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12:26 thd kados: are you extant?
12:33 thd Sylvain: Why does ENSMP only have Koha for testing and not yet for production?
12:33 Sylvain it is in production since monday
12:34 thd Sylvain, what is the URL to the production OPAC?
12:34 Sylvain it is in production for librarians only
12:35 Sylvain no opac yet
12:35 Sylvain users still use the old system
12:35 thd Sylvain: does that count as production? :)
12:36 Sylvain issues are stored in it, cataloguing is done with it
12:36 Sylvain I assume it can be told "production"
12:37 thd Sylvain: Are they copy cataloguing from BNF?
12:37 Sylvain no
12:38 thd Sylvain: Do they do copy cataloguing?
12:38 Sylvain not yet
12:38 thd Sylvain: Just original cataloguing?
12:39 thd Sylvain: You posted, "cataloguing is done with it".  What type of cataloguing?
12:40 Sylvain original yes
12:41 thd Sylvain: Did you read the preceding discussion about UNIMARC 700 $a and $b
12:41 thd ?
12:41 Sylvain no, and I won't have time to read it now, tomorrow
12:42 thd Sylvain: Do they plan to use the Koha OPAC?
12:43 Sylvain yes
12:44 Sylvain See you later
12:44 thd good evening Syl-away
19:59 thd rach: what did you want to know yesterday about inventory?
20:01 russ hi thd: rach just popped out
20:01 russ not sure what she was after though
20:01 thd hello russ
20:02 thd I will have to pop-out shortly but I will not pop-back for a few hours
20:04 thd russ: She had asked about inventory reports yesterday.  I had originally asked you about them.
20:04 russ ah yep i remember
20:05 thd russ: I do know how they work in Koha 2.2.3.
20:05 russ i don't know how they work
20:05 russ oh cool
20:05 russ is there a quick explanation?
20:05 thd russ: select a call number range and a library
20:06 thd russ: The report gives a list of titles sorted by call number.
20:07 thd russ: Check the printed list against the shelf and you have some sort of inventory control.
20:08 russ right
20:08 russ ok i'll pass that onto rachel
20:08 russ cheers
20:09 thd russ: A much more efficient system would allow retrieving books and scanning them a shelf at a time, possibly using a remote scanner.
20:10 thd russ: Or a wireless scanner or even a laptop and scanner with a wireless link to Koha.
20:11 thd russ: Then the system could compare automatically against what was scanned
20:15 russ cool
20:15 russ looks like lunch has arrived
00:36 thd rach: Did what I told russ earlier about inventory reports answer the question you had for me yesterday?
03:51 osmoze hello
03:52 thd hello osmoze
03:54 thd osmoze: Does you library use the Koha Z39.50 client for copy cataloguing?
03:54 osmoze Paul, as tu une minutes a me consacrer, j ai un probleme avec le script "nettoie_bdp" sur la 2.3
03:54 osmoze thd>  not at this time
03:55 osmoze we have catalogue of departemental library
03:56 osmoze and for us, it's sufficient
05:21 thd osmoze: Does your library use the Koha OPAC?
05:43 Sylvain2 osmoze une petite question, dans ta bibliothèque, les status des ouvrages sont bien mis à jour lors d'un prêt ?
05:43 Sylvain2 salut au passage
05:50 thd Sylvain2: When is ENSMP planning to start using the Koha OPAC?
05:51 Sylvain2 we don't know right now ...
05:55 thd Sylvain2: Do the authors in you catalogue appear as 700 #1$aSurname,$bForename such as 700 #1$aLa Fontaine Verwey$bHerman de ?
05:55 Sylvain2 does someone here know if the item status is updated when a book is issued ? It seems it doesn't but it would be surprizing ...
05:56 Sylvain2 appear where? In the opac ?
05:57 thd Sylvain2: Do the 700 fields in the ENSMP MARC files use both $a and $b ?
05:57 Sylvain2 yes they do
05:59 osmoze Sylvain2>  sur la version 2.3 ?
05:59 Sylvain2 I have oui
05:59 Sylvain2 2.2.3
05:59 thd Sylvain2: Only $a appears in the Koha administrative catalogue and OPAC detail view.  How would you treat that issue?
06:00 osmoze Sylvain2>  aucun probleme la dessus
06:00 Sylvain2 bon, ça doit venir de moi alors :)
06:00 Sylvain2 thd, I haven't had any problem with that ...
06:03 Sylvain2 bizarre bizarre, sur ça n'a pas l'air de fonctionner non plus ...
06:03 Sylvain2 paul, ?
06:04 osmoze Sylvain, par contre, je n est pas encore etablie les regles de pret
06:06 thd Sylvain2: If look at the OPAC detail view, with using both 700 $a and $b you should see only the author's last name in the detail view unless you modified something.  Did you modify something?
06:08 Sylvain2 ok, I hadn't understood your problem. It must be an error in the framwork defintion I think
06:10 thd Sylvain2: Yes, I just wanted to know what you think ENSMP would do about that before using the OPAC.
06:11 Sylvain2 It must be an error in your definition of framework because on their version I see the $a and $b. Are they shown in the marc view of your intranet part ?
06:13 thd Sylvain2: This is in every unmodified Koha.  In, the contents that should be separately in 700 $a and $b have both been stored in 700 $a as a workaround.
06:16 Sylvain2 I come from demo.k and when you look at framework structure, no 700$b is defined
06:16 Sylvain2 so it's normal
06:17 thd Sylvain: When ENSMP adopts the Koha OPAC will Fontainebleau, Corbeil, and Sophia also be adopting the Koha OPAC at the same time?
06:18 thd Sylvain2: It is normal for the Koha default UNIMARC bibliographic framework but not conforming to the UNIMARC standard.
06:19 Sylvain2 at start, only paris and fontainebleau will
06:22 thd Sylvain2: Although, the issue I was thinking of for your shared OPAC for searching Paris, Fontainebleau, Corbeil, and Sophia may not be a problem if the non-conformance is from Koha being searched by an external catalogue.
06:29 thd Sylvain2: A catalogue outside Koha might be able to search Paris and Fontainbleau using 700 $a from Koha; and Corbeil and Sophia using 700 $a $b.  It would certainly not work the other way around.  However, you should investigate before you have an unexpected surprise.
06:30 Sylvain2 I'll think about it but before we have many other things to think about because the intranet part brings some problems :)
06:32 thd Sylvain2: Do you have the issued status not being recorded after a book is issued?
06:32 Sylvain2 yes it's one of the problems :)
06:47 thd Syvain2: Where are you expecting to see the issue status recorded that it is not recorded for you?
06:52 Sylvain2 in items.notforloan and in my 995$o
06:54 thd Sylvain2: items.notforloan is a permanent status.
06:54 thd s/permanent/long term/
06:55 thd Sylvain2: items.notforloan does not change with issues.
06:55 Sylvain2 and does something change on issue ?
06:56 thd Sylvain2: I have just now tested issuing on 2.2.3 and find SELECT * FROM "issues" reports correctly and displays correctly in both the OPAC and intranet.
06:57 Sylvain2 yes but when you search a book in catalogue, how can you know it is on issue or it is in the library ?
06:59 thd Sylvain2: items.notforloan sets whether an item circulates or not on an ongoing basis for some items may be library use only.  items.notforloan is set manually when modifying holdings and should disable issuing if set to '1' or greater.
07:01 thd Sylvain2: The holding status at the bottom of the OPAC display may indicate out on loan status and due date.  No holdings are displayed at the base of the ISBD view in any existing templates.
07:20 thd Sylvain2: What are your other problems with the intranet?

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