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11:00 paul HTML::Template->new() : Cannot open included file : file not found. at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.3/HTML/ line 2078.
11:00 paul wow...
11:01 paul I've put warnings ON on my HEAD setup...
11:01 paul zillions of warnings.
11:05 owen I added the missing file
11:13 paul very complex file indeed. Should have required dozen of hours to debug :-D
16:30 mike1 greetings trying to getr 2.2.4 going
16:31 mike1 receive error XX=> at line 112
16:32 mike1 the program sounds like it's loading my data but
16:32 mike1 mysql >use Koha
16:33 mike1 mysql >select * from biblioitems;
16:33 mike1 show an empty set
16:33 mike1 my searches using the catalog are also zero
16:45 Malin hi
16:46 mike1 hello
16:46 mike1 trying 2.2.4
16:46 Malin i was wondering when will the LiveCD be released
16:46 Malin with 2.2.4
16:46 mike1 don't know
16:47 Malin indradg, u here? :-)
16:47 mike1 have you worked with 2.2.4?
16:47 Malin nope, i don't know hoha really
16:48 Malin i have seen it for a while only
16:50 Malin anyone knows if the librarian interface was tested with a browser other than mozilla/firefox or IE?
16:50 Malin i'm especially interested in Opera and Konqueror
16:50 mike1 I know it does not work with Konq
16:50 Malin there is a warning in the news about 2.2.4
16:50 owen It doesn't?
16:51 Malin "The librarian interface is tested only with mozilla/firefox. Should work (partially) with IE. OPAC should work fine with any navigator."
16:51 mike1 very poorly
16:51 Malin mike1, what version of Konqueror?
16:51 mike1 newwst?
16:52 mike1 kde 3.4
16:52 mike1 ubuntu 5.5?
16:52 mike1 the latest
16:52 mike1 I assume they are pretty up to date
16:53 Malin yeah, they are
16:53 mike1 I just tried it last week on 2.0.2
16:53 mike1 dismal result
16:53 Malin but there is a big hole between 3.3/3.4 and previous verisons of Konqueror
16:53 Malin 3.4 is quite good browser
16:54 mike1 2.2.4 looks like you need your marc record structure to be perfect
16:54 Malin i'm wondering why Koha wouldn't work with Konqueror
16:54 mike1 try it
16:54 mike1 it's been a problem for a long while
16:54 Malin first got to try koha :D
16:56 Malin how can i read logs with the logbot?
16:57 owen
16:57 Malin thanks
17:00 mike1 owen: is there a marc::record utility which will clean up my leaders to reflect changes I've made
17:01 owen I'm afraid that's not my area of expertise.
17:01 mike1 using xml hacks to get my data to fit the standard koha config
17:01 mike1 ?
17:05 mike1 I can see the value of reading the leader
17:06 mike1 it addresses the problems of item types at its root
17:06 mike1 but it sucks if yuor leaders are hacked
17:07 mike1 to make the record fit the standard koha table design
17:08 mike1 using xml tols
17:08 mike1 using xml toos
17:37 mike1 hey what happened to bulkmarcimport on 2.2.4?
17:38 mike1 I've been auto completing using the tab key
17:38 mike1 here I find there is no more bulkmarcimport
17:39 mike1 the problem with my data can not be related to the leaders
17:40 mike1 as I just tried fresh data with known good leaders
17:50 mike1 okay I see
17:50 mike1 bulkmarcimport has been moved in 2.2.4
17:51 mike1 it's now located in a sub-directory in misc called migration-tools
17:51 mike1 thanks
17:55 mike1 http://mreavey.homeip,net:8001
17:55 mike1 search term = kennedy
17:55 mike1 thanks to everyone
21:12 mike1 rach:
21:12 mike1 rach:you there?
21:13 rach yep
21:15 mike1 just loaded 2.2.4 on a follett migrqation
21:15 mike1 sweet
21:15 mike1 can you fix my opac main page symbol?
21:16 mike1 to read centered
21:16 mike1 please
21:18 rach erm - can I see it?
21:18 rach ah[…]koha/
21:18 rach that?
21:18 mike1 yes
21:19 rach and what's the main page symbol?
21:19 rach the text about being a highshool?
21:19 rach or the egg
21:19 mike1 the white thing on the left
21:19 mike1 used to be you could place text in it
21:19 mike1 the egg sorry
21:20 rach hmm that is true, I wonder what paul did
21:20 mike1 I know there a couple of schools districts in canada which have customized what's inside the egg
21:21 mike1 to have a wrap text customized costruction
21:21 mike1 I was thinking something simple
21:21 rach yep, you will need to edit your template for the opac homepage to do that
21:22 rach but shouldn't be a big edit to do so
21:22 rach do you know html?
21:22 mike1 find the image and replace it?
21:22 rach well you could do that, it would be the v easy way :-)
21:22 mike1 thanks
21:23 mike1 I'll see if I can find it
21:23 rach or you could take the block that is your school name, and move it to be inside  <div id="leftbloc">
21:23 rach if you take a look at the source, there is a block for the egg picture, and <div id="homebloc"> for the right hand column
21:24 mike1 are you looking at the code or the gui preference set up?
21:24 rach so you could move the text from one to the other
21:24 rach I'm looking at the source for the page
21:24 mike1 where is it in the directory structure under linux?
21:24 rach it will require editing the template  - ie opac-main.tmpl I think
21:25 mike1 thanks
21:25 rach it'll be in /opac-tmpl/css/en/
21:25 mike1 a big help thanks again
21:25 rach np
22:00 mike1 thanks
05:23 JYL57 hello Koha world!
05:23 JYL57 paul around ?!
05:24 JYL57 someone using 2.2.4 here ?!
07:11 JYL57 kados around ?! Need to find a mysql parameter for huge INSERT...
07:32 kados paul: you here?
07:33 kados paul: I've got some serials questions
07:38 JYL57 hey kados, 5 minutes available ?!
07:38 kados JYL57: maybe ... ;-)
07:38 JYL57 ok thanks
07:38 kados JYL57: what's up?
07:38 JYL57 my backup failed
07:39 JYL57 I saw that the last tables were not in the .dump exported
07:39 JYL57 probably reached a mysql timeout...
07:40 JYL57 I'm using the backup provided in /misc
07:40 kados did I write that? ;-)
07:41 kados ahh ... no ...
07:42 kados JYL57: you can manually back up
07:42 kados JYL57: mysqldump -uroot -ppassword --add-drop-table Koha > koha.sql
07:42 JYL57 ok, any chance that it goes better without changing some time-out ?!
07:42 kados hmmm
07:43 JYL57 Ok, manually I can do it table by table...
07:43 kados I don't think you've reached a timeout of mysql
07:43 JYL57 I will try that
07:43 kados as I've run that on some pretty big databases
07:43 kados (and it took many hours ...)
07:43 JYL57 Why ? the export was Ok until table sessions or something like that...
07:43 kados hmmm ... not sure
07:44 JYL57 what can it be then ?!
07:46 kados I see one problem
07:46 kados mysqldump -u koha -ppassword koha > $KOHA_DUMP &&
07:46 kados should be mysqldump -u koha -ppassword koha > $KOHA_DUMP &&
07:46 kados oops
07:46 kados should be Koha not koha
07:47 kados also should be mysqldump --add-drop-table
07:50 JYL57 hhhmmm... Will have to read mysql doc again...  thanks anyway and have a nice day !
08:02 kados paul: you around?
10:41 thd hello paul
10:42 thd paul: any search on leads to a 404 error
10:43 thd paul: Not Found The requested URL /cgi-bin/koha/ was not found on this server.

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