installation de Koha, avec un paramétrage tout prêt...
07:00 paul on projette même de faire la doc d'install pour windows !!!
07:00 osmoze ah :) si je peux m en faire le testeur ^^
07:01 paul vu que tu es déjà en prod, je ne pense pas que ce soit intéressant pour toi.
07:01 osmoze paul>  vi aussi ^^
07:09 paul hello australia.
07:10 paul (do you enjoy Rugby like chris & me ?)
07:10 chris thats mean paul .. australia are playing horribly :-)
07:10 paul if yes, then i can remind you france won against australia 3 days ago, in case you forget ;-)
07:15 chris who do france play next paul? south africa?
07:15 paul nope. A very very very dangerous team : canada ;-)
07:16 chris :)

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