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15:18 kados thd: you around?
15:18 kados or anyone really ;-)
15:41 indradg kados, hi
15:42 indradg kados, w.r.t paul's post couple of days back about the updated PO files... the webcvs interface is still showing the old version... any idea?
15:43 indradg i was planning to roll the bn_IN (bengali) po files for inclusion with 2.2.4
16:01 kados indradg: not sure
16:01 kados indradg: sometimes sourceforge webcvs is a few days behind
16:02 kados indradg: have you checked out a fresh copy via ssh?
16:09 indradg kados, my mistake! ;)
16:09 kados great news on the bn_IN !
16:09 indradg yep
16:10 kados indradg: do you run across any problems displaying special characters?
16:10 kados indradg: what encoding do you use?
16:10 indradg kados, we use UTF-8
16:10 kados and Koha works with that?
16:11 indradg yes after I do a find and replace for all the charset=iso-8859-1 to UTF-8 for the templates and inc files
16:11 kados ahh ... and in MySQL too?
16:12 kados I suppose we should be able to do fully-native UTF-8 for 3.0 eh?
16:12 indradg as long as it is MySQL 4.x and above ;)
16:12 kados right
16:13 indradg btw.. FSF-India is going to roll out Koha in the southern state of Kerala as part of that state's official IT policy
16:13 indradg i'll post a story one the trainings /deployments are underway
16:14 kados fantastic!
16:14 kados are you supporting them?
16:16 indradg kados, yesterday i had a very interesting meeting with HP India guys... particularly the guy go heads DSpace deployment in India... interestingly they got very interested abt Koha once I showed it to them... apparent koha addresses a major gap in their digital lib product bouquet ;)
16:17 indradg kados, the kerala deployment is only a pilot... i'm helping the guys to setup the thing... but right now no commercial involvement for me
17:19 kados indradg: what do you think about changing all the default templates and the default storage to UTF-8 in HEAD ... would that be a time-consuming/problematic process?
17:19 kados indradg: (I'm wondering whether it would require anything special for libraries upgrading from Koha 2.x to 3.x
17:20 kados indradg: to convert from the old encoding to UTF-8)
17:20 kados indradg: any thoughts?
21:20 kados thd: you around?
22:16 ambrose there are a few other translations that uses utf-8 too
00:54 thd kados: I am around now if you are still awake
01:55 indradg kados, around... ?
11:02 Malin hey
11:02 Malin anybody here? :-)
11:02 Malin guess not, but i'm asking anyway :-)
11:03 Malin i was wondering, why there is no information about Koha LiveCD at
11:24 Malin do you know what Linux distribution does this LiveDC use?
11:24 Malin i haven't found that information anywhere
11:26 osmoze i think it's debian, testing kohacd is the best solution :)
11:34 indradg Malin, hi
11:34 Malin hi
11:34 indradg sorry wasn't around
11:34 Malin indradg, i was writing an e-mail to you atm :-)
11:34 indradg ok
11:34 Malin so, what's with that distro?
11:34 Malin is it debian?
11:35 Malin i found some information at some gentoo mailing list mentioning Koha LiveCD
11:35 Malin but it was unclear if the LiveCD is run on Gentoo
11:35 indradg Malin, its ubuntu based
11:36 Malin oh, i see
11:36 indradg so you can say deb derivative ;)
11:36 Malin why isn't tere a single word about Koha LiveCD on
11:36 Malin the only thing i found was your e-mail address
11:36 indradg Malin, the site is going thru a total revamp.... content is getting there
11:37 indradg in fact my contacts needs to be correct as well
11:37 Malin when can we expect it to be ready?
11:37 Malin is it sheduled already?
11:37 indradg Malin, the best person to tell that is russell from Katipo
11:38 Malin ok
11:38 indradg he generally logs on with the handle russ
11:38 indradg Malin, but any questions you have abt the LiveCD i can tell you
11:39 Malin the is down, when it's expected to be back?
11:39 Malin bandwidth limits are exceeded
11:39 indradg we are planning to upgrading the liveCD when Koha 2.2.4 is released
11:39 Malin and the site is a primary source of information about liveCD
11:40 indradg Malin, unfortunately yes.... and will be down till abt 1st Oct
11:40 Malin :(
11:40 indradg we host the best known blogging site for Indian FOSS geeks... things went wrong this month
11:41 indradg we exhausted our 10GB cap
11:41 indradg currently we only have email working :(
11:42 Malin ok, i think i will wait with a news about liveCD till is back
11:43 indradg Malin, great... we should be releasing the LiveCD for version 2.2.4 around the 1st week of October
11:43 indradg in the meanwhile you can email me :)
11:44 Malin i suppose it will be annouced at or as soon as it's released?
11:44 indradg it will be announced from both the places
11:45 Malin great, i'll be waiting
11:47 Malin forgive me the silly question right now
11:47 Malin but are you a male or a female? i can't tell from a name and i don't want to make a faux pas
11:47 Malin :-)
11:48 indradg heh... i can't make you out either ;)
11:49 indradg FWIW i'm a guy
11:49 Malin same here :-)
11:49 indradg :)
11:49 Malin although Malin is a popular female name in Norway and Sweden :D
11:50 indradg Malin, thats why I was a little confused :)
11:51 indradg Malin, but you are from poland.. right?
11:51 Malin right :-)
11:52 Malin thanks for all your help
11:53 indradg Malin, you are welcome :)

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